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Spice up 2013 with 5 great Argentine festivals

With the first six months of the year spent working hard and meeting deadlines, it’s time for a little passion to be added to your life. Why not escape to the southern hemisphere and add a dash of sexy rhythm to your Latin getaway? Although celebrations like the International Festival of Independent Cinema and the South American Music Conference (SAMC) have come and gone, you have yet to miss out on many of Argentina’s cultural dips and turns. Take a look at these 5 great Argentine Festivals: The Anniversary of Carlos Gardel’s Death (June) Possibly the most prominent figure in the history of Tango, Carlos Gardel made a strong impact on Argentina’s performing arts. Although he led a legendary life, it was sadly short-lived when he passed away at the young age of 45 in 1935. For a week in June, locals unite and dance the tango in various venues in honor of Gardel – a vibrant experience you will not want to miss. Carlos Gardell Argentina’s Independence Day (9th July) Transform from tourist to local and celebrate in the busy streets of Buenos Aires where parades and barbecues take over. Food, family and friends are the key to this special day of celebration and conversation, so be sure to chat with the natives to learn about their culture and how their country’s independence affects them – an insider’s tour of Argentine life. Buenos Aires Tango Festival (August) This nine-day fiesta makes its mark as one of the biggest festivals in Buenos Aires as it awakens the city with the sensual tango. It is home to endless dancing, free classes, concerts, shows and exhibitions. So if you want a true taste of South America’s inspiring traditions, this event is a vital part of your trip. Tango Festival International Video-Dance Festival (September) Held at the Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center, this fun and unique festival has been entertaining Argentinians and tourists alike for some 22 years. From the 24th until the 29th of September, this five-day affair hosts screenings, lectures and workshops about dancing as an art form and video-dance specifically – a modern twist on an ancient tradition. International Festival of Buenos Aires (September) Every two years, this renowned festival takes place at various venues all across the city with master classes, special talks and even performances from international artists. Yet another event filled with zest, skills and customs to unite residents and travellers. International Video Dance Fest John-Christian Moquette is a Partner at IAVRA. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

John-Christian Moquette

John-Christian Moquette is a Partner at IAVRA.

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