Travel Guide to Cannes

Cannes, one of Europe’s most sought out locations, is a seaside town well known for the glamour and appeal that accompanies its Cannes Film Festival. This is an event which attracts a host of stars from the best film industries the world over. In keeping with its image as an exclusive city that caters to the rich and famous, Cannes boasts high-end casinos, restaurants and clubs. If you want to spend some time in the lap of luxury, choose from some of the most incredible luxury villa rentals in Cannes.

Interestingly, the city also has a lot to offer to those who come to its shores on a budget. If you enjoy immersing yourself in the beautiful architecture of foreign cities, walking down cobbled paths or observing people while seated at a rustic table on the side streets, Cannes is the place for you. With many places to see and many activities to take part in, you will not have a dull moment in Cannes.

Places to see

The Old Town in Cannes has a series of winding streets lined with souvenir shop and restaurants. If you want to spend a quiet evening in the Old Town, take a trip to the castle ruins from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city. Spend a few hours at Marche Forville, the Covered Market, where you can have a spectacular dining experience in some great restaurants while sipping on a glass of exotic French wine.

You should also visit Rue Meynardier, a street well known for its gourmand delights. If you are visiting Cannes during its prestigious Film Festival, be sure to visit the Palais des Festivals. This is the famous venue where stars from all over the world come together for film screenings.

Things to do

In Cannes, chartering a yacht and setting sail can be an extremely rewarding experience. The pristine waters and sweeping winds that accompany you during the trip are sure to make you want to go back for more. If you are looking for an exclusive experience, choose from the various options for luxury yacht charters and look for accommodation through luxury villa rentals in Cannes. You can also opt for the cruises and trips offered to St. Tropez, Illes de Porquerolles, Monaco and many other places.

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