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Paul Johnson, A Luxury Travel BlogA Luxury Travel Blog is like no other travel blog.

It focuses on the finer aspects of travel and serves as a gateway for the discerning traveller, providing information on the most luxurious hotels and resorts, the finest restaurants and news from within the luxury travel industry, to name just some.

The blog is brought to you by Dr. Paul Johnson (pictured right, travelling from Nepal to India on an assignment with Land Rover) and a team of more than 700 writers and guest bloggers.

Paul has worked in the travel industry for more than 30 years and has travelled extensively, from his home in Kendal, Cumbria (UK) to places all over the world. He is also a Director of The Dedicated Partnership Ltd., an online tourism marketing company with a client base that includes some of the finest hotels in the world.

On account of this, A Luxury Travel Blog has grown to be one the most popular travel blogs in the world – serving more than 130,000 unique visitors per month, and with more than 700,000 followers on Twitter and over 270,000 on Facebook. Combined across all social media channels, the blog has a following in excess of 1.1 million (figures updated March 2022).

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Judge for the best stands at the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai (May 2022)
Pannellist at Arabian Travel Market in Dubai: “How to work with influencers post-COVID” (May 2022)
Winner of ‘Best Upscale Tourism Blog’ in the UK Enterprise Awards (April 2022)
Shortlisted for ‘Influencer of the Year’ in the Travmedia Awards, held at The Londoner (April 2022)
Panellist at virtual LISTEX Luxury event: ‘Recovering, growing and sustaining a luxury snowsports brand’ (Nov 2020)
Podcast with ‘Oceanscape Yachts (Nov 2020)
Shortlisted for ‘Best Blogging Veteran‘ in the Teletext Holidays Awards (Jul 2020)
Featured in ‘12 travel experts share their thoughts on the future of travel‘ on live your travel (Jun 2020)
Panellist at virtual MOTEX event: ‘Is the future bright for the luxury snowsports market?’ (May 2020)
Featured in ‘Episode 7‘ of the Over-Bored podcast (Apr 2020)
Featured in ‘10 travel bloggers’ advice on how to survive COVID-19‘ on Extracts of Alex (Apr 2020)
Shortlisted for the ‘Blogger of the Year’ Award in the inaugural Travmedia Awards (Mar 2020)
Featured in ‘Best places to have tapas in Barcelona‘ on Friendship Travel (Feb 2020)
Featured in ‘The Podcast Show‘ on Global Travel Channel (Feb 2020)
Featured in ‘Wanderlust: Meet Dr. Paul Johnson from A Luxury Travel Blog‘ on Inspreation (Feb 2020)
Featured in ‘How to create a successful business online: experts roundup!‘ on yourparkingspace (Nov 2019)
Featured in ‘23 best travel blogs for 2019 you should check out right now‘ on Stasher (Oct 2019)
Featured in ‘How to spend a day in Gibraltar‘ on ROL Cruise (Oct 2019)
Speaker at PATA Travel Mart in Nursultan, Kazakhstan:  ‘Content Marketing Forum: Success stories and the evolution of content creation’ at (Sep 2019)
Featured in ‘The most scenic drives in Cumbria‘ on dayinsure (Aug 2019)
Shortlisted for The Online Influence Awards from Vuelio (Aug 2019)
Featured #1 in ‘Top 10 UK luxury travel blogs’ on Vuelio (May 2019)
Shortlisted for ‘Best Luxury Travel Blog’ in the Teletext Holidays Blogger Awards (May 2019)
Speaker at Arabian Travel Market, Dubai, UAE: ‘ATM Career in Travel: How to gain a career in digital marketing: tips & recommendations from the pros’ (May 2019)
Featured in ‘The ultimate guide to planning an accessible holiday‘ on Age UK (May 2019)
Speaker at Arabian Travel Market: ‘How to positively change the perception of destinations using the power of social media’ (Apr 2019)
Featured in ‘The Travel Writer’s Way – turn your travels into stories’ by Jonathan Lorie and published by Bradt Travel Guides (Apr 2019)

Featured in ‘We asked and influencers answered: one hotel I’ve always wanted to stay in‘ on Winged Boots (Mar 2019)
Speaker at sit-UP – The Social / Influencer Travel Event From TravMedia, London, UK (Mar 2019)

