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Diving with sharks in the Atlantic

Many new and exciting activities have come about in the last few years in South Africa, but none more exciting than the advent of shark diving in the chilly blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Hundreds of people flock to the small town region of Gansbaai on a daily basis to experience the ultimate adrenaline rush – coming face to face with the world famous Great White. Just over two hours drive from central Cape Town lies Kleinbaai harbour which is the starting point for most of the day trip excursions that take place. Guests are lowered into the ocean in a steel cage before the boat crew lure these monsters of the ocean to the surrounding area by throwing large chunks of chum (crushed tuna or sardines) into the deep waters. These predators smell the chum from a reasonable distance away and being inquisitive creatures, they often come right up to the cages, with only the bars separating you from the gnashing of the enormous teeth – many people have described the experience as the ultimate adrenaline rush. Visitors of all ages have braved these waters in search of the Great White, with famous celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Prince Harry having enjoyed the experience during visits to South Africa. It has been said that while many people arrive for the excursion full of fear and trepidation of what to expect , many leave with a new found respect for these magnificent creatures. Justin Smith is CEO of Nights-Away. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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