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Adventurous Argentina on a private jet vacation

From glassy glaciers to rich flowing wines, windswept meadows and wild horses, Argentina is a whirlwind of rare delights and hidden gems. With an exciting Patagonian private jet vacation you can lose your heart and find your soul in a land of fascinating folklore, rising mountain peaks and unspoilt wilderness. Exclusivity and privacy Private jet vacations bring together the best of both worlds giving guests the chance to explore the globe in total privacy and lavish luxury. Rather than share the air with strangers, touch down on foreign soil on a set schedule and be hustled and bustled through your dream destination; private jet adventures allow you to discover on your own clock, plan your own escape and to charter the globe without a worry. Falcon 50 Sit back on your private aircraft, uncork the champagne and celebrate this off the beaten track journey in strikingly beautiful Argentina. A passion for tradition Start your Argentinean expedition by soaking up the sights and the tango spirit of beautiful Buenos Aires. Get a rare glimpse into the unrefined heritage of the fascinating city, capture a Rojo Tango show and admire the colourful tin houses that fringe the charming streets of La Boca. Yet your private jet vacation isn’t all about city living; indulge in Argentina’s majestic passion for tradition in the heart of the Pampas. Ride wild horses through the countryside steeped in history, sip and swirl renowned wines and find out the secrets of the gauchos. Tango Adventures on ice One of the highlights of a jaunt to Argentina is the Perito Moreno Glacier. From the comfort of your private jet you can enter a realm of ice and snow in the stunning jewel of El Calafate. Take a boat across the blue waters of Lake Rico and witness the rising diamond of the glacier before walking on its surface. Ice trekking Perito Moreno Glacier World class wine in the wilderness Luxury is waiting to tempt you in on the soft shores of Bariloche and Victoria Island. Explore the wild with lakes and lagoons, sample the best open cellar doors of the region, tee off on splendid golf resorts and indulge in a spot of delicate pampering at the exquisite Llao Llao Hotel. Connoisseurs of the perfect crushed cup will fall in love with Mendoza as expert sommeliers impeccably pair ruby reds with mountain fresh menus. Cavas Wine Lodge, Mendoza Thundering falls and a taste of Brazil Finish your blissful Argentinean escape on a high note as you stand beneath the thundering power of Iguazu Falls. This UNESCO wonder is a marvel of Mother Nature with its sweeping river tumbling over the chasm of Devils Gorge. Discover the virgin rainforests and experience the mist and magic of over two hundred waterfalls in the breath-taking region of Iguazu. Finally you can hop to the other side of the border for a taste of Brazil with a five star stay at the Hotel Das Cataratas for one last South American experience before being chartered home on your exclusive private jet. Iguazu Falls Oscar Arce is the CEO of Presidential Private Jet Vacations. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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