Shortlisted for ‘Best Travel Blog’ at sit-UP Awards from TravMedia UK (Mar 2019)
Featured in ‘Bookings for You Favourite Bloggers‘ on The Good Web Guide (Jan 2019)
Featured in ‘The most romantic cities you can cruise to‘ on ROL Cruise (Jan 2019)
Featured in ‘A travel expert’s top tips for 2019‘ on The Expater (Jan 2019)
Featured in ‘The top 10 places to celebrate New Year in Canada‘ on Canadian Affair (Dec 2018)
Featured in ‘Absolutely inspiring places to visit in 2019‘ on McCool Travel (Dec 2018)
Featured in ‘What is the most underrated traffic source for affiliate marketing?‘ on Mr. Web Capitalist (Nov 2018)
Speaker on ‘The hidden Tokyo‘ for Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau at World Travel Market (Nov 2018)
Shortlisted for Travel & Leisure category in Vuelio Blog Awards (Sep 2018)
Featured in ‘7 travel bloggers divulge the best African cities to visit‘ (Sep 2018)
Featured in ’21 creatives share how travel has changed their lives’ on Tusk Photo (May 2018)
Featured #1 in ‘Top 10 UK luxury travel blogs’ on Vuelio (Apr 2018)
Featured in ‘Ultimate list of travel blogs’ on Top 10 Travel (Apr 2018)
Winner of Best Luxury Travel Blog of 2018 in the Paltino Luxury Travel Awards (Mar 2018)

Featured in ’18 travel experts share their #1 travel tips’ on Nitestay (Mar 2018)
Featured in ‘Insider tips for visiting the Maldives‘ on Kenwood Travel (Feb 2018)
Featured in ‘Favourite boutique hotels in London’ in Tourist England (Jan 2018)
Featured in ‘Hotels with amazing pools’ in The Hotel Edit from Expedia (Jan 2018)
Featured in ‘Absolutely inspiring places to visit in 2018’ in McCool Travel (Dec 2017)
Featured #2 in ‘Top 100 travel blogs to follow in 2018’ in Nitestay (Nov 2017)
Featured in ”World’s most popular’ luxury travel blog sings Plymouth’s praises – and its readers vow to visit’ in The Herald (Oct 2017)
Featured in ‘Top resorts in Maldives – recommended by travel experts’ in Journalist On The Run (Oct 2017)
Featured #1 in ‘Top travel blogs you should be following in 2017’ on The Smart Lad (Oct 2017)
Featured in ‘Spotlight: Paul Johnson, Editor, A Luxury Travel Blog’ on Flipboard (Oct 2017)
Featured #1 in ‘Top 100 travel blogs to check out in 2017’ on Feedspot (Sep 2017) “…from thousands of top travel blogs in our index using search and social metrics…”

Featured in ‘Flying etiquette – the dos and don’ts of air travel’ on Canadian Affair (Sep 2017)
Shortlisted for Vuelio Blog Awards 2017 (Sep 2017)
Featured in ‘Best travel blogs to explore the globe with – 2018’ in Lifestyle Hitlist (Sep 2017)
Featured in ‘Inside Canada’s oldest national park’ on Canadian Affair (Aug 2017)
Featured in ‘Ultimate travel reads & playlist when on safari’ on Safari.com (Jul 2017)
Featured in ‘7 must-see historic sites along the Rhône’ on Emerald Waterways (Jul 2017)
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Featured in ‘Top 10 internationale blogs over luxe vakanties’ (‘Top 10 international blogs about luxury vacations’) on Charme Quality (Apr 2017)
Featured in ‘Blogger spotlight: Paul Johnson, A Luxury Travel Blog’ on Vuelio (Apr 2017)
Featured in ‘The hidden gems of Barbados’ on Kenwood Travel (Apr 2017)
Featured #5 (#1 for UK and #1 for luxury) in ‘Top 100 travel blogs for serious wanderlust in 2017’ on Asher Fergusson (Mar 2017)
Featured in ‘Save your pennies Advice from 20 traveling experts’ on Power Over Life (Mar 2017)
Featured in ‘PeNs favorites Top travel bloggers around the world’ on PeN (Mar 2017)
Featured in ‘7 ways to improve your home security in 2017 plus tips on how to secure while on vacation from most respected DIY travel bloggers’ on A Click Away Remotes (Mar 2017)
Featured in ‘The most Instagrammed places in the Maldives’ on Kenwood Travel (Feb 2017)
Featured in ‘Where to find the worlds best sunsets’ on ROL Cruise (Feb 2017)
Featured in ‘Who else wants to drive insane Flipboard traffic to their blog?’ on Wander with Jo (Feb 2017)
Featured in ’20 social media marketing experts on the career advice they’d have given their younger selves’ on Kubix Media (Jan 2017)
Featured #1 in ‘Top luxury travel blogs of 2016’ on Hello Travel (Jan 2017)
Featured in ‘6 sensational luxury travel bloggers to follow’ on McCool Travel (Dec 2016)
Featured #1 in ‘Top 100 luxury travel blog list (ranked)’ on Feedspot (Nov 2016)
Featured in ‘Worlds top 50 travel bloggers share their best money saving tips’ on Hotels Combined (Nov 2016)
Featured in ’22 social media experts on building an engaged and loyal following’ on Kubix Media (Oct 2016)
Interview in Bongyatra (Oct 2016)
Featured in ‘Best family travel destinations worldwide’ in Full Suitcase (Oct 2016)
Featured in ‘The top 10 most luxurious holiday destinations you can actually afford’ in The Sun (Oct 2016)
Featured in ’11 useful travel tips you have never seen’ in McCool Travel (Sep 2016)
Shortlisted for Vuelio Blog Awards 2016 (Sep 2016)
Featured in ‘The Million Dollar Blog’ book by Natasha Courtenay-Smith (Sep 2016)

