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Hurghada opens its first Pharaonic museum

Just because we can’t leave our homes, doesn’t mean we can’t go on an adventure! We need to turn-on our dreams’ generators; one way or another, this period will pass. The COVID-19 lockdowns will end-up and we will –defiantly – start to travel again. Then, our travel dreams will back on the “come-true” mood. Get ready! Here, we will take you over the years… back to the pharaonic era yet in one of the most charming cities in Egypt – Hurghada. Hurghada is a beautiful city perfectly located in the Red Sea Governorate of Egypt; one of the major tourist centers only 400 km from the capital. It is one of the main tourist cities on the Red Sea coast; it’s known for its watersports, cool activities, soft sands, amused nightlife, and warm weather. Many visitors head to Hurghada for an outstanding vacation, especially during the winter season in Egypt. Recently, Hurghada is about to add more adventure to its program and offer its visitors a little different experience: a Pharaonic Museum. The new Pharaonic Museum in Hurghada is completely designed to meet world-class museum standards! It features a mixture of the artistic and the prosperity sides of the Egyptian civilization throughout thousands of years; around 1000 pieces of the artifacts to be displayed in the museum in order to attract more tourists to visit the Hurghada. It is not only the first antiquities museum in the Red Sea Governorate, but also the first Egyptian museum that is the result of a joint project between the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Antiquities, The Red Sea Governorate and the private sector investors. The museum has a customized entertainment area, shopping complex, and parking lots. It cost around EGP 160 million ($10 million). Moreover, Hurghada Museum will also offer some ancient sports activities, including river fishing and hunting, as well as music and dance events; scenes from old dances and musical performances from the Pharaonic era to modern times are on show. Performance models showing how it was made and how ancient Egyptians decorated their tombs are exhibited. The museum is set to encourage beach lovers to visit museums during their vacation in the coastal areas of Egypt. Get ready to enjoy your next tour in Hurghada, Egypt; explore the great Egyptian civilization from different eras and experience the breath-taken Red Sea waters just in one place, Hurghada. The museum is located in the south of Hurghada; a few minutes away from the Tourists’ Promenade and Hurghada International Airport. It occupies 3000 M² on a 10.000 M² property. It features 6 main departments:
  • The Pharaonic Cemetery: The main hall of Hurghada Museum contains a pharaonic cemetery designed to simulate the mountainous nature of the tombs and contains coffins and pharaoh mummies.
  • Pharaonic Age: it shows the Pharaonic Era dates back to 3000 years B.C. till Alexander the Great conquered Egypt in 323 B.C.
  • Greeco Roman: It shows the period of Greek history in Egypt when Ancient Greece was dominated by the Roman Republic (509 – 27 BC), the Roman Empire (27 BC – AD 395).
  • Islamic Era: It shows the Islamic Age with its cultural, economic, and scientific flourishing in the history of Islam, dated from the 8th century to the 14th.
  • Coptic Era: shows that informal designation for Late Roman Egypt and Byzantine Egypt. This era was defined by the religious shifts in Egyptian culture to Coptic Christianity from ancient Egyptian religion.
  • Modern Egypt Era: shows the Modern Egypt Era dates from the emergence of Muhammad Ali’s rule in the early 19th century and his launching of Egypt’s modernization project.
Hurghada Museum also offers many world-class facilities including, shopping area, Egyptian Folkore, restaurants, cafes, kids’ area, and photo studio. Tourism and Antiquities Minister – Khaled El-Anany – said that the museum would also include a section to display the cultural heritage and monuments of the Red Sea. The Museum comes to light over 10 years since it was announced — and is set to be the first of its kind in the Red Sea. It was among several projects that were put on hold due to the January 25th revolution. As it isn’t the only pharaonic museum in a coastal city; the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities has been working hard to refresh the tourism sector in the country, especially after the current global lockdown. They’ve built another museum in Sharm El Sheikh City, which is also set to open its doors soon. Hurghada Museum is one of the most prominent projects implemented by the Ministry of Antiquities in partnership with the private sector in Egypt, which provided the museum’s building. That makes it the first museum to be opened in partnership with the private sector! The Ministry of Antiquities will be the only entity managing and supervising the museum. *Tickets are set to be 200 EGP for tourists and 100 EGP for students. Sherif Khalil is Owner of Dunes & Beyond. Dunes & Beyond offers luxury tours, Nile cruises and desert safaris in Egypt. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

