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Zuckerberg criticised for not tipping at restaurant in Rome

It’s not been the best couple of weeks for Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. On paper, he’s lost $4.7 billion in just 11 days and, in doing so, fallen off Bloomberg’s Billionaire Index which measures the 40 wealthiest people in the world.  (He was, briefly, at 29th in that list.)  That said, I shouldn’t think he’s worrying too much. Afterall, he’s on honeymoon in Capri and still supposedly worth a cool $14.7 billion. But a recent visit to a restaurant in Rome has resulted in Zuckerberg being branded a scrooge when it comes to tipping.  His restaurant bill came to just 32 euros which he paid without tipping.  The restaurant owner doesn’t seem unduly concerned – you can see his blog post here.  Perhaps he’s just grateful to have such a high profile visitor that has the world’s media talking about his restaurant, the Nonna Betta.  That alone, of course, will be worth an awful lot more than even a very generous tip.

Paul Johnson

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