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Top 7 ways to experience the true heart of Genoa, Italy

Located in Italyís northwest corner, the small city of Genoa is a fantastic under-the-radar destination. Italy Beyond the Obvious travelers frequently tell us after a visit that Genoa is an undiscovered gem! Below, our seven top recommendations for the visitor who wants to connect with local culture. Explore the small streets and beautiful squares of […]

4 stunning national parks in Italy

4 stunning national parks in Italy

Italy has virtually every type of scenery one can imagine, from bucolic countrysides with rolling hills to majestic mountains to spectacular coastlines. The country preserves much of this beauty in its 25 national parks, which receive many millions of visitors every year. The stunning national parks featured below are Italy’s Top Four in terms of […]

Lamborghini Museum

5 unique experiences in Italy for car enthusiasts

Most people know that Italy is home to the famous automobile makers Ferrari and Lamborghini, but there are other reasons that the country is a fantastic destination for car enthusiasts of all types. The unique experiences below can be included in an Italy itinerary along with food, wine, history and culture. Or, they can be […]

Italian Islands, Isola Bella

7 spectacular lesser-known Italian islands

The boot-shaped Italian peninsula is almost entirely surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, so itís no surprise that the country has a lot of islands. Sicily, Sardinia, Capri, and Venice are probably the most well-known Italian islands, but there are many others worth visiting that donít get as much press. Some are an ideal beach destination, […]

The 5 most amazing town-to-town hikes in Italy

The 5 most amazing town-to-town hikes in Italy

Hiking trails of every length and difficulty crisscross Italy, but we didnít pick the walks below with backpackers in mind. Weíre recommending these town-to- town hikes for active travelers who enjoy slow travel. Walk through medieval towns and fields of sunflowers, and enjoy countryside vistas, then arrive at a fantastic hotel and sleep on crisp […]