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Live like The Great Gatsby: the world’s best Art Deco hotels

Thanks to the recent release of Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, we’re currently suffering from 1920s fever. From its exuberant glamour to eclectic style, the roaring ’20s was one of the most influential decades in terms of fashion and design. Art Deco became the dominating trend, influencing architecture such as the Chrysler Building in New York City. Hotels during this period were also constructed in the Art Deco style, where they remain to this day as exquisite examples of old world glamour. We’ve scoured the earth to try and find the world’s most wonderful Art Deco hotels, and have uncovered a few rare gems worth making a song and dance about. So get into the 20s spirit with our list of Art Deco Hotels from Around the World! Edison Hotel, New York Built in 1931, the Edison Hotel is a prime example of Art Deco at its finest. Curved edges clash with bold lines, resulting in the hotel’s eye-catching exterior, which gleams proudly in the heart of Midtown. It doesn’t just stop there, though. The Edison’s interior is elegant and bold – the two classic staples of Art Deco design. From its wooden panels to the lighting fixtures, it’s clear that every pain has been taken to preserve the hotel’s original opulence. Edison Hotel, New York Hotel Astor, Miami Miami was once the pinnacle of Art Deco design, with many of its buildings showcasing the movement’s architectural style. The Hotel Astor in particular is a shining example of this, which will become clear as you first lay eyes upon it. Streamlined roofs and perfectly symmetrical windows create the feeling of a futuristic hotel, which flows through into its interior. The hotel now boasts a modern décor, but certainly still retains its Art Deco charm throughout. Hotel Astor, Miami Hotel Martinez, France Located in the beautiful Cannes, the Hotel Martinez is a beacon for European Art Deco architecture. The hotel’s balconies in particular are a testament to the movement’s style, as the metal railings are wrought into mesmerising patterns. Although the Hotel Martinez’s interior is now considered highly modern, there are still echoes of its original design which can be witnessed throughout the hotel. Hotel Martinez, France Claridge’s, London Considered London’s Art Deco jewel, Claridge’s was redesigned at the height of the fashion’s popularity in the 1920s. It became the go-to place for all the bright young things looking for a good party, with the hotel’s ballroom often blasting the latest jazz songs. Echoes of times gone by can still be felt in Claridge’s today, as it retains many of its original fixtures, which will make you feel as if you’re been transported back in time. The Charleston at Claridges Waldorf Astoria, New York The Waldorf Astoria is a hotel that needs no introduction, as it is a place known for creating and housing luxury, from its invention of the Waldorf salad to its permanent resident Marilyn Monroe. To this day it still oozes Art Deco glamour, from its original fixtures to the electric atmosphere which can be felt throughout the hotel. Waldorf Astoria, New York Matthew Coe is Online Marketing Manager for Wanderforth. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. The photo of the Hotel Martinez room resonates with me. Clean lines, earth tones, and every detail seems to say luxury… from the chairs to the carpet – easy to imagine being there.

  2. What about Buenos Aires. The Art Deco period lasted much longer here as it didn’t stop with the war. There is some magnificent Art Deco architecture interspersed with French style and modernist.

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