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Have you seen the African Impossible 5?

Youíve seen the Big 5, hereís a new challenge. If youíve been on a safari holiday you’re probably aware of the African Big 5 of lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino. Many guides will help guests tick these iconic animals off their wish list, in some cases in a single afternoon. However, thereís more to […]

5 fun family activities you can all enjoy in Provence this Winter

5 fun family activities you can all enjoy in Provence this Winter

To be whisked away to one of South of Franceís most glorious holiday destinations in the depths of winter has a strong appeal for many; the Provencal charm works itís magic on all visitors particularly since the peace and calm it offers is much more prevalent during the quieter months. If you are planning on […]


7 reasons to visit Greece in Winter

Greece is a destination primarily associated with summer, and while the Mediterranean is undoubtedly an excellent choice for soaking in the sun in summer, Greece should not be discounted as a winter destination too. In fact, winter is a great time to visit Greece, the weather Ė while not reaching the same heat as summer […]

10 spectacular treasures of Peru

10 spectacular treasures of Peru

Peru has long been a backpackerís paradise; however, this ďEmpire of Hidden TreasuresĒ has now entered into the limelight as a must-see travel destination for upscale travelers as well. From riverboat expeditions deep in its exotic rainforest, to journeys along its vast coastal desert Ė traveling via the breathtaking peaks of the Andes in between […]

Lamborghini Museum

5 unique experiences in Italy for car enthusiasts

Most people know that Italy is home to the famous automobile makers Ferrari and Lamborghini, but there are other reasons that the country is a fantastic destination for car enthusiasts of all types. The unique experiences below can be included in an Italy itinerary along with food, wine, history and culture. Or, they can be […]

7 must-see churches in Ecuador

7 must-see churches in Ecuador

Spanish colonists built Ecuadorís oldest churches during the 16th century. Their religious influence persists to this day, and some of Ecuadorís grandest cathedrals were built as late as the 20th century. Ecuadorís population is around 80 percent Catholic, and on Catholic holidays, the streets fill with parades. Easter, Holy Thursday, Carnival, and Christmas are all […]

Top 5 characterful hotels in Asia

Top 5 characterful hotels in Asia

I am not a big fan of generic luxury hotels. I rarely travel for the sake of a hotel but some are an exception. If a property genuinely speaks to the region, says something about where it is and is an interactive place to be then Iíll travel to experience it. In short: itís when […]

Petra Jordan

Set-jetting in Jordan: 4 top cinematic locations

It is easy to feel inspired when youíve seen a place brought to life on the big screen, and Jordanís striking landscapes have been captured endlessly on film. From classics like Lawrence of Arabia to adventurous expeditions like Indiana Jones and Ridley Scottís The Martian, its desert landscapes and ancient sites offer the perfect backdrop […]

10 exciting ways to pass the Winter in Andalusia

10 exciting ways to pass the Winter in Andalusia

Andalusia may be best known for its sweeping beaches and seemingly endless summer sun, long serving as a haven for those wishing to soak up some reliable rays. This reputation is well founded; however, even throughout the winter there is no shortage of fascinating and exciting things to do. And with the best climate in […]

8 of the world's best villas for golf lovers

8 of the world’s best villas for golf lovers

A golf holiday can be a great way to spend and have a great time while enjoying your favorite sport: from mountain lodges to sea side estates, there are plenty of properties around the world that are right on the green. Villa Manzu, Costa Rica Staying at Villa Manzu is an unforgettable experience in itself, […]

Inside Dubai's most highly anticipated new hotel: Jumeirah Al Naseem

Inside Dubai’s most highly anticipated new hotel: Jumeirah Al Naseem

Dubai’s most highly anticipated new hotel development is set to open its doors in a couple of weeks time.† Located in the heart of the palatial Madinat Jumeirah complex, Jumeirah Al Naseem is the fourth hotel to be built here – occupying the last prized beachfront plot. We last visited the hotel during construction in […]

6 of the best ski resorts in North America

6 of the best ski resorts in North America

Nights are drawing in and frost is in the air. †Time to be thinking about where to ski this season. Forget Brexit, forget the US election; get out the wax and get planning. For the best skiing in†North America †you have to head to the west, to the Rockies and beyond. †Here is where you […]

Scenic walks: Eckabauer Peak to Garmish, Berggasthof

Soothe your soul: 4 scenic walks in Germany and Italy

Hiking is for many people the embodiment of a luxury holiday par excellence. Whatever your definition of ‘walking’ or ‘hiking’Ě, it soothes the soul, relieves the stress and fills your memories with scenic moments. Invigorating autumn walks on both sides of the German-Italian border are fantastic breakaways. Here are a few suggestions: Eckbauer Peak to […]

English Harbour, Antigua

4 of the best places to celebrate New Year’s Eve in 2016

Itís nearly that time of the year again, the time when we must decide and begin our preparations for New Yearís Eve before itís too late. But rather than spend it in the familiar surroundings of yours or someone elseís home, this year, start the countdown and bring in the New Year abroad. (Donít worry; […]

Thailand's most luxurious ethical elephant experience

Thailand’s most luxurious ethical elephant experience

Hiding in the lush, mist-shrouded bamboo jungle of the Golden Triangle is the exclusive Four Seasons Tented Camp. With only 15 exceptional ‘tents’ and one two bedroom lodge, the Camp offers a truly unique luxury experience. Guests have the opportunity to explore the culture and history of the area where Thailand, Burma and Laos meet, […]

Planes, trains and luxury safari transportation

Planes, trains and luxury safari transportation

For many people, an African safari brings to mind a series of bumpy drives, racing through the dusty bush in a safari vehicle. While it is true that a large part of many safaris involves game driving, these days there are a number of more comfortable and/or adventurous alternatives for spotting the Big 5 in […]

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