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Lima’s top attractions

Year in and year out, travelers are astounded by Lima’s culture and cuisine. It’s often the first stop for international travelers, who then continue on to Cusco and the Sacred Valley. Lima is worth at least a few days, at the very least for the incredible restaurants in the Miraflores neighborhoods. In between sumptuous meals, make sure the following stops are on your Lima itinerary. Archeology Museum This museum chronicles Peru’s history in textiles, ceramics, and even skeletal human remains. Many cultures preceded the arrival of the Spanish — the Moche, the Chimú, and Chavín. The building itself was built in the 19th century and has a typical Spanish layout. Many visitors report that if you only see one museum while you’re in town, this should be it. Larco Museum Larco Museum is another one of Lima’s top museums. It contains several masterpieces of ancient Peruvian civilization, including a silver cup from the Lambayeque region and colorful jewelry made by the Moche people. While you’re here, you can also admire intricately decorated Inca vessels, as well as a quipu — a type of Inca calendar made from tying knots in a row of strings. Lima’s cliffs and beaches >Several of Lima’s parks are on the edge of the city’s looming cliffs, looking out over the Pacific. You can walk down to the beach and watch as the waves churn along the beach. Many of Lima’s beaches aren’t great for swimming, but they do have excellent surfing. Surfing has become a popular pastime for Lima’s youth, making this is an awesome place to relax and be a spectator. To see the beaches from above, sign up for one of Lima’s paragliding tours. These tours take off from the cliffs on the edge of the Miraflores neighborhood. It takes a little bravery, but it’s well worth it for the adrenaline rush and stunning views. Magic Circuit In Lima’s Parque de la Reserva, you can take a nighttime walk through the Magic Circuit — a path of fountains that lights up at night. The Magic Fountain is the largest, and there’s a tunnel of water jets that you can walk through. Music accompanies the bursts of water from the fountains, and a walk around the many fountains makes a fun way to wrap up a day of exploring. Plaza Mayor Many of Lima’s most impressive historic buildings face Lima’s main plaza. You can stop inside the imposing cathedral, and start your day here and quickly walk to some of the area’s interesting historic sites and museums. The Palacio del Gobierno (pictured) is an enormous edifice, with a foundation that was originally laid in the 16th century. Barranco and the Bridge of Sighs The Barranco neighborhood is one of Lima’s artsier neighborhoods. Come here to stroll from gallery to gallery and sip a coffee in one of the cute cafes. One of the neighborhood’s prettiest features is the “Puente de los Suspiros” — the Bridge of Sighs. According to local legend, if you can hold your breath for the entire length of the bridge, you’ll have your wish granted. It was built in the late 19th century and looks especially pretty lit up at night. Huaca Pucllana In the midst of Lima’s upscale Miraflores neighborhood, you’ll find a pre-Inca temple called Huaca Pucllana. It was left behind by the Lima people and dates back to as early as 200 AD. It was used as an administrative center, and archeologists still have portions of the site roped off for their ongoing excavations. On a visit here you can see a museum and sample some local gastronomy in the site’s upscale restaurant. Zach Smith is CEO of Anywhere. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. I don’t really know anything about Lima but I wish I had learned about it sooner. I love archeology, I always loved the documentaries on it when I was younger – being an archeologist is a bit of a dream! The Inca calendar sounds fascinating, who doesn’t love ancient history?! The beach looks remarkably similar to beaches in the UK funnily enough

  2. I didn’t know much about Lima before, it sounds like a very interesting place. Looks like there’s lots of things to do. I want to visit the Archeology Museum. The Magic Circuit at night time looks very beautiful. A pre inca temple sounds like a must do!

  3. Planning to call in on Lima this year hopefully as part of a grown up Gap Year. The grown up bit is that we’ll probably only be travelling for a month and then have to get back to work to pay the mortgage. That’s why I’m doing some online research. As we won’t have as much time in each place as we would have liked we need to make sure that we use our time wisely, seeing and doing the things that really count.

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