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5 of the most unique and luxurious resorts in the US

You won’t believe the amazing options offered at the most unique resorts in the US. When it comes to priceless luxury travel, it doesn’t get better than fresh local-grown cuisine, your own private island, or better yet, the sight of the Aurora Borealis! There are many luxurious resorts throughout America, but there are only a few that offer not only comfort, but something new, exciting and extraordinarily unique. Check out some of these fantastic finds that made it to the top of the “Unique and Luxurious US Resorts” list: 1. Little Palm Island Resort & Spa, Little Torch Key, Florida What makes Little Palm Island Resort and Spa such a unique place to stay along the Florida Keys? It’s exclusive—you get your own island! That’s right. This beach resort will have you feeling like you are in the midst of the shimmering Caribbean in Little Torch Key. From the glamorous ocean views to the romantic tropical flowers and swaying palm trees that make up this six acre island, this place is an amazing escape from reality. You could just lounge around the sandy beaches or pool all day, but for those feeling adventurous this vacation getaway, check out the many activities offered on the island. Little Palm Island Perhaps that yoga class fits perfectly into your relaxation experience—along with a day at the full-service spa. Explore the depths of the Caribbean with scuba diving and snorkeling at Looe Key Reef Dive Center, and consider some deep sea fishing and canoeing out over the water. Really, you can do just about anything—sailing, kite boarding and for the daring, even sky-diving! You may just want to set up your own dolphin encounter or reserve an eco-tour to complete the trip with a day of sightseeing the exotic plants and animals at the local wildlife refuge. And, you can’t go wrong with a day out on the beach equipped with ‘the ultimate picnic basket’. To top it all off, both the key limes and herbs come from the resort garden, as Little Palm Island Resort serves up the finest gourmet French and Pan-Latin cuisine thanks to Executive Chef Luis Pous. Here in the heart of luxury, you will be feeling like a celebrity or perhaps the President himself! Your next romantic getaway awaits you in the thatched roof bungalow suites of Little Palm Island Resort and Spa. 2. Chena Hot Springs, Fairbanks, Alaska Chena Hot Springs Resort is an adventurous escape just 60 minutes outside Fairbanks in the scenic wilderness of Alaska. Guests come from all over the world to relax in the steamy waters of these natural geothermal hot springs. The hotel was founded over 100 years ago by gold miners who discovered the ease of aches and pains provided by the heated mineral waters. Now, this unique resort acts as a prime location to not only take a dip in the hot springs but also see the Northern Lights illuminate the winter sky. This resort relies on renewable geothermal energy to power it throughout the year. Chena Hot Springs The Ice Museum is a legendary addition—the world’s largest all-year-round, indoor ice gallery — with giant ice sculptures and architecture by grand champion ice carvers Steve and Heather Brice. You will not believe a look at it on the inside with ice-crystal chandeliers, life-size knight’s jousting atop horses and a two-story observation tower complete with winding staircase. The Chena Hot Springs Kennel allows you to meet a sled-dog team of 100, and hop on for snow dog rides in the winter months. Many other activities are offered depending on the season with horseback riding and ATV tours in the summer and snow coach and snow machine tours in the winter. The healing waters of Chena Hot Springs have been compared to the hot springs of Bohemia. If you suffer from minor pains, arthritis or skin conditions such as psoriasis—these hot springs are a natural remedy! The Chena Hot Springs are known to improve circulation and the steam eases bronchial disorders to help you better breathe in the fresh Alaskan air. There are salon and massage options for serious pampering, and the restaurant chef serves up fresh ingredients from the greenhouse on-site. When you feel like an Alaskan escape, try Chena Hot Springs the most unique natural springs resort from the ice sculpture masterpieces to the ambience of the Aurora Borealis. 3. Blackberry Farm, Walland, Tennessee The misty mornings of the Great Smoky Mountains—the tranquil rolling mountains of Appalachia are home to one of the most unique resorts in America. Blackberry Farm in Walland, Tennessee is a world of Southern Hospitality from the cushy feather beds to the taste of home-grown gourmet cuisine. People come to Blackberry Farm from all across the globe for an escape into the breathtaking scenes of foggy mountains and the relaxing comforts of the estate rooms and cottages. Blackberry Farm The Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee provide the most relaxing retreat full of rich quality dining and delicious wine. You can reserve a private wine or whiskey tasting or take a look around the brewery and have a drink. Many other features of the resort give you the inside scoop on how things work on the farm. Explore a day in the life of a master gardener, tour the farm and talk about seeds or attend a cooking demonstration to learn the chef’s secrets for the most savory Southern cuisine. Besides the obvious luxury comforts, Blackberry Farm offers a wide range of activities to get you going! Take a hike or cycle the trails, canoe, kayak or paddleboat across the water and take to the cliff for the ultimate thrill of rock climbing. Blackberry Farm also offers a variety of sports from horseback riding and fly fishing to archery and shotgun sports with clay pigeons. When it’s time to wind down, head over to the farmhouse spa and salon, balance your chakras and take part and a relaxing yoga experience. 4. Keswick Hall at Monticello, Charlottesville, VA When you first drive up to Keswick Hall, you will notice it looks a whole lot like an estate. That is because this huge mansion was once privately owned back in 1912. It has been turned into one of the most unique resorts in the US, just a stones-throw away from President Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello Estate. The 48 room mansion is a sight to see completed with scenes of the quaint Virginia countryside. Keswick Hall holds the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains just a short distance from the Shenandoah National Park. Keswick Hall Between the golf course and country club, the tennis courts and the beautiful wooded mountain scenery, Keswick Hall completes a trip to Virginia. The golf course is set to re-open with polished fairways and newly designed features soon in the Spring of 2014. Other activities on-site include a glance at the garden, a walk with the hounds and a historic tour of the estate. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors from hiking the trails to nearby horseback riding and fly fishing. Or you could just slow things down a bit for some deep relaxation with a day at the spa. You might want to compliment such a day with a look around the Courtside Vineyard or many of the other wineries, cideries and breweries of the region. Just when you thought you were already sold—there’s a hot air balloon. It’s not every day that you get to view the Virginia countryside from the basket of a balloon. Or else, you can try archery or the clay pigeon shooting nearby to ease your wild side. The gourmet meals at restaurants on-site are cooked with ingredients from the garden and only complete the luxurious experience. 5. The Inn at Spanish Bay, Pebble Beach, California One of the most well-known resorts in the US — for its excellent service and golfing events — is none other than the Inn at Spanish Bay in Pebble Beach. This resort is the epitome of a golfer’s dream getaway. Pebble Beach is everything you ever wanted and more. You can stare off into the distance at the sight of the forest, the ocean and the gentle green fairways all in one day. You can also play the most memorable round of golf on a legendary Scottish-style links course. What more could you ask for? The Inn at Spanish Bay To answer, how about a long boardwalk, delicious gourmet cuisine and drinks at the resort’s restaurants and bars and a sandy beach perfect for strolls at sunset. Your options include anywhere from classic Italian to Hawaiian Fusion. Not to mention you are arguably in the most beautiful place in the country—just miles from the coast of Big Sur that drop with dramatic cliffs into the ocean. You could even take a horse on a trail down to the beach. Explore the sights of the Monterey Peninsula with 17 mile drive along the stunning coastline. Take your time to soak it all up, and choose a spa day with a relaxing massage. Have you been to one of these resorts? If so, what did you think? Taylor Goldblatt is Editor of US City Traveler. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Those all look magnificent, I would love to spend some time in Pebble Beach, Monterrey is one of my favorite places to visit when I am in California, and this looks amazing!