Million Dollar Blog

Featured in ‘What is luxury in Africa?’ on Aardvark Safaris (Aug 2016)
Featured in ‘The ultimate travel tips from the experts’ in Salamander Voyages (Aug 2016)
Featured in ’10 best places to visit in Asia (according to our readers)’ in Insight Guides (Aug 2016)
Featured in ‘Top Thailand travel tips’ onVirgin HOlidays (Jul 2016)
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Interview withTop UK travel bloggers share their most stylish UK hotels & restaurants recommendations (Jul 2016)
Interview withWe Said Go Travel (Jun 2016)
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Featured in ‘5 luxury travel destinations for those new to luxury travel’ in Travel Experts (May 2016)
Featured in ‘Dr. Paul Johnson: Glaciology in Greenland’ in Travel Stories Podcast (Apr 2016)
Featured in ‘Tweet to your hearts content with these top travel Twitter accounts’ in Simply Holiday Deals (Apr 2016)
Featured in ‘The bloggers guide to the world’ in Behind the Blue Door (Apr 2016)
Featured in ’25 favourite travel writers and influencers’ in Purple Travel Blog (Apr 2016)
Featured in ‘The top 10 most extravagant places to stay’ in Air Charter Service (Apr 2016)
Featured in ‘Secret spots: Tuscan travel tips from travel bloggers’ in Oliver’s Travels (Apr 2016)
Featured in ‘Ultimate travel destinations: top picks from travel bloggers’ in The LuxPad (Apr 2016)
Featured in ‘Best travel bloggers 2016’ in Travel Guide Guru (Apr 2016)
Featured in ‘Lux guide: The best places to visit in 2016 according to 20 of the worlds top luxury travel bloggers’ in Luxportation (Mar 2016)
Featured in ‘Top 30 travel blogs to follow in 2016’ in WOW Travel (Mar 2016)
Featured in ‘Travellers share their most dangerous travel destinations and what they were really like’ in Happiness & Things (Mar 2016)
Featured in ‘Thailand – top travel tips’ on Virgin Holidays (Mar 2016)
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Featured in ’11 travel expert tips: basic tricks and secrets’ in itripvacations (Mar 2016)
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Featured in ‘Must visit beaches – 58 travel writers each pick their top 3’ in Voucher Codes Pro (Feb 2016)
Featured in ‘Places we love travel bloggers share places special to them’ in Pack Me To (Feb 2016)
Featured in ‘Love hearts? Enjoy these images from world travelers!’ in Romancing the Globe (Feb 2016)
Featured in ‘The most scenic airport approaches in the world’ in Forbes (Feb 2016)
Featured in Carrier’s ‘Luxury Travel – The Editor’s Edit 2016’ (Jan 2016)

Luxury Travel Editors Edit 2016

Interview withDon’t Stop Living (Jan 2016)
Featured in ‘Travellers reveal amazing sunrise destinations’ in OMC Travel & Lifestyle (Jan 2016)
Featured in ‘Kendal man wins award for travel blog’ in The Westmorland Gazette (Jan 2016)
Shortlisted for the award of Best Travel Blog in the TravelMole Web Awards (Jan 2016)
Nominated for the award of Best Company Travel Blog and Best Company Lifestyle Blog in the UK Blog Awards (Jan 2016)
Shortlisted for Cinnamon Travel Blogger Awards (Dec 2015)
Announced as Best Travel Travel Influencer by WIRED magazine (Dec 2015)
Featured in ‘Travel blogger Thursday – Paul of A Luxury Travel Blog’ in Justin + Lauren (Dec 2015)

Short film for American Express (Nov 2015):

Nominated for the award of Best Travel and Tourism Blog in the inaugural Vuelio awards (Nov 2015)
Featured in ‘These are the best blogs for getting the inside scoop on hotels before you book’ in Road Warrior Voices (Nov 2015)
Featured in ‘Small aircrafts, great views: scenic flights from around the world’ in Mismatched Passports (Oct 2015)
Interview withTravelTrolley (Oct 2015)
Featured in ‘Spotlight with Dr. Paul Johnson: luxury travel at its finest’ in Nomadical Adventures (Oct 2015)
Featured in ‘3 of the best places to eat, sleep and visit in Kendal, England‘ in Fun Family Vacations (Oct 2015)
Featured in ‘Fabulous luxury travel bloggers’ on .LUXURY (Oct 2015)
Featured #7 in ‘Top 50 UK blogs’ on Vuelio (Sep 2015)
Featured in ‘A cut above the rest’ in Travel Secrets (page 34) (Sep 2015)
Featured in ‘How to be a travel blogger: the pros share their tips’ on CNN (Sep 2015)


