5 signs you have wanderlust fever

Have you ever wondered what a new city would be like or how a new country would make you feel? What about constantly dreaming of taking vacations to tropical islands? If so, I’m happy to tell you that wanderlust fever has come upon you. Below I have listed five ways you can recognize that you have wanderlust fever. Don’t be fooled, there is no antibiotic that will cure this sickness. The only cure for it is to go out and explore the world. Travel as much as you can. 1. You daydream about a destination The first sign of wanderlust fever is constantly daydreaming about a place you’ve always wanted to visit. You go through each day and you can’t get this trip or place out of your head. No matter how busy you are during your day, you still have time to sit and daydream about that place you want to visit. Most of us have many places that we want to see. Some are big trips and some are short weekend trips. Start curing this sickness by checking these places off your list. Take the small trips first if it isn’t a convenient time to take the bigger trips. Taking the small trips will keep you satisfied until you can go on the bigger trips. Not going on any trips can affect your life in a very negative way. Don’t let it get to that point. Book a trip now. Travel daydreaming 2. You look at pictures of beautiful places Another sign of wanderlust fever is looking at pictures of these destinations daily. It is one thing to daydream about your destinations but now you are looking at pictures of the places you want to visit every single day. I believe that looking at pictures of what you want can inspire you to eventually take that trip but it is important to actually go on the trip instead of just dreaming about it. I found that when I got to this point, it was time to book the trip. After going on this adventure, you get to come back and look through pictures again, except this time they are pictures that you are in, not just somewhere online. Travel photos 3. You hear the ocean in a seashell I’m sure everyone has heard the old saying, “If you put your ear up to the seashell you can hear the ocean.” Some people hear it and some people don’t. After some deep thinking, I realized that I could hear the ocean in the seashell because that’s what I wanted to hear and that’s where my mind was when listening into the seashell. If you hear the sound of the ocean in the seashell, that means you are seeing signs of wanderlust fever and that you need to take a trip to a beautiful beach as soon as possible. Listening to the ocean 4. You get anxious to take a trip Getting anxious to take a trip is a very obvious sign it’s time to go somewhere. When I say you get anxious to take a trip, I don’t mean the nervousness of going somewhere you’ve never been before, I mean the eagerness of finally taking a trip and going somewhere. I find that when I don’t take a trip in a few months, I start to get anxious about getting stuck in the same scene and same routine. To avoid this feeling, take some of those smaller trips every couple of months. This allows you to keep your happiness at a high level without feeling like you will never get to see the places you want to see. Anxious to take a trip 5. You constantly check for deals Constantly checking online for deals on hotels, airline tickets, and entertainment on specific destinations is a very clear sign that you have wanderlust fever and you are well on your way to curing the sickness. If you find yourself searching for good deals weekly, even daily, that means it is time to book your trip and get your satisfaction of traveling and visiting the place that is always on your mind. Everybody wants to save as much money as possible on trips but you can constantly search for good deals for a very long time and still not find the deal you are looking for. Which puts you off from booking the trip. Don’t spend too much time looking for the right deal – if you find one that is close, book it. Travel deals Traveling and seeing the places you’ve always dreamed of can give you an incredible feeling. Being able to see the places you’ve always imagined can enhance your happiness and help you enjoy your life that much more. So if you have caught the wanderlust fever, there is no better time to book a trip than right now. Go for it. Your happiness depends on it. What signs do you get when you catch wanderlust fever? Images: Shutterstock

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  1. I think all of these apply to me, I must be sick with travel fever! I agree with your point about taking small breaks, but nothing compares to the freedom of a big trip!

  2. Thanks for commenting Chris! I’ve had this fever for a while! Big trips are definitely the best! Glad you enjoyed my article!

  3. I can’t shake the wanderlust fever. I’m heading out on my ninth trip this year and still wish I can squeeze in one more! Four trips already planned for next year! #keepitmoving #lovemylife

  4. That’s awesome Taylor! Definitely keep it going! This is a fever you don’t want to get rid of.

  5. Thought it was just me. Get very restless after a month or two stuck at home. Time for a pre Xmas break methinks.

  6. 100% true, or the fact that sometimes when you are drunk, you like to book non-refundable flights to far away places, even though you have no money.

    Friends across Europe has its downsides.

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