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Bottlenose dolphins off the coast of KwaZulu-Natal

The best places to travel to this season

Whether you’re seeking wildlife spectacles, otherworldly scenery or the buzz of a festival, there is a wide range of options for travelling to a new destination this season. We’ve listed ten of the best places to visit at this time of year to help you plan your next spring-summer adventure. Australia’s Ningaloo Marine Park While […]

The 6 best luxury dive hotels in the world

The 6 best luxury dive hotels in the world

The concept of scuba diving for leisure has been around since that clever Frenchman Jacques Cousteau perfected the aqualung, but it’s only really of late that luxury diving holidays  – where the diving on offer is as outstanding as the accommodation – have come to the fore. Here are my favourite luxury diving hotels across […]

No more noodles: Chiang Mai's best alternatives to Thai cuisine

No more noodles: Chiang Mai’s best alternatives to Thai cuisine

For almost all visitors to Thailand, the delicious and varied food is one of the highlights of their holiday. For many, however, there comes a time when they simply need a change from Thai food. So, if you’ve eaten enough green curry to float a small ship, and the thought of another noodle makes you […]

3 Malaysian hotspots for vegans

3 Malaysian hotspots for vegans

Ah beautiful, tropical, culturally rich Malaysia; how we love what you have to offer those who want to explore in style. Malaysia has got it all; beautiful beaches, abundant nature, culture, history and a lot of delicious food. It also happens to be an excellent destination for vegan travellers (who are people that love to […]

A foodie's guide to Japan

A foodie’s guide to Japan

Tokyo, the world’s greatest food city; crowned King of Gourmet and Michelin star haven. A Michelin three star rating is considered the ultimate international recognition in the culinary world, with 13 Tokyo restaurants boasting this prestigious award. If you love your food but are yet to try Japan, let your taste buds be taken on […]

Elephant Hills Tented Camp

8 great places to travel responsibly

Responsible travel is about directly benefitting the communities you visit whenever possible through sustainable travel, environmental protection and social projects. Here are just a few responsible travel suggestions you can include as part of a trip to the destinations in question. 1. Elephant Hills Tented Camp, Thailand One of the highlights of many peoples’ visits […]

Photograph of the week: Cemagi Beach in Bali, Indonesia

Photograph of the week: Cemagi Beach in Bali, Indonesia

This stunning birds-eye view of Cemagi Beach in south-west Bali shows the waves rolling in from the Indian Ocean and the Balinese Hindu temple Pura Gede Luhur Batungaus dramatically set on a rocky outcrop. Steps away from the sands, a handful of luxury villas have sea views on one side and a panorama of vivid […]

Top 4 new luxury hotel openings in 2016

Top 4 new luxury hotel openings in 2016

A number of new luxury hotels are opening in 2016, from Japan to Italy to the Caribbean to Hawaii. Although there are many tempting options, my clients are particularly interested in the following, which I consider the top 4 luxury hotel openings of 2016: 1. Amanemu: now Open A new Aman Resort is cause for […]

7 of the best and most luxurious safari lodges in India and Sri Lanka

7 of the best and most luxurious safari lodges in India and Sri Lanka

Few people realise that the Indian subcontinent contains some of the world’s best wildlife destinations. From elephants to bears, leopards to tigers, and an array of exotic birds, a luxury safari to India or Sri Lanka is sure to excite even the most experienced of enthusiasts. Getting as close to nature as possible and staying […]

Chiang Mai's best luxury afternoon teas

Chiang Mai’s best luxury afternoon teas

Afternoon tea is a great way to experience some of Chiang Mai’s luxury hotels without actually staying there. Sit adjacent to rice paddies or dine by the river; four of Chiang Mai’s most beautiful hotels are waiting to enchant your tastebuds. The Four Seasons Scattered amidst 32 acres of rice fields, jungle, pools and lakes, […]

The world's best all-inclusive resorts

The world’s best all-inclusive resorts

If you are an enthusiast of luxury then you’ll know the only way to go is all-inclusive. Although it may cost a little extra, opting for an all-inclusive plan ensures that no stone is left unturned in your quest for the perfect holiday. From bounties of delicious cuisine to various exclusive perks, you will feel […]

5 leftfield luxury honeymoon destinations

5 leftfield luxury honeymoon destinations

If there’s one holiday that you really, really want to get right it’s the all-important honeymoon. That’s one of the main reasons newly-weds tend to play it safe and follow a well-worn path to a handful of classic romantic destinations such as the Maldives, Italy or Tanzania. Don’t get me wrong – these destinations are […]

Photograph of the week: Marina Bay in Singapore

Photograph of the week: Marina Bay in Singapore

Singapore boasts a number of ultra modern buildings with spectacular modern architecture. Often these are even more impressive when floodlit at night as other visual distractions fade away in the dark. The ‘Helix’ bridge in the foreground links Marina Bay to the Marina Centre. It is the worlds first curved bridge and enables visitors to […]

7 new hotels opening in 2016 that you won't want to miss

7 new hotels opening in 2016 that you won’t want to miss

Throughout 2016 they’ll be a diverse array of new and noteworthy hotels opening around the world. From eco-minded mountain hideaways to family-friendly fun next-the-sea, here’s our roundup of seven soon-to-open resorts to keep an eye on… Ozen by Atmosphere Maldives – opening July 2016 Following multi-million dollar development, the Ozen resort at Maadhoo is set to take […]

7 great reasons to visit northern Japan... now!

7 great reasons to visit northern Japan… now!

This month marks five years since the earthquake and tsunami that devastated the Tohoku region – the northernmost portion of Japan’s main island. Although the destruction along the coast was virtually total, most of Tohoku – a region filled with World Heritage temples, rugged national parks, and beautifully preserved samurai towns – was almost entirely […]

6 of the world's most unique hotel gyms

6 of the world’s most unique hotel gyms

When it comes to staying in shape on a luxury getaway it can be difficult to muster up the motivation to keep the pounds off, what with the room service lobster, champagne by the bottle and the body-hugging king size bed that seductively whispers “never leave.” In fact, we’ve been conditioned to roll our eyes […]

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