Featured in ‘How to experience luxury in Orlando’ on Orlando Ticket Deals (Sep 2015)
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Featured in ’40 travel writers discuss their #1 travel tip’ on Headed Abroad (Jul 2015)
Featured in ‘Wanderu’s favorite Summer bookmarks travel blog awards’ on Wanderu (Jul 2015)
Full page feature in travel section of La Di Da magazine (Jun 2015)

La Di Da magazine

Featured in ‘5 ways to get road trip ready’ on The Car Loan Warehouse (Jun 2015)
Featured in ‘The ultimate stag do guide’ on Mad Max Adventures (Jun 2015)
Featured in ‘How to enjoy a 12 hour flight’ on Wendy Wu Tours (Jun 2015)
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Interview withCeil Tulloch (May 2015)
Interview withtravefy (May 2015)
Featured in ‘A food lover’s trip to NYC‘ on RueBaRue (May 2015)
Featured in ’14 practical and clever holiday packing tips’ on The LuxPad (Apr 2015)
Featured in ‘Dr. Paul Johnson: Editor of A Luxury Travel Blog’ on theNativeSociety (Mar 2015)
Featured in ‘Travel like a Pro: City Travel Tips by Paul (A Luxury Travel Blog)’ on Green City Trips (Mar 2015)
Interview withTwo Monkeys Travel (Mar 2015)
Interview withTravel Notes & Beyond (Mar 2015)
Featured in ‘Nezasas blog picks: luxury Travel’ on Nezasa (Mar 2015)
Featured in ‘Luxury travel blogs to read if you prefer the finer things in life’ in Explorer Travel Insurance Blog (Feb 2015)
Featured in ‘Travel bloggers and industry experts on their most romanic cities’ in Soothed in the City (Feb 2015)
Featured in ‘The best travel hacks for hassle-free holidays’ in MailOnline (Feb 2015)
Featured in ‘Best travel blogs to follow in 2015’ in firstsiteguide.com (Feb 2015)
Interview withchillisauce (Feb 2015)
Featured in ‘Top 50 travel blogs to follow’ in Trekeffect (Feb 2015)
Featured in ‘Travel trends and upcoming destinations in 2015’ in The Luxe Travel (Jan 2015)
Interview withOlielo (Jan 2015)
Featured in ‘Our travel heroes’ on Emerald Waterways (Jan 2015)
Featured in ’14 best beach hotel views’ in Coastal Living (Jan 2015)
Featured in ‘Our 21 favourite safari blog posts from 2014’ onSignature Safaris (Jan 2015)
Featured in ‘Travel Image of the Week: South Africa‘ on Best At Travel (Dec 2014)
Featured in ’11 tips that will change the way you travel’ on Emerald Waterways (Dec 2014)
Featured #5 in ‘Top 100 travel tweeters of 2015’ on True Nomads (Dec 2014).
Featured in ‘Nice to read you – what you were reading in 2014’ onFlights and Frustration (Dec 2014)
Featured in ‘The great Christmas market debate’ onEmerald Waterways (Dec 2014)
Featured in ‘Top 50 UK travel blogs’ onWorld First (Dec 2014)
Featured in ‘Blogers’ Christmas customs’ onNowSure (Dec 2014)
Interview with Dreamista (Dec 2014)
Interview withPrivate Jet Services (Nov 2014)
Member of Press Round Table at Pure Experiences, Marrakech (Nov 2014)

Press roundtable

Featured in ‘China blogs worth reading’ on Wendy Wu Tours (Nov 2014)
Featured in ‘The Rideau ‘skateway: not the longest, but apparently among the poshest’ in Ottawa Citizen (Nov 2014)
Featured in ‘Top tips from travel bloggers for a better flight’ on Tombola Times (Oct 2014)
Featured in ‘Blogging for beginners’ on NowSure (Oct 2014)
Interview withAirlineMilesExperts (Oct 2014)
Featured in ‘Travel bloggers reveal their ultimate travel mistakes’ on Columbus Direct (Oct 2014)
Featured in ’16 travel bloggers share their street art photos’ in calculatedtraveller.com (Oct 2014)
Featured in ’30 travel experts reveal one day in Paris itinerary’ in Paris Journey (Oct 2014)
Featured in ‘The age of the resilient traveler’ – print edition and online – in the New York Times (Oct 2014)
Featured in ‘A (Fantastic) Luxury Travel Blog: an interview with Dr. Paul Johnson’ on Translate.com (Oct 2014)
Featured in ‘Unforgettable journeys – a collection of roadtripping adventures’ in Enterprise Magazine (Oct 2014)
Interview withTravelling King (Sep 2014)
Featured #1 in ‘Top 50 travel blogs’ on Travelocaf (Sep 2014)
Interview on BBC Radio Jersey (link to follow) (Sep 2014)
Featured in ‘Featured travel photographer: Paul Johnson’ ondigitalab (Sep 2014)
Featured #1 in ‘Our top 20 favorite travel blogs’ on Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort & Villas blog (Sep 2014)
Interview withWildcard Communications (in German) (Sep 2014)
Featured on BMW’s Facebook page (with 18.5 million ‘likes’): here (Sep 2014)

