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Yachting holidays: Caribbean destinations for a winter luxury yacht charter

Yachting holidays: Caribbean destinations for a winter luxury yacht charter

If the cool Autumn breeze on your neck already has you longing to return to summer, then a Caribbean luxury yacht charter is just the remedy you seek to escape the dreary Winter months to come.
Start planning your meaningful Winter break

Start planning your meaningful Winter break

For those of you who would like to keep the Vitamin D levels up naturally, with sunshine, this Winter, it is time to start planning.
Make World Chocolate Day meaningful

Make World Chocolate Day meaningful

Universally popular, World Chocolate Day is on July 7, and what better reason to explore the countries of cacao bean origin, and whilst there, make a difference.

Travel ideas for the Global Day of Parents 2022

The purpose of Global Parents Day is to recognise the vital role played by both mothers and fathers in caring for and teaching their children.
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Eco-luxury Earth Day

Earth Day was April 22, and the theme this year is 'invest in our planet'. I encourage you to do that by investing in eco-luxury accommodation on your next trip.
Silver Nova's 71-day Grand Voyage of Central and South America

Silver Nova's 71-day Grand Voyage of Central and South America

Silversea Cruises® has launched its all-new 71-day Grand Voyage to Central and South America aboard Silversea’s latest ship Silver NovaSM. Setting sail on January 4, 2024, Silversea’s guests will journey deep into 38 destinations in 18 countries, travelling in the luxury cruise line’s trademark level of service aboard the soon-to-be-launched Silver Nova. For the first

Top 8 luxury experiences to have in Nicaragua 

Nicaragua is one of Central Americas best-kept secrets, with vast lakes, giant volcanoes, an atmospheric and vibrant heritage and extensive rainforest. As the name translates, ‘surrounded by water,’ bordered by Honduras and Costa Rica, Nicaragua is hugged by the Pacific Ocean on the western side and the eastern side, the Caribbean with surf and sandy
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Making the holidays meaningful

Thanksgiving has been and gone, and the holiday season is almost upon us again. For many of us, 2021 was better than 2020, but still not a stellar year, and with Omicron, the next few weeks may be tough – my heart goes out to those in Southern Africa, and to all who have lost
Discover the delights of Belize

Discover the delights of Belize

Get ready for an exotic blend of tropical Caribbean beauty, fascinating Mayan culture and a warm Creole welcome when travelling to Belize. South of Mexico and bordering Guatemala, this charming nation located on the east of Central America is often dubbed the ‘adventure coast’ for yachting. Indeed this moniker also encompasses the abundance of underwater
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2021's best eco-luxury hotels

Sustainable travel will ensure the destinations we cherish will be around for future generations. Sustainable luxury tourism applies to using local guides, using energy-efficient transport, dining at restaurants that source organic and local produce, and of course eco-luxury accommodation. Amid a pandemic and ongoing environmental issues such as global warming, travel is increasingly important, and
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Where can Americans travel this Summer?

Are you traveling yet? Have you been vaccinated? This Summer is looking set to be a much-needed boon for destinations reliant on tourism. Our hearts ache for what is happening in India, but fortunately, there are other parts of the world where you can travel to safely. You can travel to the following countries without
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Where can Americans travel to in May?

Travel is back! ‘Flights’ is one of the most searched for terms on Google, and especially if you have been vaccinated, you may want to start turning those pent-up travel dreams into reality. The following destinations will let you in without testing if you are fully vaccinated: Belize Croatia Ecuador Georgia Iceland Seychelles In further
Untamed Travelling Costa Rica

Untamed Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama

With chilled-out Caribbean vibes on one side and the monster Pacific swells on the other, Central America is perched between the most heavenly tropical beaches. These sun-drenched powdery sands sculpt a golden frame of a treasure chest of cultures and lush rain and cloud forests full of life. Let us take you to the most
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Where can Americans travel to in April?

Update: the vaccines are working! People are booking trips again – do you want to be part of this? Depending on your individual circumstances, the time may be right for you, before places get overrun again. Whilst Americans can’t yet travel to as many destinations as in 2019, and you must exercise your judgment, you

Where can Americans travel to in March?

Good news! Our prospects for traveling more extensively and safely are steadily improving, and this New York Times article makes the point that all five vaccines have eliminated Covid deaths, and are reducing Covid to the status of a mild flu. I am excited, and no doubt you are too. Whilst restrictions on where Americans
Where can Americans travel to in February?

Where can Americans travel to in February?

We have reason for optimism that 2021 will be far better than 2020, what with vaccinations being rolled out across America, and of course a new President taking office, who appears determined to get on top of Covid. This is clearly exciting, and good news for all, especially those keen to travel again. Whilst there