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Today, as avid travelers and guests, we are fully aware that the experience is what matters the most…down to every little detail. We choose a specific holiday, destination and/or hotel because we are yearning for something distinct and unique. No longer is experience, however, just about the physical beauty of a hotel and great service provided by it’s staff, yet is increasingly becoming more about the ‘little’ things that make a certain place special and different from the rest. As our expectations become higher, this not only makes it more challenging for us to fulfill them but for hotels to provide what we are looking for so they can leave us with lasting impressions. I was thinking to myself the other day about all the things that I enjoy most, the little luxuries of staying in a hotel that you don’t have at home. Each person has their own ‘something’ that they truly enjoy. For some it is the beautifully folded, fluffy white towels, for others perhaps the perfectly crisp Egyptian Cotton pillows which are positioned so perfectly on the bed. It could also just be the simple fact that you are in a different environment, away from home, and you can order room service whilst you lay in bed watching a movie on the 52″ plasma TV. Now ask yourself, what is one aspect that you always look forward to the most when checking into your hotel? For me, it is walking into my room for the first time and having a peek into the bathroom (it is a tradition that I always make it my first stop). To see a beautiful presentation of lavish body wash, luscious shampoo, silky creams and a selection of hand soap is what I love the most. Gentlemen – this is not just for the ladies. Whether travelling for business or pleasure, it is always nice to feel pampered, and use skincare products that a lot of us wouldn’t normally buy for ourselves – all courtesy of the hotel. These amenities are all factored into the cost of your room of course, but trust me, hotels select which products they choose to provide more seriously than ever before. So whether it’s Hermes, Molton Brown, Acqua di Parma or any other high-end brand, just remember, it is all part of your experience. Believe it or not, it could very well be the determining factor, whether you stay at one hotel versus another. It is difficult to really say what the best bathroom amenities are, as each and every person has their own taste. For some it is about the brand name, others it may be the range of products or the size of the bottles. I just want to give you three examples of bathroom amenities offered by luxury hotel companies that I personally think have been wonderfully chosen. New York’s Chatwal Hotel commissioned the bespoke British product line, Asprey, to lend a distinctively sophisticated scent as a finishing touch. Guests are offered a range of toiletries with spicy citrus notes, as well as exclusive refreshing towelettes and custom Swissclinical skincare products at turndown. Ritz Carlton has also recently taken on the Asprey line in their hotels around the world. Bulgari Hotels have it easy, as they not are famous for their luxury watches and fine jewellery but luscious fragrances and skincare products. When staying at any of the Bulgari hotels in Milan, Bali or London, you are provided with their complete line of Eau Parfumée au Thé Verte – products are made with essential plant oils and silk proteins, fragranced with Italian bergamot and pepper. Hyatt Hotels have recently lanched their new ‘Hyatt Has It’ service. Hyatt says that, “We remember everything that you forgot”. For the ladies – this includes anything from hair curlers and steamers to make-up remover wipes and razors. If it’s not in the room already for you, just borrow it for the duration of your stay. Hyatt properties are also providing an upgraded range of bath and skincare products from companies such as Le Labo, June Jacobs and Aromapothecary. Best part is that if you need extra of anything, just ask. Then there are places such as Mexico’s Viceroy Riviera Maya (formerly the Tides Resort), who have taken luxury and relaxation one step further – with their very own Soap Concierge. Maybe that is going slightly overboard, even for my taste. After all this being said, it is clear that luxury international hotel chains know and truly understand the importance of choosing only the best for their guests- “It’s all about the little things in life”. Gone are the days when we travel with large bottles of shampoos and body creams in our suitcases, so it is up to the hotels to provide this for us and know what we want, right? Just don’t ask for new bottles of lotion everyday, the hotel may catch on… So from your experience… what are the best bathroom amenities that you have come across?

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  1. we recently stayed at the Liberty hotel in Boston. It had Molton Brown toiletries. I was absolutely in love with the whole experience. I think small attention to details like this really do help hotels who are attempting to create an image.