BMW screenshot

Featured in ’18 weirdest foods eaten around the world’ onFood Network Canada (Sep 2014)
Interview withJacada Travel (Sep 2014)
Interview withMapping Megan (Sep 2014)
Featured in ‘Tell the hotel when you expect to arrive to possibly check in sooner’ inlifehacker (Aug 2014)
Featured in ‘Best blogs for cultured travelers’ inArrangements Abroad (Aug 2014)
Featured in ‘Stop sending press releases to bloggers be original instead’ inLuxury Hoteliers Magazine (Aug 2014)
Featured in ‘Top 100 travel tweeters of 2014’ onTrue Nomads (Aug 2014)
Featured in ‘Find out what top travel bloggers love about their job’ ontravel friendz (Aug 2014)
Interview with Misadventures with Andi (Aug 2014)
Featured in ‘This week in travel’ bytravel channel (Aug 2014)
Interview withBrian Tells Stories(episode #11) (Aug 2014)
Featured in ‘Feed your feed! 10 travel Twitter accounts worth following’ inPaste Magazine (Jul 2014)
Interview withPeanuts or Pretzels (Jul 2014)
Featured in ‘Blogger Spotlight: Dr. Paul Johnson of A Luxury Travel Blog’ onAgence Luxury (Jun 2014)
Featured in ‘Pulse Report 2014’ onAskMen (Jun 2014)
Interview withSoothed in the City (Jun 2014)
Featured in ‘How to get media exposure from luxury travel bloggers’ inLuxury Hoteliers Magazine (Jun 2014)
Featured in ’50+ expert travel tips’ on Round the World we go (Jun 2014)
Featured in ‘Viajar en la Red. Larga vida al blog’ / ‘Travelling on the Web. Long live the blog’ in Iberia Magazine
(May 2014)
Interview with A Brit and a Southerner (May 2014)
Featured in ‘Top 10 Luxury Lifestyle And Travel Blogs’ onParamount Business Jets (May 2014)
Featured in ‘What is luxury travel?’ inA Week at the Beach (May 2014)
Interview withA Southern Gypsy (May 2014)
Interview withTravel with Bender (Apr 2014)
Interview withMighty Travels (Apr 2014)
Featured in ‘Luxury travel blogs you must read this April’ in The Luxury Editor (Apr 2014)
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Featured in ’50 things every traveler needs to do before they die’ onTrip.me (Mar 2014)
Interview withThe Travelling Postcard (Feb 2014)
Featured in ‘Travel bloggers share their favorite UNESCO historic monuments and architectural wonders’ onTravel Photo Discovery (Feb 2014)
Featured in ‘Luxury Travel: Love Letters’ onThe Luxury Travel Bible (Feb 2014)
Featured in ‘Travel Style: Paul Johnson’ on Johnny Jet (Feb 2014)
Featured in ‘The experts – travel wisdom from those in the know’ in Cond Nast Traveller Middle East (Feb 2014)

Cond Nast Traveller Middle East

Featured in ‘6 male travel bloggers I love’ onKelly Ella Maz (Feb 2014)
Featured in ‘Travel bloggers share a perfect romantic getaway’ on Travel Photo Discovery (Feb 2014)
Featured in ‘Six of the best blogs to follow about luxury travel’ onLuxe Travel (Jan 2014)
Featured in ‘9 eating tips for airline travel’ onMiamiCurated (Jan 2014)
Interview withTravel Blogger Interviews (Jan 2014)
Interview with This is my Happiness (Jan 2014)
Featured in ‘Top 5 luxury travel blogs to follow in 2014’ on The Luxe Travel (Jan 2014)
Photographed (last picture, far right) in ‘Designs on Cape Town: History, high living and a hopeful future in South Africa’ inThe Daily Mail (Jan 2014)

Mail Online

Featured byCisionin ‘Top 50 UK travel blogs’ (Dec 2013)
Featured intrip.mein ‘The trip.me Travel Awards 2013’ (Dec 2013)
Featured intrip.mein ‘The trip.me Travel Awards, Travel Experts and Bloggers Picks 2013’ (Dec 2013)
‘Favourite places to eat, sleep… and just be, by Paul Johnson, Editor, A Luxury Travel Blog’ on The Travelwrap Blog (Dec 2013)
Interview with SBABZY (Dec 2013)
Featured in ‘Top 15 travel blogs to inspire you in 2014 and beyond’ on imagesinthesun.com (Nov 2013)
Featured in ‘Top 15 flight advice blogs’ on worldgettingsmaller.com (Nov 2013)
Interview with Hotels Cheap (Nov 2013)
Featured twice on Land Rover’s Facebook page (with 1.8 million ‘likes’): here and here (Oct 2013)

