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Recipe of the week: Steamed tentacles with vegetables and organic lemon juice

Recipe of the week: Steamed tentacles with vegetables and organic lemon juice

This is a simple Mediterranean recipe for a light, fresh and delicious dish. It’s great as a Summer meal but can also serve as an entrée in the colder months: simply make sure to always use your local seasonal vegetables. Ingredients Octopus tentacles Rosemary Garlic Pepper grains Seasonal vegetables (such as asparagus, zucchini, carrots and […]

Like 'The Amazing Race'?  Then you'll love Competitours!

Like ‘The Amazing Race’? Then you’ll love Competitours!

If you’ve been living under a rock, or you’re not a US citizen, you can probably be excused if you’ve not heard of The Amazing Race. For those who aren’t familiar, it’s a multi-award-winning reality TV series with travel and adventure at its core. Contestants are pitted against one another with a series of travel-based […]

4 stunning national parks in Italy

4 stunning national parks in Italy

Italy has virtually every type of scenery one can imagine, from bucolic countrysides with rolling hills to majestic mountains to spectacular coastlines. The country preserves much of this beauty in its 25 national parks, which receive many millions of visitors every year. The stunning national parks featured below are Italy’s Top Four in terms of […]

Spain's Stonehenge - the heart and soul of Andalusia in ancient Antequera

Spain’s Stonehenge – the heart and soul of Andalusia in ancient Antequera

Little known outside of Andalusia until recently, the ancient city of Antequera in Malaga province has gained a lot of international recognition of late. Much of this renewed attention comes thanks to the Antequera Dolmens Site being awarded a UNESCO World Heritage designation in July of 2016; however, the town has held strategic importance for […]

8 Greek villas with stunning sea views

8 Greek villas with stunning sea views

There is something special about waking up to a stunning sea view, and we all know that a cocktail or a meal taste even better when the panorama around is stunning: this is why, when choosing an estate for your next holiday, its location is important: here are eight beautiful Greek villas with incredible, unforgettable […]

4 organic and healthy holiday moments in Provence

4 organic and healthy holiday moments in Provence

When we are looking at a holiday destination we often picture beautiful views, long lazy meals, dipping one’s feet in a refreshing pool, delicious food at every turn and time spent with those nearest and dearest to us. But there are some moments when you might like to strike the harmonious balance between a fantastic […]

When's the best time to go skiing in Europe?

When’s the best time to go skiing in Europe?

When you’re planning a winter holiday for snowboarding or skiing in Europe you most definitely want to ensure there are mountains of snow or perhaps you’re looking for good value for money and want it to be busy– yet at the same time not too busy so you have room to ski. We have put […]

4 of Europe's most exclusive wine experiences

4 of Europe’s most exclusive wine experiences

From the world-renowned Bordeaux region of France to the banks of the Rhine river, Europe is home to hundreds of wineries whose cellar doors are kept hospitably ajar, welcoming curious wine pilgrims inside to sample the spectrum of vintages on offer. But which offers the most exclusive and unforgettable experience for connoisseurs of the grape? […]

Top 5 mountain ski restaurants in the Alps

Top 5 mountain ski restaurants in the Alps

One of the joys of skiing is the pit stop for lunch. You perhaps caught the first lifts, have already put in a few hours and you’ve worked up a raging appetite. Your thoughts are starting to turn towards a good feed  and a chance to refuel for the afternoon session on the slopes. Mountain […]

5 superb experiences in Skofja Loka - environment

5 superb experiences in Skofja Loka, Slovenia

From Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, many different excursions await the tourist. Our first choice for a trip down Slovenia’s memory lane was Skofja Loka, the 1000 year old town that lies snugly in the confluence of two rivers. Considered one of the most beautifully preserved medieval towns in Slovenia, Skofja Loka provided many superb […]

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Living like a local in Barcelona – a perfect day

There are a lot of things to see and do in the Catalan Capital. Whether you want to experience the city through a local’s eyes, or want to visit all the touristic sights, Barcelona is a place that will give you the best memories. Though visiting the most popular sights, such as Las Ramblas, La […]


5 of the best ski resorts for corporate ski trips

In my 12 years working in skiing, I’ve been asked many times which are the best ski resorts for a corporate ski trip. Of course, it depends on the age range of your group, ski ability, budget and how much time you can spare. However, I’ve organised hundreds of corporate ski trips over the years […]

Corinthia Hotels offering 50% off annual sale!

Corinthia Hotels offering 50% off annual sale!

Yes, you read that right. Corinthia Hotels is back with their superb annual sale so if you’re looking to book your next European getaway, look no further. If there’s one collection of European hotels that never fails to deliver a sense of luxury and wonder to its guests, it has to be Corinthia Hotels. Located […]

5 destinations with a difference in Copenhagen

5 destinations with a difference in Copenhagen

When somebody mentions Denmark, what comes to mind? Bacon? Borgen? Danish pastries? Or endless discussions on what constitutes hygge? In 2016, Copenhagen recorded 13,100 more bikes than cars in the city centre, and this combined with the excellent cafes to taste a pastry in, the world-class restaurants where you can nibble on a smørrebrød, makes it […]

Zurich - the ultimate all-rounder

Zurich – the ultimate all-rounder

In recent years Zurich has grown out of its original corporate typecast and into a city of split personalities. Despite remaining a destination for bankers (and chocoholics), this thriving Swiss city is a destination with something for everyone. From hipsters to eco-lovers, Zurich continues to lure in types from across the spectrum with its up-and-coming […]


The best new things to see in Greece in 2017

Greece has undergone vast change over the years, with financial decline and political turmoil at the centre of all its troubles. But today, tourism experts tell us that Greece is the place to be. With its impressive beaches, rich history and epic nightlife, the Greek islands continue to be a desirable European destination. And with […]

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