Recipe of the week: Fresh water prawn, grilled radicchio, fresh fig and jamon salad


A chef should always try to bring together new flavours and combine his passions with his guests’ refined tastes. This recipe can be executed in any environment: in a restaurant kitchen or on the bridge of a boat. It needs very few ingredients but the result is mind-blowing. This is a warm salad with marron (a fresh water lobster) radicchio which has been salted and seared on the flat grill, and sliced jamon (Spanish style cured ham) with sliced fresh fig which is dressed with a peach and Chardonnay vinegar vinaigrette.

Fresh water prawn


Fig dressing

100 ml Chardonnay vinegar
300 ml extra virgin olive oil
100g ripe fig
Salt & pepper, sugar

Combine all ingredients together & blend

The dish

Poached fresh water prawn
Fresh fig
Fig dressing (see above)
Shaved jamon


Poach fresh water prawn in boiling water for 4 min, peel make sure to crack the shell gently & the claws.
Dress prawn lightly with the dressing & seasoning with salt & pepper.
Grill radicchio, seasoning with salt, pepper & lemon juice.
Slice the jamon, slicing as thin as possible.
Slice fig into wedges.
Arrange on a plate in any style you like, seasoning and dressing all the ingredients.

Thank you to Claudio Cuccu, Owner of RedDoor Bali, for the recipe.

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