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7 luxury locations for VIP jetsetters

7 luxury locations for VIP jetsetters

You don’t have to visit L.A for Hollywood glamour; there are plenty of other destinations where the world’s fashionable elite convene to experience luxury at its finest along with superb and discreet service where your every need is catered for. Here are the top seven destinations for the jet setting elite: Cannes Home to the […]

5 can't miss experiences in Chicago

5 can’t miss experiences in Chicago

Chicago is sometimes overlooked by visitors, who have heard more about NYC, Miami and San Francisco, but it’s a delightful discovery that many miss out on. As a New Yorker, I loved strolling along the riverfront, with its aquamarine water (a beautiful color, thanks to water from Lake Michigan), the clean air, lack of crowds, […]

The perfect “girl’s day” in Milan

The perfect “girl’s day” in Milan

Milan gets a bad rap. It’s often called industrial, grey and unwelcoming. I prefer to think of it as a mini New York with prettier clothes, properly made coffee, less greasy pizza and better mannered denizens. Yes, the weather in the winter can be a bit challenging, but at least there are no hurricanes or […]

6 unknown Wonders of the World

6 unknown Wonders of the World

The world is full of amazing places and hidden wonders, some so beautiful, you’d be forgiven for thinking they actually don’t exist. The more familiar ‘wonders of the world’ dominate the mainstream articles, but there are a few gems slip under the radar, untouched by mass tourism, making them even more special. Here’s 6 unknown […]

4 seasons under the Matterhorn

4 seasons under the Matterhorn

150 years ago this summer, on 14 July 1865, 37 year old French mountaineer, Michel Croz, attached his blouse to a tent pole. Holding the pole aloft, with his shirt snapping and crackling in the wind, the world below bore witness to a remarkable feat: the Matterhorn had finally been conquered. But triumph soon turned […]

Backstage Hotel Zermatt Spa

Top 3 luxury hotels in Zermatt

A lot of people who come to Zermatt for the exceptional skiing and the stunning scenery will choose to stay in a chalet. There’s a lot to be said for staying in a chalet – your own private space, the freedom to choose, come and go when you please, especially if you self-cater. But sometimes […]

There's so much to do in Puglia!

There’s so much to do in Puglia!

Italy’s southern heel may be considered one of the country’s most resplendent hidden gems – however when it comes to activities, attractions and experiences, the region is overflowing with options. Whatever the interest, there really is something for everyone! Want to know more? Read on for our insider’s guide to some of our absolute favourites. […]

The best all inclusive hotels in the Seychelles

The best all inclusive hotels in the Seychelles

The Seychelles specialises in decadence, and is constantly redefining the meaning of luxury. This is partly due to its natural splendour, including its endless white sandy beaches and sparkling turquoise waters, but also because of the slew of luxurious all inclusive hotels which inhabit the Seychelles. Here’s a list of our favourite all inclusive hotels […]

17 places you'll be glad to know about as a Brit in Paris

17 places you’ll be glad to know about as a Brit in Paris

In the eyes of many, the British and the French are arch-enemies who differ in everything: food, history, climate, lifestyle aspirations… yet, crowds of British tourists flock to the French capital all year round and just as many French people have made London their second home! Here is a short list of useful addresses of […]

24 luxury hours in Tokyo

24 luxury hours in Tokyo

You’ve just landed in the surprising, thrilling and ever-changing city of Tokyo. Every single day here is a surprise; because this fast-paced capital just never stops moving. But you have a dilemma; you have just 24 precious hours to get the most out of Tokyo’s neon lights and endless noodle bars. So where do you […]

lodhi hotel delhi

Top 5 Asian city hotel retreats

Cities provide a landscape where it often feels like the world converges: a place that brings together people from all over the state, region, country or even the world, in a unique environment, resulting in a buzzing atmosphere that is bursting at its seams with creativity and a constant stream of new ideas: from culture […]

Top reasons to stay at Saint Peter's Bay Luxury Resort and Residences in Barbados

Top reasons to stay at Saint Peter’s Bay Luxury Resort and Residences in Barbados

Set on the North West coast on the island of Barbados is Saint Peter’s Bay Resort & Residences, an exclusive and beautiful hideaway perfect for travellers who want spacious accommodation, breath taking views and the opportunity to self cater. We’ve picked our top four experiences that you can enjoy whilst staying at Saint Peter’s Bay. […]

Peterhof Palace gardens

72 hours in St Petersburg

Russia’s second city has been known as St Petersburg, Petrograd, Leningrad and finally became St Petersburg again when it was renamed in 1991. It is the most northern city in the world and whilst winters are long and cold, the short summer is warm and with almost 24 hours of daylight. Both times of year […]

Zermatt Unplugged

Top Summer events in the Alps 2015

With my life being centred around the cycle of the ski season, reciting peak week dates and perfecting the snow dance way before the temperature drops in the Alps, it is a big adjustment for me to see through the whiteouts to the beauty of the Alps in the summer. You can’t beat a blue […]

Unspoiled Andalucia: 5 reasons to visit La Axarquia this season

Unspoiled Andalucia: 5 reasons to visit La Axarquia this season

Few people outside of the region itself know La Axarquia by name. Though technically still part of the well known and well tread Costa del Sol, La Axarquia is in many ways the antithesis of what the Costa del Sol has come to be associated with, having preserved its natural beauty and historic culture, having […]

1. Tel Aviv Piano Festival

7 highlights of a luxury break in Israel

Israel and the Palestinian Territories make up the largest part of Holy Land, an important strip of land considered to be the most significant religious place on Earth – not only for Christianity but a sacred place for Jews and Muslims. As well as being the cradle to powerful and incredible religious sites, Israel is […]

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