Photograph of the week: Monument Rocks, Kansas


In the middle a field in a remote area of Kansas, a series of large chalk formations rise from the ground. Surrounded by miles of flat farmland, Monument Rocks provide a striking contrast. On a hot summer day, the air lies still and heavy over the rocks. Low lying wildflowers provide occasional bursts of colour and the only sounds of life are the whirring grasshoppers that jump, startled, as you walk past.

Thank you to Giselle Whiteaker of Giselle in Motion for permission to re-produce the image.

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  1. Andrew Snape says:

    Gorgeous photo, especially the clouds. Amazing how the chalk had formed. I always thought of Kansas as cornfields and flatness.

  2. Bakoor says:

    Great picture. I love how it has the perfect setting of blue skies, white clouds and just the perfect angle. Well done…

  3. Barbara Bugg says:

    I like this photograph, it tells me something about Kansas that I did not know. Now I want to visit and see for myself. This is a stunning picture.

  4. Stunning photo, absolutely beautiful.

    Definitely putting this place on my next lot of places to visit in the United States.

  5. Annabelle says:

    Love the raw, austere beauty of this part of the world. The photo captures the mood of Monument Rocks perfectly. Makes me want to go back there.

  6. Liz says:

    I love it. Illustrative of the Kansas environ, the words help me “be there” You’re a pro!

  7. Gregg Bradley says:

    Marvelous photo! Excellent composition. I particularly like the graduation of sky. I Look forward to seeing more of your work Giselle.

  8. Tim Campbell says:

    Great photo Giselle! It has a beauty and grandeur all its own, accentuated by the contrast of earth and sky.

  9. Ashley says:

    Watching these monument rocks is a great experience in itself. Hardly anyone would like to miss the chance to see these rocks during their trip to Kansas.

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