Photograph of the week: Early morning in Berlin


Getting up at 4am to catch the first train from Berlin to Munich was never going to be easy, but this view from Berlin Ostbahnhof as the sun started to rise over the train tracks, lighting up the industrial east, suddenly made it seem worthwhile. Ostbahnhof (which translates to East Station) was initially opened in 1842, but has undergone a number of rebuilds since, including by the GDR in 1950, and then again in 2002 after German reunification.

Berlin Ostbahnhof

Thank you to Natalie Holmes of Be My Guest for permission to re-produce the image.

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  1. Simon Lee says:

    Complicated overhead cables but beautiful scene in the early morning.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Simon Lee

  2. Jay Banks says:

    Beautiful picture… Waking up up so early pays off sometimes. And I like the neon light, it stands interestingly in the industrial landscape!

  3. Paul Johnson says:

    Thanks for your comments, both of you.

    Simon… having been in Nepal and India a couple of months ago, I now know what “complicated overhead cables” really look like!

    See the third picture down at


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