Arriving in style – Mauritius


Getting to Mauritius from Yorkshire was a pretty straightforward affair: train to Kings Cross, taxi toáPaddington, Heathrow Express to Terminal 4 and then a direct flight with Air Mauritius.

We had a window seat and adjoining seat and enough leg room to not feel too cramped. We’dádeliberately booked an overnight flight and this turned out to be a really good decision. After anáin-flight meal with a choice of a lamb tagine (which was very tasty) or chicken curry (which I can’távouch for) and a glass of wine, it was time to turn in.

With a complimentary blanket, pillow and eye mask, I was all set for a snooze. I amazed myself byáwaking about five and a half hours later feeling quite refreshed. The cabin was in ‘subdued lighting’ámode with all the blinds down but I took a little peek outside. There was a beautiful bright skyáoutside but, not wishing to disturb my fellow passengers, rather than gaze out of the window at theáclouds, I decided to tune in to one of the movies on offer. There was a good selection and I optedáfor ‘Man on a Ledge’ which, whilst having an implausible storyline, was actually an enjoyable film.

Just as I was getting to the end of the film, the cabin lights came on and hot towels were passedáaround so we could freshen up. Shortly after that, breakfast was served and we were told we’d soonástart our descent. We were nearly there. We started to be able to make out the bright blue roofsáand pastel coloured houses below – and the amazing beaches too of course. Mauritius was awaitingáour arrival and, for our part, we were anticipating the trip of a lifetime.

We had arranged for a taxi transfer to our hotel, Le Telfair in Bel Ombre in the South Western partáof the island. Our transfer didn’t take long and it provided us with the opportunity to see the areaáaround where we would be staying for the first part of our trip. We whizzed past beaches whereálocals were picnicking beneath the trees and passed houses which reminded me of ones I’d seen ináJamaica: colourful, one storey properties huddled together on either side of the road which snakedáits way to the coast.

At the gates of our hotel was a guard who checked our names and waved the car through. Whatáa grand arrival: for a moment, I felt like the heroine in a period drama drawing up at the countryáresidence of a family friend as we were greeted by elegantly dressed staff, who helped us outáof the car and immediately set to collecting our luggage. The building which housed the lobbyáwas an elegant, colonial style, open on two sides, giving the feeling of being both inside and outásimultaneously. It boasted impressive filigree woodwork painted in a cool creamy white. To the side,áwas an elegant drawing room where guests could enjoy the benefit of free WiFi whilst feeling likeáthey’d travelled back in time.

Refreshing drinks arrived for us to enjoy as we completed the paperwork for check in and then weáwere shown to our first floor room. It was actually the room we’d seen on the website, with the viewáof the beach cafe so it immediately felt familiar and welcoming.

Like the lobby, the Cavendish bar and Anabella’s restaurant (which we’d passed on our way to theároom), the room itself echoed the cool, classy colonial style which oozed elegant sophistication.

After the long flight, the Superking-sized bed looked inviting but instead we opted to unpack,áfreshen up and head down to the beach cafe where we were served a delicious lunch accompaniedáby frozen watermelon Dakaris. We’d arrived! If this was five star living in Mauritius, we just knew weáwere going to love it!

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