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10 great reasons to visit Croatia

Croatia is one of the last unspoiled gems of the Northern Mediterranean. With breathtaking coastal vistas, hidden islands and incredible food and wine, it strikes the perfect balance between relaxation, culture and activity. If you’ve yet to visit Croatia, read on for inspiration on why to go! 1. History and culture Although Croatia is one […]

Here's exactly why you need to visit Columbia, Missouri

Here’s exactly why you need to visit Columbia, Missouri

Maybe it’s the fact that the median ago in Columbia, MO, aka COMO, is under 27 years old that accounts for a city that’s burbling with creativity, innovation, and just plain niceness.  You’ll need a long weekend to fully explore Columbia’s vibrant, tree-lined downtown streets packed with art galleries, indie boutiques, music venues and an […]

Rome better kept secret Residece Palazzo al Velabro-1

Don’t miss this better kept secret in Rome – as seen in The Guardian

Rome is the perfect city to enjoy the incredible romance of Renaissance palazzos, drink in the beautiful Baroque fountains and surround yourself with incredible Roman classical ruins. Wander out in the evening in that special pulsating energy that permeates the air in Rome, discover the perfect places to enjoy the buzzing aperitivo scene and continue […]

The best luxury hotels at Machu Picchu

The best luxury hotels at Machu Picchu

As one of the greatest historical monuments in the world, Machu Picchu has been on many a traveller’s bucket list since its discovery in 1912. Dating back to the 1500’s, the ruins of this ancient citadel are unmistakable, often shrouded in mist rising from the surrounding cloud forest. It is, without doubt, one of the […]

Shades of Shanghai - 5 luxury hotels for you

Shades of Shanghai – 5 luxury hotels for you

Visiting Shanghai even for the most seasoned traveller is mind boggling. This city with more than 24 million residents has preserved ancient temples and cobbled stone street neighbourhoods along with the world’s tallest and gravity defying thrill creating structures (tried the glass bottomed railing free walkway on the 88th floor yet?). Shanghai is a stylish, […]

5 ways to experience luxury in Berlin

5 ways to experience luxury in Berlin

Berlin, the capital city of Germany and a city that was so marked by numerous unfortunate events during its history, managed to rise and impress the world through its power and desire to be the best. It managed to exceed all the hardships that tried to destroy it in the past and is now today […]

5 unique hotels in East Coast Australia

5 unique hotels in East Coast Australia

As the world’s sixth largest country, Australia’s size means you can spend years exploring and still not scratch the surface of what it has to offer. Most visitors tend to stick to the ever-popular East Coast, which stretches from Cairns at the top to Melbourne at the bottom. Whether you’re looking for a glamorous beach retreat, […]

10 family-friendly resorts with top kids' clubs

10 family-friendly resorts with top kids’ clubs

As any parent knows, you’re only as happy as your least happiest child – and keeping children happy, especially away from home, can be hard work. Finding a holiday resort that makes this as easy as possible, with plenty of tyke-pleasing facilities, is the first step towards a harmonious family holiday. The option of a […]

24 hours in Tokyo

24 hours in Tokyo

Tokyo is a fascinating city, with a greater Tokyo population of nearly 40 million, and deserves far more than 24 hours, but if that’s all you have, en route to another destination in Asia, I have some recommendations for making the most of your visit. 1. Arrive refreshed in ANA First Class, JAL First Class […]

6 of Chile's finest lodges and hotels

6 of Chile’s finest lodges and hotels

Chile is one of those countries that cannot be identified with a single touristic icon. Its geography is so diverse, and its culture so rich, that the images passing through the traveler’s mind are like those of a movie sequence ranging from the mysterious Moai statues of Easter Island and the imposing glaciers of Patagonia, […]

14 'tried and tested' luxury hotels in Vietnam that cater for vegan guests

14 ‘tried and tested’ luxury hotels in Vietnam that cater for vegan guests

Luxury vegan travel is getting easier. Hotels and resorts now understand that a plant based and vegan diet is not only a healthy option, but has multiple benefits for the environment. In South East Asia, one of the destinations that is fast becoming a favourite for vegan travel lovers is Vietnam, where the number of […]

A luxury golf break at Trump Turnberry, Ayrshire, UK

A luxury golf break at Trump Turnberry, Ayrshire, UK

Set high above the magnificent 18 hole Championship Ailsa golf course along the spectacular Ayrshire coastline overlooking the majestic Irish Sea and the bird sanctuary on the island of Ailsa Craig sits the remarkable Trump Turnberry Hotel. This is part of President Donald Trump’s portfolio of businesses. Whilst the President currently has matters of state […]

Flashpacking in Ireland - 8 days of luxury adventure

Flashpacking in Ireland – 8 days of luxury adventure

Have you heard of “flashpacking”? Well we just did.  In your 20’s you backpacked on tight budgets for months on end in exotic places. Now you travel for 7 nights, with three stops, luxury hotel stays and some adventure thrown in. You will be glad to know there is now a travel term for you…. […]

hong kong

24 hours in Hong Kong

One of the most exciting and vibrant cities in Asia, Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan jungle, with a show-stopping skyline, a legendary kitchen, a wild coastline and beautiful countryside. High finance and high fashion collide amidst the soaring skyscrapers of this culture capital, and charming colonial sights and exotic nightlife alike are dotted throughout the […]

Top 5 spa retreats in the English Lake District

Top 5 spa retreats in the English Lake District

The English Lake District is home to some of the purest water sources in the world. In 2017 millions of pounds are being spent in the region capturing this liquid gold in the form of world-class spa experiences. Let’s take a closer look. The 2,362 km² mountain region splits into 13 glacial valleys, cradling 16 […]

Regal Airport Hotel sashimi platter

5 of the most luxurious airport hotels in the world

We spoke to our friends at JustFly, a platform with more than 400 different airline partnerships in order to provide you the best deals on flights, to find out where some of the most luxurious hotels in the world are located. Enjoy a refreshing swim in an impressively landscaped pool, embraced by rainforest-style gardens, followed by a delicious cocktail […]

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