Travel trends for 2014: private vacation rentals on the rise

As 2013 winds down the travel pundits and industry insiders are making their annual predictions for travel trends that will shape the coming year. Apart from some of the continuing trends, such as the role of social media and technology in informing and shaping travel decisions, a number of this year’s predictions indicate a rise in demand for privately owned rentals and villas over hotels in the coming year. Villa Max Liebermann Some of the forecasters say so directly. Trusted travel advisor Wendy Perrin asserts that “travelers will increasingly choose homes over hotels” as one of the top predictions on her Perrin Post travel blog for Conde Nast Traveler. This builds on her observation that “people substituted vacation rentals for hotel rooms” as one of the biggest changes in travel from 2013. The “space, privacy, local flavor and savings” that come with such accommodation being credited with this trend. Beyond this, numerous other predictions for 2014 include more indirect suggestions that the private rental will be well placed to capitalize on consumer interests. Perrin’s same round-up of “game changers” from 2013 also includes the fact that “ordinary people became tour guides”, a trend evidenced by a growing number of private vacation rental owners who share their local expertise and insight, or even lead local tours, as an integral part of their rental offering. Ocean View Villa In fact, travelers’ desire for this local insight and access is a common theme in many of the trends for 2014. The Huffington Post cites “local, authentic experiences” as a key objective for luxury travelers as they grasp the “‘YOLO’ spirit” (You Only Live Once). This idea is echoed in the Travel Market Report’s list of emerging trends, citing “creative tourism“, which they explain as “an engaged and authentic experience”, providing “a connection with those who reside in the destination”. Hotels can rarely offer such connectedness, while the savvy vacation rental owner lives the experience and lives amongst the locals on a daily basis. Similarly, Creative Braintrust identify “off the beaten path” destinations and “hyper-personalization”, for travelers tired of standard packages and “cookie cutter vacations”, as a major trend for 2014. Again they speak of “authentic experiences” that will leave a lasting impression. Even top travel planning agents and operators rely extensively on the expertise of their private homeowner-partners to help craft truly unique and exceptional experiences for clients. Walking Ultimately, no one knows an “off the beaten path” destination for unbeatable inside access like those who live there. Traveling for food and experiencing the local cuisine in personal settings also make the lists of emerging trends. There are plenty of nice hotel restaurants out there; but for a change, where would you prefer to sample the most authentic taste of a place? Alan Hazel is Owner and Director of Cortijo El Carligto.

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  1. Still, their is simply no room for all of us to go off the beaten track and lodge far away from any neighbours.

    The bulk will still travel to the large resorts

  2. Luxury in a private rental is the wife still doing all the housework chores so no holiday for her. You may as well go on a static caravan site holiday in Wales for all the holiday the wife gets!

    A pirvate serviced apartment or villa with private pool, with personal concierge, a chauffeur driven tour of the area, and a private jet to get you there, is the ultimate in de-stress in travel. A good spa treatment locally.

    This is the way for the rich to keep career burnout at bay and for a couple to enjoy quality time together as well as personal time apart, maybe husband go golf and wife have a spa treatment or other way round?

    Luxury is not doing the washing up after meals or your own laundry.

  3. It is no wonder that people choose vacation rentals over hotels. You have your privacy, full kitchen, much more space and most of the time you even save money by booking a vacation rental instead of an hotel room.

    It’s no luxury, it’s a simple logical choice.

  4. Vacation Rentals are the way to go. Less expensive, local flavor, and with all the concierge services offered these days it’s a no brainer to spend less on the accommodations and more on pampering!

  5. Today we don’t have much time for ourselves and always think of getting a break from our hectic schedule. People are bored of staying in hotels and that why there is no surprise that demand of home rentals is constantly increasing. I myself book beach houses rentals from last few years.

  6. I personally loved vacation rentals because of the space that it brings. Compared to a cramped down hotel room I would rather spend my vacation on a rental.

  7. Luxury home rentals come with a housekeeper and either an in-house chef or the option of hiring a chef. This distinguishes a “luxury” rental from a budget one. No need to wash clothes or cook if Mom just wants to relax. Our housekeeper especially enjoys providing hyper-personalization by creating original, colorful towel origami decorations on the beds based on our guests daily experiences and our gardener keeps an eye out for wildlife our guests express an interest in seeing, so they don’t miss a thing.

  8. Apartment rentals are usually way cheaper than booking hotel rooms when travelling in a big group with several families together.

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