Land Rover

Featured in ‘Catching up with A Luxury Travel Blog’ onLatitude 34 (Oct 2013)
Interview with Travel Buzz (Oct 2013)
Featured in ‘Speedy Spotlight: A Luxury Travel Blog’ onCision (Oct 2013)
Featured in ’13 travel savings tips from some of the world’s most popular travel bloggers’ onUS City Traveler (Sep 2013)
Interview withUS City Traveler (Sep 2013)
Featured in ‘Unwritten rules of the road’ onTravelsupermarket blog (Sep 2013)
Interview onTravel Writing 2.0 Blog (Sep 2013)
’10 questions with Paul Johnson of A Luxury Travel Blog’ onHappy Hotelier (Sep 2013)
Interview withWonderlust Adventures (Aug 2013)
‘Top 10 travel blog’ on Movehub (Aug 2013)
Featured inTravel Turtlein ‘Photography tips from the family travel blogging pros’ (Aug 2013)
Featured inThe Barefoot Nomadin ’20 helpful tips for getting the most out of your trip from top travel bloggers’ (Aug 2013)
Featured inDelfi (national Lithuanian press)in ‘Penkios atostogų vietos, turintiems per daug pinigų’ (Aug 2013)
Featured inThe Barefoot Nomadin ’25 great tips for planning your trip from top travel bloggers’ (Aug 2013)
Featured in LaCure WorldWise Magazine in ‘The language barrier: 8 great stories of language troubles!’ (Aug 2013)
Featured on the front page of Digg (July 2013)
Featured inThe Vivantin ‘Top 25 travel blogs’ (Jul 2013)
Official sponsor of the inaugural Seven Star Global Luxury Awards (Jun 2013)
Featured inAbelow PR’s’Travel PR firms explore a few great travel blogs’ (Jun 2013) (link no longer live)
Interview with mediashower (Jun 2013)
Featured inSkyMedin ‘Top 5 travel blogs of the week’ (May 2013)
Featured in The Daily Basics in Blogger Shoutout (May 2013)
Featured inWorld Firstin ‘Fantastic 50 travel websites’ (May 2013)
Official blog sponsor of Boutique Hotel Summit 2013 (May 2013)
Featured inLaCure WorldWise Magazinein ‘8 experts share the secrets of luxury villas’ (May 2013)
Featured #1 by Tamar in ‘Spotlight: the model for identifying influencers in travel’ (Apr 2013)
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Featured in canada.comin ‘Travel Scanner’ (Mar 2013)
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Featured on canada.com in ‘best travel content’ round-up (Jan 2013)
Selected as judge on EarthCam‘s ’25 most interesting webcams of 2012’ (Dec 2012)
Published in Media Planet’s Luxury Travel supplement distributed within City AM (Dec 2012)
Interview withmydestination (Dec 2012)
Featured inNavigator Travel‘s 5 travel blog posts we loved in November (Dec 2012)
Interview with Tropical Sky (Nov 2012)
Interview with The Lazy Travelers (Nov 2012)
Interview with Kutoa Travel (Nov 2012)
Interviewed live on Los Originales, the most popular radio programme in Colombia, South America, broadcast by La X Mas Musica (Nov 2012)
50 tweeting travel experts you really should know about on World First (Oct 2012)
Referenced on Gadling (Oct 2012)
Adventurous Blog Award from Tripsfor2 (Oct 2012)
Featured in Scott Dunn news article (August 2012)
Featured in ‘This week in travel’ by travel channel (Jul 2012)
Interview with Travel Links Sites (Jul 2012)
Featured in ‘Twitter’s top luxury travel writers to follow’ in examiner.com (Jul 2012)
Featured at #2 in ’50 travel blogs to never leave home without” onDatingWebsite.com (July 2012)
Featured in ‘Top UK Travel Blogs 2012 Edition’ by Affair Travel Blog (Jun 2012)
Featured as one of ‘100 blogs to visit before you die’ by G34 Media (Jun 2012)
Referenced in ‘how to build your blog’ feature on ttg luxury (Jun 2012)
’10 of the best beaches in Britain’ guest blog post on The Travelers Way (May 2012)
Guest blog post on Tour Absurd: The best time to visit the English Lake District (Apr 2012)
Top 25 travel blog in the Viator Travel Awards (Jan 2012)
Expert predictions feature on travel in 2012 withessentialtravel (Dec 2011)
Interview with essentialtravel (Dec 2011)
McCool Travel Tips: 5 Minutes with Paul Johnson, ALuxuryTravelBlog.com (Dec 2011)
Interview with Pommie Travels (Nov 2011)
Interview withThe Lusso Report (Nov 2011)
Interview with travelybyu.com (Nov 2011)
The Book People‘s top 10 travel advice blogs (Sep 2011)
Top 100 must-follow Twitter users for travelers, from TravelersPress (Sep 2011)
First ever luxury travel blogger of the month with Azamara Club Cruises (Sep 2011)
News & Star: 10 minutes with Paul Johnson (Aug 2011)
Iglu Travel Award from Iglu Cruise (Aug 2011)
Featured in ‘100 top travel blogs based on traffic’ by touropia (Mar 2011)
Top 50 travel blogger with lastminute (Mar 2011)
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If you would like to contact Paul, please usethis contact page.


