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Edinburgh's cafes with the best views

Edinburgh’s cafes with the best views

With its seven hills, ancient buildings and position on the Forth, Edinburgh is a city known for its views and vistas. From each hill across the city you can see far and wide and for many people the highlight of a visit is a trip to the top of Arthur’s Seat – Edinburgh’s very own […]

10 must-see beaches you've probably never heard of

10 must-see beaches you’ve probably never heard of

This Summer, don’t settle for a quick cannonball into the chlorinated waters of your local pool. Step out of your Summer routine and visit a beach that’s far from your usual Summertime destinations.  This guide will help you find your coastal oasis with blue water, untouched sand and lush palm trees swaying in the breeze. Uvita, […]

Secret Sri Lanka: 5 exclusive experiences you don't want to miss

Secret Sri Lanka: 5 exclusive experiences you don’t want to miss

Luxury in relation to travel is more than just great hotels in fabulous locations – that’s easy to replicate. Take one beautiful beach, add one 6-star hotel and label it luxury. What’s harder to replicate, and what defines luxury as we see it, are exclusive experiences. Travel that’s intimate. Personal experiences that are authentic yet […]

7 ways to enjoy your Champagne in the UK this Summer

7 ways to enjoy your Champagne in the UK this Summer

Champagne has some powerful transformative qualities. It can add romance to a dinner for two, add a sense of occasion to a personal achievement and instantly turn any given moment into a celebration. So for a luxurious Summer in Britain, there could only be one ingredient we needed to add. Read on for our guide to the […]

Top 5 luxury experiences in Paris

Top 5 luxury experiences in Paris

Paris, one of the most romantic cities in the World, oozes style and sophistication making it one of the most popular city breaks destination. With an array of luxury activities on offer Paris can suit anyone’s needs from shopping to eating and everything in between and now that the Ritz Paris has finally re-opened the […]

Myanmar travel experiences-1

5 fantastic ways to experience Myanmar

Paradise is hiding in Myanmar, with its beautiful golden sunsets, which are best viewed from one of a plethora of gilded pagodas, which dot the lush landscape. The country formerly known as Burma has the power to delight even the most seasoned traveller. Myanmar is home to majestic rivers, sacred stupas, amazingly rich architectural sites, […]

Turning Japanese in Malaga, Spain

Turning Japanese in Malaga, Spain

The culinary scene in Malaga has been on the ascendancy for years already, with more and more Michelin stars each season and increasing international attention. With some of the busiest fishing ports in all of the Mediterranean, Andalusia’s Malaga province, on the southern most Spanish coast, has a long established culinary tradition of super fresh […]

Top 5 restaurants in Guayaquil, Ecuador

Top 5 restaurants in Guayaquil, Ecuador

A city is many things: its landscapes, its people, and their daily lives… But for many, a city is above all its flavors. A traveler knows that a culinary experience of a place can make the difference between a good memory and one that they’d rather forget. Guayaquil – the second largest city in Ecuador […]


A guide to our 5 favourite beaches in Santorini

The paradise island of Santorini; white washed buildings and blue-domed tops, incredible sea views from quaint cliff-side villages, winding side streets and heavenly sunsets, and of course let us not forget the beautiful red and black sand beaches. Due to its volcanic landscape, Santorini has a totally unique beach offering with the most incredible panoramas […]

6 secret South American sites (and sights)

6 secret South American sites (and sights)

South America’s popularity as a luxury destination shows no sign of slowing down and, if anything, visitors seem to be wanting to get ever further off the beaten track to explore the less well-trodden corners of this cracking continent. So in the self-same spirit of exploration, here are seven South American secrets that may not […]

Tamariu Catalonia

Secrets of Spain: Tamariu – a tiny, precious jewel on the Costa Brava

They say that the best things in life come in small packages, and certainly when it comes to the tiny coastal village of Tamariu this is definitely true. Smell the wafting aroma of the pines overhead as you lie on the beautiful horseshoe shaped beach, and listen to the lapping Mediterranean waves. You don’t need […]

Luxury in the wild: must dos in Patagonia

Luxury in the wild: must dos in Patagonia

Patagonia is a land of unrivaled nature. A place where to find comfort in the tranquility of the great outdoors and a place to experience incomparable adventure. Its mix of glaciers, mountains, deserts, fjords, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, channels and oceans provide the opportunity to truly escape into a diverse selection of remoteness. It is a […]

Top 5 luxury experiences in the Dolomites

Top 5 luxury experiences in the Dolomites

The Dolomites are celebrated for their supreme natural beauty, but under their peaks lie many luxurious activities and assets to behold. The ancient traditions of the valleys remain and converge with the modern architecture and new ideas of the towns and cities. Known as the most impressive mountains in the world, but also for their […]

Humpback whale breaching

Top 5 wildlife experiences in Australia

Australia is a naturalist’s dream destination. Geologically isolated from the rest of the world, several  species were able to flourish here in ways they were unable to in other countries, including marsupials like the possum, the koala and the wallaby. Sea life is also rich, especially on the outlying reefs of the Great Barrier Reef, […]

Besotted in Bruges: 7 ways you'll fall in love with this bustling Belgian beauty!

Besotted in Bruges: 7 ways you’ll fall in love with this bustling Belgian beauty!

Stepping into the main market square of central Bruges is like stepping onto a movie set. Colourful, historic architecture is the perfect backdrop to the bustling cafes, beer houses and restaurants that line the streets – it’s no wonder the whole city centre is a UNESCO World Heritage site. In summertime, the sun blazes down […]

El Nido in the Philippines

5 lesser known SE Asia alternatives to Halong Bay

With towering limestone karsts rising from the sea, Halong Bay is undoubtedly one of the most visually striking destinations in Vietnam, if not the whole of Southeast Asia. However, with this reputation comes an influx of visitors looking to take in the incredible scenery. But, there are a number of alternative destinations in Southeast Asia […]

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