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Top 10 reasons to visit Tel Aviv

From a very early age, I fell in love with ‘The Startup Nation’ and in particular the cosmopolitan city of Tel Aviv. Whilst many other destinations have been hit hard by the global recession, Israel is enjoying a booming tourism economy. Tel Aviv, Israel’s capital, has long been one of Israel’s most popular destinations and for good reason. Gorgeous beaches, high end boutique hotels and year-round sunshine make this thrilling city one to add to the top of your bucket list. Tel Aviv Tel Aviv really does offer something for everybody especially for the traveller looking for a luxurious and memorable vacation. With new 5 star restaurants debuting every month and 10 miles of sea and sand to explore, it is little wonder that Tel Aviv is attracting global attention. 1. The gallery scene Tel Aviv’s art gallery scene is thriving and there are three galleries in the city that are well worth a visit. Noga, Dvir and Sommer Contemporary Art have stirred up a lot of interest and feature a range of contemporary art and photography works. 2. Visit Abu-Hassan for the best hummus in town Hummus isn’t just a meal in Tel Aviv – it is a way of life. You won’t find fresher or more gorgeously flavoured hummus than the batches regularly made at Abu-Hassan. This is a rare find and one that you, like many Tel Aviv is will go back to time and time again. 3. Shop the design stores Tel Aviv is home to some beautiful design especially if you are looking for unusual and compelling design pieces. The Dizengoff Center, for example, is home to some fascinating, colourful and whimsical design pieces offering you a great chance to find that one of a kind item for your home or office. 4. Some of the most luxurious hotels in the world When you want to stay in the best, Tel Aviv does not disappoint. High end boutique hotels are a-plenty in the city, but the one that stands out the most is the Montefiore. This beautiful mansion was restored in the 1920s and is home to 12 fabulous rooms, a Viennese-style bar that is open 24 hours a day and wonderful views. The recently restored and rejuvenated Carlton hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in Tel Aviv and boasts a swimming pool, spa and health club along with beautiful views of Tel Aviv Marina. The rooftop cabana bar is a great place to unwind and catch one of Tel Aviv’s awesome sunsets. 5. A culinary feast for your tastebuds There are many fine dining experiences to be had in Tel Aviv and it might surprise you to learn that 95% of the restaurants in the city are not kosher! If you are looking for a little pampering that combines classic and complex flavours with a slick contemporary setting, Dallal is a great restaurant to visit. Take a pre-dinner drink at the beautiful mahogany bar whilst you take in the gorgeous surroundings. And if you fancy rubbing shoulders with the celebrities, Mizlala is the spot to be seen in. This is the latest venture of hot chef Meir Adoni and it promises some of the most elegant and flavoursome dishes in town. 6. A great place for designer fashion finds Leave some room in your luggage because Tel Aviv is home to some of the most prestigious fashion brands. You can also find many up and coming designers plying their trade here. If you are looking for something unique and gorgeous, the weekly Designer’s Fashion Bazaar in the Dizengoff Center is well worth heading to. 7. Experience some of the best beach life in the world Tel Aviv is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. In fact, National Geographic rated Tel Aviv’s beaches as the 9th best of any other city in the world. Whether you plan on spending your entire holiday on the beach or just a few days, these are some of the cleanest and beautiful beaches you will ever see. 8. Manshia train station There are not many cities that boast a train station as an attraction so the Manshia Train Station in Jaffa is somewhat unique. It is hard to believe that this amazing building was abandoned for 60 years. The train station is now home to a leisure complex that spans 4 acres and which houses boutiques, restaurants and cafes. 9. The Design Museum Nothing can prepare you for the first time you see Ron Arad’s rich red Design Museum. This prominent building stands out, but in a good way, amidst the traditional Bauhaus architecture around it. Here you can find fascinating design exhibitions that are rotated on a regular basis. 10. Enjoy a spot of bar hopping Tel Aviv’s nightlife is thriving and the city really comes alive after the sun goes down – don’t forget to watch those glorious sunsets! Whether you are looking to catch a cocktail before your dinner reservation or you fancy cocktails on the beach, Tel Aviv is home to some of the best bars in the world. Daniel Abrahams is Co-founder and CEO of MyTravelMoney.co.uk. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. ohhhh yes! Tel Aviv is one of the most exciting city in the middle east!
    the beach and the nightlife is so great there! dont visit the city in the time of “Roshashana” (the new year celebration time in Israel) cause then its boring! ;-)

  2. I loved Tel Aviv. It’s a wonderful city. I recommend the Manshia train station as a must see. If people have time I also recommend the nearby coastal city of Ashdod to the south. It’s very attractive with great beaches and a pleasant atmosphere.

  3. I recommend the Tel Aviv Museum of Art is an art museum in Tel Aviv. Located in the center of the city’s cultural complex, the program for the Tel Aviv Museum of Art Amir Building posed an extraordinary architectural challenge. It’s a wonderful city.

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