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Top 3 ski resorts for bringing in the New Year with a bang

New Year celebrations really took off for me the first time I was in Zermatt and experienced an outdoor celebration in a winter wonderland. It all made sense, this was how you were supposed to do it. It had all the elements, enough drink sloshing about to float the Titanic, happy smiling people, a firework display to top any I’d seen before, with the exception of one, but that’s another story, and a fabulous ambience that only a ski resort at high altitude can provide. Here are three best ski resorts that do their best to make sure the old year goes out with a bang and the new comes in with a joyous and glorious explosion. Firework display in Tignes at New Year New Year celebrations in Tignes The big resorts pull out all the stops for New Year’s Eve, Tignes is no exception. It’s one of the best nights of the year, when most of the town is concentrated into a seething mass of humanity, all out for a good time. The vibe is heady. Tignes creates an open air nightclub in Le Lac village for its annual Fire Mix Party. Getting served can be a bit of a nightmare but the crush at the bars can be part of the fun as you get up close and personal with revelers from every corner of the globe. Does a globe have corners? This year’s celebrations feature an evening of acrobatics from the world-renowned Cirque Éloize, Wherever they go, it’s a sell out. Half artists, half athletes, Cirque Eloize performers are outstanding, with breathtaking acrobatics, projected images and electro music, to complement the performance. At the stroke of midnight the night sky becomes a canvas. A firework spectacular, superbly orchestrated by a pyrotechnic pro, lasting half an hour, is a fitting start to 2016. The display builds to an amazing crescendo, it can be a very moving experience. Firework celebrations at NY in Courchevel Courchevel bringing in 2016 Elsewhere in the Trois Vallées, Courchevel, (perhaps trying to live up to it’s bigger, better, most impressive reputation as the wealthiest resort in the world) has a four-day New Year festival starting on December 28. Featuring a number of spectacular shows combining theatre, music and dance they certainly know how to put on a show. There’s an ice skating extravaganza on 29th December, worthy of the Olympics. And on New Year’s Eve there’s a massive party at the bottom of the slopes with music from DJ Stef, with fireworks and boy do they ever do fireworks, breathtaking. The celebrations continue into the new year with a show by ESF instructors demonstrating various impressive ski techniques with a torchlight descent on 2nd January, when the descending skiers resemble a lava flow down the side of the mountain, accompanied by another spectacular firework display. It’s all exciting stuff, there’s an incredible buzz about the place and a tangible excitement in the air. Zermatt celebrations  at New Year Celebrate New Year in Zermatt The celebrations here are much more intimate than the ones in Courchevel and Tignes but nevertheless just as affecting and moving. Centered around the floodlit church in the main square, the setting couldn’t be more charming and heart warming. There are several bars in and around the area and most people spill out onto the streets in anticipation of the amazing firework display that kicks off at midnight, and what a display it is too, it seems to go on for ever and I’m not ashamed to admit that it bought a tear to my eye. Maybe it was the setting, maybe it was the sheer beauty of the fireworks, whatever it was I found it a very moving experience. Zermatt at night boasts such a wonderful ambience and on this special night the atmosphere is enhanced. If you want your celebrations to be a little intimate, Zermatt is the place to be. Rebecca Taylor is Director at SkiBoutique. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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