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Disappear to a warmer climate

This is a strange time of year, isn’t it? The weather doesn’t seem to be able to make up its mind what to do, we’ve had a combination of 29 degree temperatures swiftly followed by howling gales, pouring rain and hail storms in the last five days here in the North West of the UK. Normally by October the central heating has been on for a few weeks so I suppose we should be thankful! If, like many people, you are looking for a late season escape, you are probably weighing up where you’ll be able to find more reliable weather for travel in October and November. It kind of goes without saying that the Middle East is always a safe bet to catch some rays. Many of our customers like to travel at this time of year, as you’ll be looking at 30 degrees rather than 35 or 40, and in December the average temperature is closer to 26 degrees in Dubai and the surrounding emirates. The perfect weather for sun bathing. Tropical countries like Thailand and Indonesia always represent good choices for warmth, their temperatures rarely if ever drop below 30 degrees, although the very nature of their climate is that you will have rainfall at this time of year. You’ll often find that rainfall there is intense but arrives in short bursts and quickly makes way for clear skies soon after. Don’t make the mistake I did and presume initial cloud cover means you won’t need sun cream! December is a great month to visit the islands of the Caribbean, with the hurricane season officially ending on 30th November. Temperatures remain around the 30 degrees mark all year round, but if you are to visit between the months of December and May then your chances of better weather will be increased. Closer to home yet away from the Euro zone, Egypt offers a haven for holidaymakers to get value for money and reliable winter sun ranging from an average of 29 degrees in Sharm el Sheikh to an imposing 38 degrees in Aswan in October. The average temperature in Sharm drops by about 5 degrees in November and then again in December to around 21 degrees. Still nice! One of my colleagues has today returned from two weeks in Mauritius, and there’s little need to check my weather charts – one look at her will tell you that the weather was great! Carole Booth is Commercial Director at Destinology. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

Carole Booth

I am the Commerical Director at the multi award winning luxury tour operator Destinology.

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  1. The weather on the Costa Blanca in Spain is also very pleasant. Winter only really sets in around the middle of January. At the moment we’re still enjoying daytime temperatures of around 28ºC, with bright blue skies day in and day out. So, no need to look for locations outside of the euro-zone! That is one of the many reasons why so many families choose to relocate to this area.

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