5 things to do on a luxury break in Tunis


For the avid traveller, Tunis is the perfect prelude to the beautiful and diverse country of Tunisia. Not only is it the window to the heart and soul of the country but as its capital, it is the largest and home to a population of over 2,300,000 people. But this bustling city filled with charming history and culture is just one amongst the many interesting cities of Tunisia. Between the historic splendour and the never-ending dessert, you will also find surprising luxury. So if youíre looking for a little bit of indulgence, here are the top 5 things to do on a luxury break to Tunis.

Pamper yourself in a thalasso spa

Famed for its many high-end thalassotherapy resorts, Tunis is a spa-loverís paradise. Few could think of think of anything more relaxing than a luxury spa day in the heat of Africa but a mineral rich seawater treatment just makes it all the more wonderful. Thalassotherapy leverages the medical benefits of the seaís minerals to provide an enjoyable and lavish treatment. These rejuvenating spas can be found in the many 5 star resorts of the capital; in fact over 40 of the best 5 star hotels currently offer thalassotherapy to its guests, so you wonít have to look far for a piece of paradise.

Thalasso spa

Taste the†finest Tunisian cuisine

Fine dining happens at another level of extravagance in the city of Tunis. In this world of contrasts, luxury restaurants deliver much more than just high-class cookery. In the famous Dar El Jeld, visitors can wine and dine with the decadent surroundings of an 18th†Century palace Ė this is without a doubt, the cityís finest establishment and bookings are recommended. Other must-visit restaurants include The Dar Hamouda Pacha which has been elaborately decked out like a historical museum and The Symphony Gourmet Restaurant which doesnít disappoint when it comes to grand interiors.

Tunisian cuisine

Escape the souks for a top class view

Itís impossible to escape the souks in Tunis Ė and it would be criminal to want to escape such a colourful part of Tunisiaís culture. But when the crowds become too much, itís natural to want to break free from the hustle and bustle. If you want a world class view of the city, take the stairs in one of the shops of souk El Kachachine. You canít find easy access to the rooftops everywhere so this truly is one of the hidden gems of Tunisí busy markets.

Top class view

Discover Tunisiaís art scene

The Palais Kheireddine Gallery (Le Musťe de la Ville de Tunis) is just one of the many art museums in Tunis. If you consider yourself to be a bit of an art connoisseur then Tunisiaís art scene is certainly not to be missed. Since the 1990s, Tunisia has seen the investment into contemporary art emerge and grow Ė and much of this can be enjoyed it the capital city. For those who prefer artistic expression not confined to four walls, Tunis also offers some incredible modern street art.

Art scene

Shop designer labels at Tunis City Mall

Tunisia isnít well known for its designer shops. Rather itís a fine destination for luxury hand-woven carpets that you simply canít find anywhere else in the world, one-of-a-kind pottery and ceramics for the home, or authentic leatherwork for those who like to spend their cash on unique crafts. But if youíre looking for brands rather than one-off goods, head to Tunis City Mall (ranked the largest mall in the country) for more than 90 high-end shops and restaurants.

Tunis City Mall

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