“We were delighted to hear Paul was coming to road test our newly refurbished hotel, as his blogs are hugely respected in the travel industry. He wrote an incredibly accurate account of his stay and managed to capture the essence of what Congham is all about in his words and pictures. We have already had some guests stay through his blog!”Ruth Gallop, Director atCongham Hall

“I met Paul on Twitter through several ‘Travel Tuesdays On Twitter’ and have enjoyed being in engagements with him on travel topics that affect our businesses and our clients. He has also provided me with insightful suggestions for my travel blog to help increase its readership. Paul is a wonderful and professional travel industry insider. His blog is a great source of information for any traveler and I personally re-tweet his postings so that my clients and followers have access to his travel knowledge as well.”Terry Jones, Independent Owner withCruises, Inc.

“A Luxury Travel Blog has such interesting content that I approached Paul to work with him.He is super professional and friendly! Promoting our business via thisblogwas great because he has such a good following and is so influential on social media too.Our article was shared numerous times and created a buzz! Thanks and I look forward to working with you in the future!”Catherine McCurdy, Marketing Manager at London Serviced Apartments Ltd.

“Paul has provided us with many excellent opportunities to promote our brand and we have collaborated with ALTB on a number of successful promotional and branding projects… ALTB is a fantastic brand fit for us as a high end luxury travel product, promoting and selling to a British and international audience. People do business with people in my experience and I have found Paul relaxed, friendly and a pleasure to work with, inputting great ideas and working to the highest level of detail and always conscious of timelines. Thank you Paul – I look forward to many more collaborative working projects.” Niamh Barker, The Travelwrap Company

“Paul is an absolute joy to deal with professional in conduct and prompt in reply, and his site reflects these same exacting standards. As a marketer in the cruise industry, we have dealt with all the major travel websites, and ALTB still sets itself apart. The content is engaging and beautifully laid out, and has a loyal and passionate community. In fact our first post garnered nearly 5000 views and 150 tweets, and ALTB still continues to help us in SEO, and be a relevant source of referral traffic. Thank you for all your help, and we look forward to working with you in years to come!” Kirsty McIntosh, Marketing Manager at Cruise 1st

“AsCEO of Family Twist, a French company specialized in family luxury travel, I have become a rather compulsive visitor of A Luxury Travel Blog. The quality of the editorial content, the excellent pictures as well as the number and frequency of new releases are just fascinating. I have the privilege to be a guest blogger of ALTB and the traffic generated is amazing, resulting in many business relationships and commercial leads. My latest article about Christmas in Paris was read by 3,700 visitors and re-tweeted 180 times! Paul is highly professional, very helpful and efficient. In his excellent post 7 top tips to running a successful travel blog, Paul writes about blogging as a labour of love and it is so true, you can feel his blog is all about passion, engagement and mastery. I would highly recommend A Luxury Travel Blog to anyone working in the luxury travel industry to enhance its traffic and coverage.Magali Dchelette, CEO,Family Twist

“Working with ALTB is a very fast and simple process. Paul was incredibly prompt at getting back to me, and made extra effort to ensure that my article was perfect for the site and would generate the maximum interest from readers. We have now had an increase in traffic to our site, and a boost in our brand awareness. I would highly recommend working with Paul.Nina Sanderson, Marketing Executive,Last Night of Freedom

“Paul was one of the first bloggers we approached when looking for high profile bloggers to come over to Jura and experience both the island the Jura Lodge. ALTBs reach and audience are amongst the best within the travel blogging sector, and from the quality of Pauls review, its easy to see why. Paul thoroughly immersed himself in the island and everything it had to offer, resulting in a comprehensive travel review which we continue to share with other potential visitors to the island. We wouldnt hesitate to work with Paul again.Harry Hussain, Director,Weber Shandwick

“Paul is a great person to collaborate with. I found him to be very very professional and personal at the same time.I enjoy reading the latest updates that he posts on A Luxury Travel Blog and I feel that my luxury travel company will gain a much wider audiencethrough being featured on his blog and other online platforms.Cristy Elmendorp, Managing Director,Soma Journeys

“We have worked with Paul and A Luxury Travel Blog on a number of occasions; Paul is the consummate professional and we wouldnt hesitate to recommend him to the travel community.The website has long been essential reading for us when it comes to the finer side of travel – we have written guest posts for A Luxury Travel Blog and its a great site with excellent levels of engagement and social mentions.We definitely look forward to continuing to work with Paul.Tristan Rothwell, Social Media Manager, World First Travel Insurance

