Top 10 island escapes


There’s something magical about islands.  The isolation… the privacy… wonderful beaches and complete solitude.  According to Tripadvisor, the world’s top 10 island escapes are:

1. Providenciales, Turks and Caicos
2. Cook Islands
3. Mykonos, Greece
4. Maldives
5. Cyprus
6. Boracay, Philippines
7. Ko Lanta, Thailand
8. Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam
9. Bora Bora, French Polynesia
10. Mana Island, Fiji

Are there any that you think should have made the list, but didn’t?  Please share with us by clicking on the comments.

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  1. Lia Murphy says:

    Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

  2. Michelle Vickers says:

    Mafia Island, Tanzania

  3. Suat J. Karavus says:

    As always ,Maldives and Bahamas

  4. Christina says:

    St. Kitts, West Indies

  5. Spencer says:

    Surprised there aren’t any Australian, Seychelles or Dominican Republic escapes but there again there are so many around the world to choose from I’m amazed you managed to rustle up a list of 10 in the first place!

  6. M says:

    Hvar, Croatia! My friends traveled there as part of their Europe trip and it was one of their favorites out of everywhere else

  7. Mark says:

    Many of the islands listed are tourist hot spots ! Off the beaten track , maybe 30 minutes to 2 hour local flights from the islands listed are magical gems , untouched by tourists . Yap ( Micronesia ) Palawan and Bohol( the Philippines ) for example ! do some research and escape the crowd !

  8. irene says:

    I thought some of the australian islands or somewhere like langkawi might have made it. strangely for a tripadvisor list no italian islands!!!!!

  9. Rob says:

    Personally, I’m a big fan of Parrot Cay in the Turks & Caicos. It’s a fantastic resort, and a bit out of the way, so it’s nice and quiet.

    My current obsession, however, is the Maldives. I’m dying to go there – it just seems like one of the best spots on earth.

  10. jcorinthius says:

    Personally I prefer the Maldives. It’s a bit off the beaten track and ideal for a luxury getaway.

  11. Emily M says:

    Not sure Cyprus should be higher than Fiji! I’d add Sardinia and Kefalonia to the list.

  12. Kat March says:

    BORACAY! Should definitely be on the list of places to to visit before you die!

  13. Ryan says:

    Boracay is my number 1 favorite destination to unwind and relax.

  14. tripgirl6 says:

    Best Choice is still Boracay! The finest and whitest sand I’ve stepped on my whole life is in Boracay. Enjoy your drink together with travelers from around the globe or chat with some friendly locals.

  15. Broncemar Beach says:

    I’d add Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria to the list.

  16. I know it’s not as sexy but I adore Cyprus, particularly the beautiful unspoilt area South of Larnaca.

  17. Mat says:

    I have to agree with the other commenters tripgirl6 and Ryan about Boracay. It has an amazing main beach plus lots to do. It is always getting busier but there are places to escape the crowds. I was lucky enough to live there for 2 years and I now find any beach trip difficult to book because it is rare they compare to the white sand of Boracay.

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