  2. I recently stayed at Jumeriah Carlton Tower in London and loved the unique ‘REN’ amenities they had to offer – not the standard expectation at a 5 start hotel. True to their promise of ‘STAY DIFFERENT’!

  3. Interesting article and I quite agree with racing to the bathroom to check out the goodies! Just curious where I can check in to be treated to Aqua di Parma…I have never seen that in a hotel….

    1. I saw that Hilton hotels were advertising using their products in their Conrad Hotels & Resorts..

  4. Aqua di Parma is found in about 20 luxury hotels in Italy and leading hotels in Spain, France, Switzerland, Ireland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Turkey and the U.S. and Central America…more and more hotels are starting to use it due to it’s popularity and great name!

  5. Shawa:
    Acqua di Parma can be found in the apartments at the fantastic Hotel Arts in Barcelona. The ‘regular’ rooms offer other products, but the apartments – on the top floors and a great deal if you are traveling with a few people or two families – supply AdP, among other bathroom niceties. Great hotel – wonderful service, professional staff. Pool too small for the hotel, but the view, the service is top top notch.

  6. Great article, really useful. You mentioned that Hyatt properties offer Le Labo skincare products. Which Hyatt residences offer this brand in particular? Thank you so much

  7. Nice article.

    I’ve always paid particular attention to the bathroom amenities and toiletries at hotels, using them as part of my grading criteria for hotels.

    @shawa – Aqua di Parma amenities are available at the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong.

    In addition to using brands like AdP, L’Occitane (Shangri-La Kowloon & Hong Kong Island), Davi (Peninsula Tokyo), and Aromatherapy Associates (Conrad Macau & Hong Kong), many hotel work with their spa brands to create original product lines for their guests.

    Alila Villas Uluwatu and Alila Villas Soori – both in Bali, Indonesia – offer guests a wide range of their Alila Living products, which are made from 100% local materials, and are designed for the local tropical climate.

  8. I loved the article. It can make your vacation when you finish your day in a very decorated bath with those little buttles….I think my next vacation will be at one of Hyatt hotels

  9. If you go on a Silversea cruise – – 6* ships – you get a choice between Bulgari, Acqua Di Parma or Neutrogena from your private Butler when you first arrive!

  10. While the bigger, luxury names are a nice touch, there is a greater trend to present more natural, paraben-free products. Many of the Moulton Brown and others tend to be packed with chemicals.

    It’s refreshing to see Aveda or even hotel-branded products with the attention to a more natural experience.

    W Hotels, Fairmont and some Hilton properties do this better than others.

  11. IAqua di Parma indeed has quality products. Sure it’s a HCP (High Class Problem) but when good hotels have generic, who knows where it’s made bath products, I’m surprised more guests don’t mention it to management.

  12. I could so relate when you said that the first thing you do when you check into your hotel room is take a peek at the bathroom! Great article!

  13. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who rush to the bathroom every time I enter a new hotel!

    The Hotel Indigo brand has AVEDA, I think. (I might be wrong here….)

    Intercontinental Johannesburg has Salvatore Ferragamo in their suites I loved them, although some would say too much perfume.

    When I stayed at Conrad Tokyo, 5 years ago, they had Shiseido toiletries and I think that must have been my favorite over all!

  14. Great article! When my husband and I went for our honeymoon at Maradiva Resort & Spa in Mauritius, we were pleasantly surprised by the simple yet luxury amenities in the bathroom. The size of the bathroom is huge, you can even sleep in there! They use a French brand called Blaise Mautin exclusive to small unique resorts. Apparently he is one of those artful parfumeurs in Paris. The scent is so natural and fresh!

  15. In my boutique hotel in Istanbul we have used Etro Palais Jamais (great scent) or Rebul, an olive oil/ para been free line that is made in turkey. At least I look for paraben free or a nice brand in quality hotels. Some hotels just think it’s all about the bottle or own logo.

  16. Got to agree with some previous writers
    Names aren’t what people are looking for today, I book a four seasons for the service but amenities should be not just labeled according what marketing tells the management goes along with the hotel brand, they should be good for the customer, Starwood does a better job here with some of its brands, W especially but even fs and more hotel companies will figure that soon

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