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Backwoods Luxury – Glamping in New England

Deep in the woods in the northeastern corners of the U.S., you may wonder what types of accommodations you would find, luxury or otherwise. With nonexistent cell service, few roads, and an almost zero human population, it’s hard to imagine you’d find anything besides trees…lots and lots of trees. But hidden within these miles upon square miles of dense foliage you will discover much more than flora and fauna. Glamping, or glamorous camping, is a travel trend that is spreading like a southern California brush fire across the globe. Safari tents, yurts, tipis and tree houses are popping up all over and ensnaring campers and hotel-goers alike. The U.S. alone has dozens of stand-alone and resort style glamping sites and that number is growing steadily. Although it is true that there are many levels of luxury in the world of glamping – from simple canvas cabins with communal wash rooms, to opulent safari tents with private soaking tubs – the principal idea remains the same: glamping lets you enjoy nature while preserving some, all (or much more than all) of the comforts of home. In the backwoods of New England, for example, in some of the finest hiking, fishing, skiing and snowshoeing terrain in the country, there are a handful of perfectly secluded and wonderfully welcoming glamping sites that await lucky glampers looking for a bit of that home comfort in the wilderness. Piper Mountain Yurt, in New Hampshire, is one of these spots. Open all year round, this sturdy and comfortable yurt provides the ultimate home base for outdoor adventure, whether you are a photographer, a hunter, or simply looking to relax in natural solitude. Cardigan Hideaway, also in New Hampshire, is, like its name a hidden gem offering easy access to endless activity in the nearby Cardigan Mountain State Forest. In true yurt form, this spot is cozy in winter and cool in summer, with an outdoor fire pit for ambiance or cooking and a large deck for relaxing and enjoying the surrounding greenery. The Willowemoc Wild Forest Yurt, in New York, is surrounded by over 11,000 acres of woodland, including the beautiful Catskill Forest Preserve. This eco-friendly yurt has solar powered lighting, a composting commode, and a sunny balcony with a barbecue grill. All three of these fabulous back country yurt accommodations provide wood stoves for winter warmth, eco-friendly washrooms, kitchens, fire pits, fresh bed linens, and, best of all, immediate access to the wild side of New England. The seemingly infinite woodlands of the northeast have embraced glamping as a means of encouraging travelers to experience a true, off-the-grid holiday. And for those who have ever pitched a tent in the middle of the night during a rainstorm, a little bit of luxury in the wild goes a long way. Abby Jeffords is Chief Editor of Glamping Hub. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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