A surprise for diners eating in darkness


There’s uproar at one of Paris’ most exclusive restaurants this morning after it was revealed last night that it’s been serving up nothing but fast food since its inception in the early 1990s. Manger dans L’obscurité was one of the first ever restaurants to latch on to the idea of eating in total darkness. It received rave reviews from some of the most respected dining critics the world over and was praised for being a “taste sensation”. But, unbeknown to diners, all the food was actually sourced from a fast food joint just next door.

One critic, who has preferred to remain anonymous, said “I am outraged. I gave an exceptional review of their ‘fromage fondu’ but apparently it was the same processed cheese that they were using for the cheeseburgers next door. They have made complete fools of us.”

What’s your take on it all? Does it just go to show that restaurant critics don’t really know what they’re talking about? Should the restaurant be punished in some way for charging more than 40 times the price of its next door neighbour?

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  1. Eric says:

    I love this and hope all of it is true.

    Just goes to show that taste, experience, and value are all relative. These critics should be woken up by the fact that they got tricked by the experience and that maybe their palets aren’t as developed as they thought.

  2. Alona says:

    I’ve visited the ‘dark restaurant’ in Barcelona once, it was a great experience and the food was amazing! Now I wonder what did they actually serve there? Maybe it was something very simple as well:))

  3. That’s why its dark! What do you think they will serve you? First class? Duh! You can’t even see it! That’s the purpose.It’s your senses that fools you!

  4. Why the outrage? If they liked it, they liked it — no need to recoil from that initial assessment ’cause they find out it was squeezy-cheez they were eating, ha! Unless, of course, they’re just flat-out snobs, hehe …

  5. SF says:

    Great April Fool’s joke!

  6. Hanny W. says:

    It’s all in one’s perception. It shows that sometimes food critics are really proud of themselves to be somebody that really know about food quality etc.but in fact, it’s a mind game :)

  7. Sue Bennett says:

    Just proves what I’ve always suspected. The vast majority of so-called experts have no taste at all they just look at the presentation.

  8. Sue Bennett says:

    Pity I didn’t look at the original date on this instead of thinking April Fools day was long gone but I stand by my opinion of food critics.

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