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The top 3 luxury excursions in Moscow

The typical image conjured when ‘Russia’ is mentioned is most likely not that of luxury and comfort, but why so? Let’s face it – the Russians know how to do luxury properly, with one of the most decadent histories, with Tsars, summer palaces, and the largest collection of Fabergé eggs in the world; it would be a shame to miss out on the grandeur of modern Russia, as it has so much to offer visitors. Here we look the top three, luxury excursions in Moscow, building the perfect foundation for your luxury Moscow city break. The Armoury The Armoury houses the largest collection of Fabergé Eggs in the world. It is also filled with the imperial carriages of the Russian Tsars, all intricately decorated in gold, reflecting the style and lavishness of the former rulers of the motherland. The Armoury is situated in the unique Kremlin Complex, which houses a number of beautiful cathedrals as well as being the official residence of the President of Russia. With such a majestic setting and surrounding landmarks, this is an Unmissable excursion, in the heart of the Russian capital The Moscow Metro System Also known as Stalin’s Palaces of the People, Moscow’s stunning metro system is something to be truly admired. Built to evoke pride in native Muscovites, this underground museum stretches underneath the hustle and bustle of the city. Take a tour of the Metro System, and visit some of the most spectacular stations, each with a new story to tell. A popular combination with this excursion is a trip to the Arbat District, where street performers and market stalls line the street, this is the ideal place to pick up an authentic Russian souvenir. The Night Time City Tour View the illuminated Moscow panorama as the city glows in the dark – with a night time city tour. A completely unforgettable experience, this gives you the chance to see the capital as you have never seen it before. This guided tour brings you the best of the city, in a truly romantic light, as you view the famous Kremlin and Red Square, Peter the Great Monument, amongst many other sights. Kristi Rorison is Director of Outgoing Business at IntoRussia. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. I prefer the The Night Time City Tour but I also admire the other wonderful things in moscow. I’m more of alive at night that what made me choose the night time.

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