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The life of luxury in Marbella

When someone says “Costa del Sol” the mind flashes to crowded beaches, of hundreds and hundreds of tourists flocking from sun-starved countries just to clamour for a few square-inches of beach. Since the massive tourism boom in the area, many a coastal town in Andalusia has swelled in size and great concrete colossi have grown, special holiday apartments for you and the family. Now, I don’t know about you, but that image hardly conjures thoughts of luxury, of exclusivity and most importantly is a far cry from “the perfect getaway”. But if you’re looking for something a little bit more exotic, something more exciting, then perhaps you should sample the life of luxury in Marbella. Marbella benefits terrifically from its location on the Costa del Sol, being based on one of the most beautiful coastlines in Europe, having some of the finest and consistantly hot weather short of the Canary Islands, and within reach of one of the biggest airports in Spain, Málaga-Costa Del Sol.  Fear not though, the idea location also means it is far enough away from Málaga and surrounding industry to feel like you’re in holiday paradise, not holiday purgatory. This connection to the city draws in tourists from all over Northern Europe, the UK, US and from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The wealth brought into the area by the rich patrons from Northern Africa has meant that many a high-spec hotel and resort has sprung up in order to cater for the expensive tastes and the lust for the luxurious. Marbella city is perhaps noted for being a haven for the rich and famous along the Costa del Sol. Puerto Banús seeing Bentleys, Aston Martins, Lamborghinis and more cruising its length, looking out over the private yachts and cruise liners which congregate in the area. If you’re looking for that accommodation that provides the all important je ne se quoi that your standard packaged affair just cannot provide – then you’re in luck. Marriott, world famous hoteliers, hold one of the jewels in the Marbella crown and this comes in the form of the Marbella Beach Club. Based on 4 floors and comprising of 288 luxury suites, it is really the best way to experience the city whilst being within reaching distance of the glorious Mediterranean Sea. If you are really looking for the epicentre of the wealth in the city then turn your attention to The Golden Mile of Nueva Andalucia. This golden mile (actually four miles) sees examples of some of the most expensive and exclusive properties in the region, which see the most proud patrons take up residence during the summer months. The beaches in Marbella is what started it all though, the 27km of golden coastline within the city limits is divided up into 24 different beaches which are home to water sports, sun bathers, bars and everything in between. If you are looking for the crème-de-la-crème of beaches – which of course, you must be – then Puerto Banús and San Pedro Alcántara are the most exceptional of the most exceptional, both with the highest standards of water quality, cleanliness and facilities within the area. Peter Lydford is Director at Travel & Leisure Group. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. “The wealth brought into the area by the rich patrons from Northern Africa has meant that many a high-spec hotel and resort has sprung up in order to cater for the expensive tastes and the lust for the luxurious.”

    Sounds like someone wrote this staring at a map. The only “north Africans” in Marbella are those who come in jammed refugee boats who managed to avoid the Coast Guard.

    Marbella is a magnet for every sleaze-ball in Europe and the Gulf. Russians regularly have shoot-em-ups when they are not speeding through town in luxury cars.

    The beaches are filthy, the restaurants–if they’re not shut down–are 2/3 empty, the smart money bailed out ten years ago in the midst of the Russian Invasion.

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