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The alternative starting number 9 for São Paulo

The World Cup in Brazil is now underway, with the host nation getting off to a winning start, but the country and in particular, its largest city São Paulo, has more to offer than just the best football in the world. Here is the best number 9 for the city which should be a fixture on any luxury traveller’s list. Sao Paulo Street art São Paulo is renowned for its inventive street art that has changed the complexion of the city. Whereas Banksy is infamous yet anonymous, the graffiti artists here like the exposure and you can often meet them when visiting a street art gallery. Fashion The city is a cultural melting pot and as a result some of the most important designers are based here using their Brazilian creativity and ethnic influences to prepare avant-garde clothes. A tour of the exclusive outlets is well worth a visit as is São Paulo Fashion Week. Bird watching You might not think of this as an urban pursuit, but São Paulo’s ideal location means there are numerous bird watching spots inside the city’s perimeters including the swamps and the Atlantic forest to glimpse the abundant bio-diversity of birds. The favelas The iconic favelas – a triumph over adversity. It is now possible to get guided tours around the favelas where it is believed over 11million Brazilians live to get a true picture of how these communities live and a brief insight into their individual culture. Sao Paulo favela Colonial past Brazil’s economic wealth was built on coffee in the 19th century. Only an hour outside São Paulo, the beautiful coffee farms still exist and you can delve into the country’s past with a visit there. Beaches It wouldn’t be Brazil if the beaches weren’t mentioned. Just 70kms from the city lies the Atlantic Ocean and the tropical white beaches with a backdrop of forest and mountains. São Paulo beach Gastronomy São Paulo is the most multi-cultural city in Brazil and considered one of the great world capitals of gastronomy. It is a food paradise with, allegedly, over 12,000 world class restaurants. Nightlife The club scene in São Paulo can rival any major world city. From the samba houses to chorinho shows to underground bars, the city can accommodate all kinds of musical tastes all night long. Sao Paulo at night Football Brazil means football – it’s the national obsession and São Paulo is where it was born in this vast country. The FIFA World Cup 2014 is being held in Brazil with the opening game and five others including a semi-final taking place in the Arena de São Paulo, home of the city’s best-supported side, Sport Club Corinthians Paulista. Bruno Pires is Global Director at 360Experience. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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