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3 must dos in Niagara Falls, Ontario

If you’re looking for a deluxe holiday that includes the perfect blend of a natural wonder, fine cuisine and local vineyards, then place Niagara Falls, Ontario on your list. Complete with majestic scenery, plush landscape, and tantalizing dishes, it’s an adventure, you’ll be sure to savor for years to come. The Falls themselves Located in the southeastern part of Canada, the amazing waterfalls are located centrally between Niagara Falls, NY (USA) and Niagara Falls, Ontario (Canada). During the day you can observe the rushing water of the falls from any number of ways; via foot, helicopter, aero car, by vessel, or from on high, atop any number of observation points. At dusk, visitors line the walkways, bridges and decks for the evening water color and fireworks show. Eager spectators witness hues of purple, green and red beneath the falls backdrop. At the height of the evening light display, fireworks illuminate the sky with a palette of vibrant colors. The energy from the crowd intensifies with each sparkle from above. Flashes from a sea of cameras accompany the exhibition with melodious tunes, as if part of the finale scene of a Broadway show. It’s a remarkable demonstration to behold. The falls can additionally be seen from any number of hotels and restaurants in the tourist district. Witnessing their splendor is an absolute must during your stay. The Niagara Falls up close Fine dining Upscale dining is also available for the luxuriant traveler. Swank patrons flood Niagara Falls restaurants in search of the region’s choicest offerings. Many of the establishments not only provide a euphoric culinary experience, but also supply some of the most stunning falls’ views while dining. Consider indulging in local delicacies at 21 Club for succulent seafood, contemporary R5 inside the Fallsview Casino, Rainbow Room by Massimo Capra for fresh market items, Windows by Jamie Kennedy for local, seasonal cuisine and unrivaled views, Keg Steakhouse for prime beef, or the revolving dining room of the Skylon Tower, to capture panoramic views from 775 feet above the falls. Other front runners include Ag Inspired Cuisine, Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse, and Buchanans Chophouse. There are palatable choices on the menu to suite every taste. A visit to any of the above mentioned restaurants will prove to be a worthy trip. The vineyard/wineries Nestled amidst the lush Niagara greenery are a vast amount of vineyards. River Street in particular, leads directly to a lavish community, located in Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario. During my time there, I was fortunate to tour Ice House Winery; home to the sip slushies. The vineyard offers a spectacular Icewine Taste and Learn Tour. Upon arrival, we were warmly greeted by Debby, who took us on a wine extravaganza for the next 20-30mins. She engaged us with useful information regarding wine and food pairing, and was quite entertaining in the process. The vineyard grounds were immaculate and the 19th century building, where we began and ended the tour, was filled with bottles of wine and fermentation tanks on site. I noticed mid-way of my tour that non-stop traffic began to pour into the facility from around the globe. It was no surprise that visitors from across the seas came in search of Canada’s award winning potation. Although there are several vineyards within the community and outskirts, I would recommend Ice House Winery. The tour was awesome! It was filled with a mix of unique slushies (shaved ice and wine,) and flavorful red and white Icewine, paired with dark chocolate, and olives and crackers, alongside a pleasant staff. This will add to an already superb Ontario holiday. Niagara Icehouse vineyard A few tips: There are currency exchange booths and machines available throughout the Niagara Falls tourist area. Hotels in many cases have the capability to swap out small amounts for local currency. Most businesses do accept US bills and coinage, but the exchange rate can vary. I would suggest having some Canadian money on hand, or using credit cards when possible for the best exchange rates.

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