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An island encounter in Jersey

An island smack dab in the middle of the English Channel and just off the coast of France – how can you beat that combination for a luxurious and relaxing getaway? Jersey (Channel Islands) is a luxury travellers dream. After living in Jersey for nearly 4 years and travelling to various parts of the world, I can safely say that Jersey is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. Its mix of French culture and British charm wrapped around the slower pace of island life, make this a destination of choice for every taste. Most people, who head to Jersey for a visit, stay in the town centre of St. Helier. If you’re out for the nightlife, then town is the place to be. For us luxury seekers, I think its St. Brelade’s Bay all the way. About a 20 minute drive from town and only 10 minutes away from the airport, this part of the island is small but so beautiful in both winter and summer. The area is calm, the beaches are some of the cleanest in Europe and you are spoiled for choice when it comes to places to eat, drink and sleep. One of the nicest hotels in this area, and in the island in general, is the L’Horizon Hotel & Spa. An elegant hotel that boasts sea view rooms, a full-service spa and The Grill restaurant (that’s been awarded two AA Rosettes). The view from the L’Horizon can’t be beat. When I stayed here this past September I realized that you really do get the best of both worlds here – tranquil surroundings and beautiful views. It was one of the most peaceful and relaxing stays I’ve ever had in a hotel. With the soft golden sand, crystal clear waters and clean, fresh air around the Bay, it has an almost Mediterranean feel. Yet, the hotel itself is definitely British in style, being built in 1850 by George Hicks, a Colonel in the Bengal Army, the interior is pure elegance, full of space and light. The area around the L’Horizon is full of choice cuisine for all taste buds. Restaurants in Jersey are top notch with having a contemporary British style with an obvious French influence. Being by the sea helps get all of the fresh fish and seafood which are to die for. The spa culture in Jersey is plentiful and at the L’Horizon you can treat yourself to a dip in the indoor heated salt-water swimming pool any time of year with a view of the sea. If you want to treat yourself, two treatment rooms, a Jacuzzi and a sauna are for the taking. Getting luxurious in Jersey is all about getting out of town and taking in the scenery – whether it’s the beach or the beautiful landscape. St. Brelade’s Bay is just the spot to take it all in – enjoying good food, beautiful beaches, luxurious accommodation and genuine hospitality is right at your fingertips. Check it out today – trust me, you won’t be sorry! Miriam Berger is the blogger behind Travelling Starfish – a travel blog with an expat edge. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. never been to jersey or any of the channel islands which is terrible considering i don’t blink at flying to the other side of the world and i really have no excuse particularly as there are now many flight options available. one to add to my ever expanding list!

  2. A friend who works in banking spent a few years in Jersey, sounds like a wonderful place. I do like the sound of the salt-water swimming pool.

  3. I have to say the salt water pool is not my idea of fun, i used to swim competitively and we used to train in denmark every now and again where all the public pools seem to be salt water it played havoc with my skin and hair (which went a greeny tinge) and we swallowed way too much salt water to be healthy – yuck – now whenever i hear about a salt water pool it brings me out in a cold sweat!

  4. Hi Irene & Aurora – Jersey is a lovely place and, in my opinion, St Brelade’s Bay is one of the nicest spots on the island to stay. It is somewhat remote but also near the airport and a quick taxi/bus ride into town. It is gorgeous in the summer. As for the salt water pools, chlorine does me in actually. My skin gets almost white from it so I prefer the salt to the chlorine. I found the L’Horizon not to be too salty though so maybe its a good middle ground. Enjoy, Miriam :)

  5. Thanks for the information Miriam.

    Salt Water is nice in moderation, although not when it gets in your eyes!

    St Brelade’s Bay sounds ideal with it being rather remote but not too far from town. I will certainly consider visiting in the future.

  6. Hello,
    In response to your question about transportation, yes you can ferry over to Jersey quite easily. Condor Ferries and HD Ferries operate out of Jersey. The former has many of the routes to the UK. Boats go to the UK to Portsmouth or Poole. You can also take the ferry to France via St Malo.
    Hope that helps, Miriam

  7. Yes thanks Miriam, can make life easier if you’re taking children as then you have the car. That’s great thank you!

  8. My mother had most of her holidays as a child and young adult in Jersey, she said it was an amazing place, but it didn’t sound like it had much to do there? correct me if I am wrong

  9. Hello Kylie, Well it all depends on what you are looking for. In my opinion, there is a lot for everyone. If you just want a relaxing holiday with good food, lovely walking paths and some of the cleanest beaches I’ve ever been to, this is your place. Also Jersey has a rich history as it was occupied by the Germans in WWII so there is a lot to see on that front. If you are into animals, Jersey hosts the Durrell Conservation Trust (previously called the Jersey Zoo). It is a conservation area that was created by Gerald Durrell – a conservationist. It is an incredible place. So for a small island there is a lot to keep you occupied – for a long weekend, mini-break or even a couple of weeks. See http://www.jersey.com for more information on these.

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