“DMA is a digital sales and marketing agency focusing on luxury boutique hotels. As specialists in the field of digital marketing we understand the important role blogs play for hotels and destinations. We ask A Luxury Travel Blog to profile all of our hotels; they have quality editorial, good presentation and a loyal readership. In a digital era, trustworthy blogs are rare and precious gems. A Luxury Travel Blog is one of them.Guido Phillips, Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Asia

“A Luxury Travel Blog is one of the first places we go to when starting to publicise a new destination or tour. Its great to see referrals from our guest posts on the site, and we will continue to work with Paul to reach our audience, many of which read ALTB. Highly recommended. Justin Wateridge, Managing Director of Steppes Travel

“ALuxury Travel Blog is a go-to destination in the luxury travel industry, and has given our marketing campaigns for various travel clients a big boost, both in terms of SEO value, plus branding and traffic. I would thoroughly recommend Paul and his blog to any contacts in the luxury travel niche who are looking for greater exposure.”Kevin Morley,Search Specialist at SearchPath

“In a cyber world filled with ‘travel bloggers’, Paul is the definition of the kind and A LuxuryTravel Blog has become a destination itself for discerned travelers. I worked with Paulalready from my previous engagement with elounda s.a. Hotels & Resorts and I had nohesitation to ask him to be literally the first one to cross the doorstep of Elounda Solfez Villas,my current project, and review it.It was not just the fact that he would bring followers and potential guests to us, but mostlybecause his experience would be an evaluation of the work we have done so far and hishonesty would guide us to further improve the villas if needed. A small sample of thedynamics of ALTB is that when Paul posted a contest we were running with Solfez, wehad over 600 participants within the first two days. In times that e-marketing dollars areunder the microscope and words are becoming a ‘content marketing automation’, Paul andALTB are a beacon, built with trust, respect and honesty, and most importantly results.”Nikolas Lygeros,E-Marketing & Sales Manager for Elounda Solfez Villas

“I have been a long time reader of A Luxury Travel Blog. The level of quality when it comes to content is second to none. I regularly visit for some interesting reading on luxury travel. The site has pretty much replaced the travel magazines I used to subscribe to. I recently had my first guest post featured on the site and we have already seen a rise in rankings and traffic. Paul is excellent to communicate with. I look forward to reading and contributing to the site in future.” Anna Fern, Owner of Unique Holiday Cottages

“A Luxury Travel Blog is actually one of the best travel blogs available; neat, informative, to the point, interesting and inspirational. Paul, the owner of the blog is a true marketer who knows how to transform basic information into fascinating articles and always in a reliable way. Once Paul’s article of Larnaka was featured, it immediately received a good amount of tweets and, most importantly, aluxurytravelblog.com is currently the number one referral source in our website.” Nana Asmeni, Officer at Larnaka Tourism Board

“Working with A Luxury Travel Blog and Paul is an absolute dream – he is always very professional and prompt in the way he deals with his clients. The exposure we have gained from working with A Luxury Travel Blog has been unrivalled in terms of social media shares and traffic referrals. We wouldm’t hesitate to recommend working with Paul to anyone.” Jill Landeryou, Owner of Latitude50

“When it comes to the luxury lifestyle niche, we have found thatA Luxury Travel Blog provides one of the finest promotion opportunities available. The blog’s owner, Paul Johnson, always makes time to dialogue with you one-on-one to ensure that yourpublic outreachcampaign goes off without a hitch, whether that be a sponsored guest post or a contest giveaway. If you’re looking to reach out to a large, well-heeled readership base, A Luxury Travel Blog is the perfect medium to do so.” Roman Sharf, CEO of Luxury Bazaar

“Paul has a loyal and relevant following.Within a couple of minutes of writing my guest blog article, it was being retweeted around the world. Collaborating with ALTB has not only re-enforced the brand of my company but also driven a significant amount of traffic to our website.”Charlotte Nicol, Co-Founder of Most Curious Tours

“Having our articles hosted on A Luxury Travel Blog has proved a great branding exercise for our business and given us access to a wide audience of readers, many of whom have shared our articles across the various social media platforms. We will continue to work with Paul and look forward to future projects between our two businesses.” Chris Jones, SEO Manager at Destinology

“I have visited thousands of travel blogs and travel sites since I started my own travel site in 1996. Many of the blogs are focused on budget to mid range travel experiences. A Luxury Travel Blog stands outbecause it is so much rarer to find a travel blog dedicated to the “finer” things in life. The site is an invaluable resource for researching luxury hotels,restaurants and experiences. Paul has built up invaluable content and is a prolific user of social media; this is a site that gets some serious traffic!” Dave Thompson, Founder of Dave’s Travel Corner

If you would like to contact Paul, please use this contact page.