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Amazing animals to see in Canada

Canada is well known for its bears & whales. Whether its Grizzly or Polar, Orca or Beluga, Canada has them covered and there are many trips offering chances to glimpse these wonderful creatures.  However, do you know the other animals that Canada has to offer? Moose Moose can be found across Canada, with heavily forested parks being particularly great viewing spots. Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario is a haven for them while Jasper National Park in Alberta has a population of over 150 moose. The Matane Wildlife Reserve in Quebec has moose viewing packages, while many residents of Newfoundland claim that they have more moose per capita than anywhere in North America and as many or more than anywhere in the world. Wolves Around 50-60,000 wolves inhabit Canada, the second largest population in the world. You will hear wolves on many outdoor adventures, particularly in the Algonquin Park, Ontario, where wolf howling is organised. Wolves are now permanently protected, not just inside the Parks, but throughout the surrounding townships. Sea otters These enchanting whiskered creatures of the ocean are a treat to see, and like many treats are a little hard to come by. Having been nearly extinct, they can now be seen off the west coast of Vancouver Island, sometimes in Tofino, but more often in the north at Brooks Peninsula Provincial Park (a stubby nine-mile finger of land that juts out into the Pacific Ocean on the west coast of Vancouver Island). Birds Point Pelee National Park in Ontario is a naturalist’s paradise, particularly during the migration in spring and autumn, with over 700 kinds of plants and around 350 species of birds recorded. Much further north and west at Little Slave Lake north of Edmonton, the song bird migration is awesome. Newfoundland, the ‘seabird capital’ of the world, offers fantastic opportunities for the avid wildlife and bird watcher. Witless Bay Ecological Reserve is home to North America’s largest Atlantic Puffin and Black legged kittiwake colonies, and St Mary’s Ecological Reserve has Northern Gannets. Sandra Potter is Founder of Frontier Travel. Frontier Travel is a luxury tailor-made tour operator specialising in holidays within Canada and North America. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. There’s so much fauna in Canada but it’s such a shame about the culling that happened in last couple of centuries and is in some areas still happening. Coyotes hunted for their fur to adorn Canada Goose jackets, Wolves euthanised after being habituated in Banff National Park and The Bow Valley and the beaver massacre just to name a few of the recent atrocities. It’s a real shame but finally the national and provincial governments are starting to realise the errors of their ways. Hopefully this article will shed more light on the subject. Thanks for posting Sandra.

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