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Top 3 reasons to book your Las Vegas trip with a concierge service

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” as the famous quote goes. But Vegas wouldn’t be much fun if your party went there and only managed to procure a deluxe room instead of a suite, couldn’t get reservations at the hottest restaurants in town, and were rejected entry into the city’s best nightclus. Organising a Las Vegas trip can be difficult for several reasons: finding the right hotel at a good price, booking your activities during your stay, and gaining access to the hottest clubs and nightlife in town usually requires inquiring or making bookings across several platforms. However, concierge services can offer a full Las Vegas experience from just one point, eliminating the hassle required to check several places, while also offering great prices, upgrades and VIP access. Courtesy of Vegas Good Buys, here are three reasons to book the ultimate Vegas trip with a concierge service: 1. Competitive pricing and unbeatable deals Prices offered by concierge services are as good as, or better than, prices offered by popular hotel booking aggregators and engines, and in some cases even 15-30% cheaper. So save up on the deluxe room and use it to splurge out on a suite instead! In addition to saving money off the booking rate, concierge services also offer 15-25% savings at several restaurants across the strip. Vegas 2. One-stop-shop for your Vegas itinerary Beyond luxury hotel rooms, concierge services offer you the chance to book trips to the day clubs, nightclubs, strip clubs or to hire your stretch limousine, all from one platform. Concierge services offer add-ons and bespoke services to ensure your itinerary for the entire trip – beyond just the accommodation – is taken care of. Nightclub 3. Exclusive VIP access Booking through concierge services allows your party to gain exclusive VIP access to the hottest shows, events, restaurants and nightclubs in town. With an established base of connections, the concierge services guarantee your entry to places that you would otherwise be barred from entering.

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  1. Las Vegas is a great place to visit. It is one of the places I want to visit to when I had some time. Thanks for this info.

  2. Most people feel like VIP access is the only reason to use concierge service. However, having on-site concierge to handle all the little things that come up is much more important. And yes, the prices are usually just as competitive.

  3. Las Vegas is on the top of my list when I will travel around the worlds. Las Vegas will the first place I will be going. Thanks for the information.

  4. Las Vegas is the first city always on my list of travel destinations.I personally love this city a lot because of its too hot culture and most importantly its a city of entertainment so this is also another reason.

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