  2. Have to agree with Noel, these all sound magnificent. I particularly like the idea of the Alaska hot springs to soothe away my aches and pains brought on by a huskie dog sledge ride perhaps!
    The ice sculptures sound pretty spectacular too and a chance to see the Northern Lights (which I hoping to do soon!)would be the icing on the cake.

  3. We visited the 17 Mile Drive on the Monterey Peninsula last year and it was amazing so that looks like a gorgeous resort that is my type of place. Give me a golfing resort with spectacular views and I think I would be in heaven.

    The Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee are really spectacular and rarely get much media attention so its nice to read a recommendation for them as you have done here. There are so many spots around the United States that it must have been difficult identifying just 5 but I think you did a great job here.

  4. Tough to choose between all these great options but I’m not much of a golfer, so I’d probably be going for that Little Palm Island in Florida or perhaps easing away a few aches and pains in the Chena hot springs

  5. Great list. I have only hit 1 on the list so far, but plan on checking out Blackberry Farm real soon. I hear it’s a travel and foodie paradise!

  6. With all the snow this year, I think I’ll stay away from Alaska; the hills of Tennessee might be OK, but memories of the movie “Deliverance”…; I don’t play golf so Keswick Hall and Inn at Spanish Bay are out. That leaves Little Palm Island Resort and Spa. I’ve always wanted to visit the Florida Keys so that looks like a good option.

  7. The Little Palm Island resort is one I’ve heard of before, it gets rave reviews and it does sound amazing. I like that it’s all-inclusive too as I’m finding that more appealing these days, less hassle and more convenient. I’d like the best of both worlds to visit somewhere like Florida, super hot and luxurious, and then somewhere more rustic and worldly, like Tennessee. Having read and seen about lots of these areas and prominent landmarks like the Smoky Mountains, it would be brilliant to see some in the flesh one day.

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