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Luxury is a compost toilet

Now, if you look at the previous posts on this blog, you’ll find plenty of luxurious accommodation options. You will not, however, find anything alluding to toilets. Especially the type I’m about the tell you about! So why am I writing about a compost loo? Well, I recently visited Erraid – a tiny island of only six inhabitants, a short boat ride away from the Isle of Mull in North-West Scotland. Luxuriously equipped with outdoor compost toilets, one drinking water tap, hot water, running a lovely brown colour due to the peat in it. Luxurious? Absolutely. It was the most luxurious holiday I’ve ever been on. In the common use of the word? Perhaps not. Many times in life we forget what luxury really is. Yes, there might be a great deal of red velvet lining a four poster bed of a five star hotel, and yes, the lobster may have been divine dahhhling. But what’s the use of all that if you return to work a dress size bigger and just as stressed as when you left. I would argue that true luxury is of the mind, nothing to do with money and cost, and lots to do with fun and piece of mind. In Erriad there was no signal for my mobile, no WiFi connection for my laptop, just lots of gardening, lots of mud and a couple of compost toilets. When I returned home I was more refreshed than I could have been if I’d sat in a sauna all day and achieved nothing at all. The tube had turned into an enjoyable experience, and I was still dreaming of herding sheep on that little Island. Charlotte Nicol is a Co-Founder of Most Curious Tours. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Best title ever! Totally got me to click. I was hoping for some amazing new luxurious loo! Still, I do agree, luxury is in the mind… or at least that’s what I’ll try and remember the next time I’m hovering over a spider infested pit loo in the outback somewhere :)

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