Sherif Khalil

Sherif Khalil is the Chairman and Founder of Dunes & Beyond, a company he established after spending 11 years in the field of luxury tourism. Dunes & Beyond is a travel company that provides luxury tours, where tourists are sure to experience excitement and thrills, but with a 'five star' attitude. Egypt is one of the main destinations alongside Jordan, Sudan and Morocco. When tourists book with Dunes & Beyond, they gain access to private guided tours, the best Egyptologists, luxury accomodations and more. Dunes & Beyond is the first travel company in Egypt to offer glamping; having the fun of camping in the deserts, but in a more luxurious form. Having spent a lot of time with international VIPs, organizing and arranging high-end journeys, Sherif Khalil is set on a vision to fill the gaps left by other travel companies and is determined to provide the highest quality services to all travelers and tourists.

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  1. Hurghada was already one of my favourite get always for some winter sun. Suddenly it’s got a little bit more interesting!

    1. Wow, that’s pretty interesting. You’ve been here before? Do you travel from the UK? I’ve always been a little way of traveling to Egypt, so much political instability over the years. And especially most recently. I’m still a little put-off about traveling there anytime soon.

    2. Hi Brett,

      The political situation is very stable in Egypt now, the demand on Egypt is very high now, 2019 was a great year for Egyptian Tourism.


  2. Egypt has always been up there at the top of my list for places to visit. I can even remember wanting to go there when I was a little kid. It’s nice to learn about all these different museums there, it’s really fascinating to know there’s so much history left behind in one region of the world. I hope to visit something like this before I retire.

    1. Hi Neil,

      Will be a great pleasure to accommodate you in Egypt very soon.


  3. I never hear of Hurghada when I read about Egypt travel, how strange. It sounds like a beautiful place with plenty on offer. I’m curious what the winter season is actually like there as I admit I have no idea whatsoever. I’ve been to a few museums in the UK that have had Egyptian artefacts and I’ve always found this sort of thing mesmerising. It surprises me that this is the first antiquities museum in the Red Sea area, for some reason I would have thought there would have been quite an emphasis on museum displays for tourism purposes. It’s also far more extensive than I’d imagined, like it’s own leisure destination complex given the shopping and entertainment areas and parking lots.

    Great location by the sound of it being so close to the main promenade and Hurghada airport. I converted the price to British money and it seems like it’s only around £1 for a ticket? That’s madness, so reasonably priced. I would definitely be interested in visiting if ever I make it to Egypt one day, which I’d like to do. It’s one thing to read about it and visit museums over here, but it’s something else entirely to go there for yourself. One day..!

  4. That’s a very useful timeline. I’ve done a fair bit of reading on Egyptian history but that listing helps to understand the different ages.

  5. This caught my attention very quickly as I am very interested in ancient history, especially Egyptian. This museum not only displays artifacts but also provide an experience of the different activities that people back then used to do that is very engaging especially for tourists. Locals will also be interested in visiting this museum not just because it is one of a kind but also because it reflects the heritage and roots of the people. I really love the idea of having something to do inside the museum aside from taking pictures or looking at the displays. I have never tried anything like it before and it makes me think of the other museums I’ve visited. I am also thinking if they are planning to create a virtual tour that will be available on the internet. I really hope that they would create something like it so people across the globe will be able to appreciate the culture and history of Hurghada.

    1. Hi Dolores,

      Very pleasant to know that the article was useful to you


  6. Hurghada is one of the best tropical destinations as well. The underwater marine life is amazing so it’s a no-brainer to go scuba diving. Plus, I love the authenticity of the town!

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