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Quarantine hasn’t finished… yet you can plan your trip

The COVID-19 coronavirus has had a tremendous impact on every person of this world, from quarantine to losing loved ones against this sickness. That’s the very same case of many communities worldwide that chose to develop tourism as an alternative to extractive activities and as a way to protect the environment and their local culture. The main difference is they don’t have government insurance nor other help. So, helping this Communities would be an experience of a lifetime, not only because of the visit to the marvelous places you will discover, but because planning now, may give them a hand now when they don’t receive any income. Some may offer early bird discounts for your holidays next year or give you the chance to get Vouchers so you can even have a perfect gift for someone near you. Now, how to step outside of your comfort zone and choose? Here are some aspects to help you taking a decision. Napo Wildlife Center Luxury travel at first class resorts is very nice and inviting, but what if you are looking to include more variables? Like something where ecological and responsibility are mixed too? If you are concerned about the planet and conservationism, then ecotourism is your best bet. Luckily, ecotourism has gone upmarket over the years and it is now possible to have an amazing holiday discovering natural wonders, without sacrificing comfort. Unforgettable experiences with the local culture Conservationism not only extends to all the wonderful animals and exotic plant life that exists around the world, but also to the human inhabitants of these places.  There, people are trying to preserve their way of life as best as they can, despite the encroachment of modern day, westernized life-style and thinking. Amazon people, for example, were there before the Columbus arrival to the American continent and have struggled to maintain their ancestral culture. Some Eco Lodges within Rainforest reserves are run by the forest tribes and by this method they keep alive their traditions and culture as guardians of the land.  You can learn about their customs and how they see their relationship with the land and not only their use of it, but also their responsibility towards it. A good lesson for everyone, but especially for children, who will become the guardians and decision makers of our world when they grow older. Comunidad Kichwa Añangu Ecological tours, a trip with purpose Amazon adventure tours in the Ecuadorian jungle may well be a good example of what you are looking for. Not only to experience the wonders of the Amazon, but for those with children, it would be like giving them a treasured gift. Seeing by their own eyes fauna and flora in the wild, up close and personal, will be something to remember for the rest of their lives. A hands on lesson in nature and ecology that they won’t find in any classroom. They will definitely feel the difference after been in quarantine for some time. Comunidad Kichwa Añangu A destiny that pumps adrenaline Amazonian holidays are all about getting back to nature and experiencing all of its gifts, but with a variety of species that you won’t find at home.  Depending on your particular interests, whether animals, plant life or insects, the native guides could steer you to their habitats, so you can observe them without harming them.  The ecology of the Amazon Basin is fragile, but carefully balanced ecotourism helps preserve this vitally important part of the world for future generations, not only for the indigenous forest dwellers, but also for nature lovers from all over the world. Comunidad Kichwa Añangu Ecotourism is a kind of advocacy and conservationism is at the heart of ecotourism. The idea of sustainability, relates to preserving for future generations to enjoy and learn.  All around the world, the wild lands are under threat because of human expansion and commercial interests, but your contribution by holidaying in one of the reserves, will help stem the tide.  Now, having a look on what Communities are offering now, will definitely help them to sail this coronavirus outbreak. Miguel Andy is General Manager of Napo Wildlife Center. Napo Wildlife Center is an eco-lodge offering unforgettable experiences in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador, inside Yasuni Biosphere Reserve, which is managed by the Añangu kichwa aboriginal community. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

Miguel Andy

Miguel Andy is the General Manager of the Napo Wildlife Center and the Napo Cultural Center, which are two lodges of the Añangu Kichwa Community. Miguel is a leader and a member of the Añangu people that has committed with the protection of the nature of their ancestral land and their rich culture. All gains the Community receives from the visit of tourists to their luxury ecotourism projects are reinvested in social development. The Community School, the Health Care Center, energy solar panels, a water purification program, a housing project and more are result of this work. Visitors from all around the world enjoy different activities like canoe rides along the creeks, canopy towers climb, kayaking, visiting clay licks, cultural interaction, wildlife sightseeing and more.

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  1. That’s all I have been doing really. Forcefully sitting at home as an outdoors person and a travel blogger can be exhausting mentally. My mind is constantly planning on the next destination to visit once the borders open. Hope the travel industry recovers from this extremely tough time.

    1. Hello Vaibhav, thank you very much for your comment. We all hope the touristic sector to open, so we can keep reading the amazing book the planet is.

  2. Travelling with a purpose sounds great! I am an advocate of ecotourism and helping out communities to sustain their livelihood while keeping their culture alive. Now more than ever, these communities need us the most. COVID-19 has a great impact on tourism and the least that we can do is help each other in any way we can. I hope this pandemic ends soon and a vaccine gets available for the general public so we can all go back to normal and for the tourism industry market pick up.

    1. Hello Ronnie, thank you very much for your supporting words! If you may want to give a hand now, some Communities have early birds discounts of even vouchers so you can advance payments now and plan latter.

    2. Hey, you are absolutely right. These places should be appreciated for their value when it comes to traveling there. Tourism is a huge part of the economy around the world. And we as travelers should remind ourselves of how lucky we are to be able to travel in the first place. Being respectful of the local communities will give you a much better experience for sure.

    3. Hello Steve, thank you very much for your comment. It is true, tourism is a huge part of the world’s economy. In the case of some indigenous communities, is the solely income, so this are struggling times. Any help with a previous holidays planning would be a great hand.

  3. With lockdowns being imposed in places all over the world, we cannot really do much in our homes. One way to ease the boredom and anxiety we are experiencing is to plan vacations and getaways ahead. It is very important to plan cautiously before travelling nowadays. We must always consider our safety and the risks present in our future travel plans. The new normal will certainly restrict us from doing things that can be done before when the virus is not present yet but it will surely let us experience new things that we have not experienced before. I think it is time for us to explore more local businesses whenever we go to a certain place. It will generate more income for the locals and promote local tourism as well. Aside from that, exploring and getting in touch with nature will make us appreciate ecotourism more.

    1. Hello Frank, we totally agree with you. Additionally, with this new social distancing, it would be important to request all Security measures the different locations are putting in place, so are sure we can experience some nice and safe holidays.

  4. It must be incredibly difficult for a lot of communities, charities, the tourism sector, all those relying on people spending to cycle the flow of money back to the people and projects that need it. I imagine that, when things are safe to and the virus has gone, tourism will peak back up again and we’ll be more appreciative of our ability to travel than we were before. Already I’ve come to better appreciate off the beaten track experiences because that’s what I’m yearning more for at this time, especially getaways in nature (probably from being trapped indoors for so long). This made for therapeutic reading and I think you’re absolutely right in how these experiences can benefit the communities and nature so much, but also us as travellers getting an educational, humbling and eye-opening experience that’s meaningful.

    1. Hello Nora, thank you very much for your comment. We actually hope so too, we hope to have visitors to our Communities soon. When little Communities decided to rely on tourism, we did a bet and now, some people might be struggling. However, knowing our natural space is protected with our presence, makes us to just hold on with patience. We very much look forward for tourism return.

  5. I always learn so much when I visit this website. It’s great to have a new perspective when it comes to traveling. I never really think about things like sustainability or eco-tourism, these are new concepts to me. They’re obviously important for the world we live in. So thanks for sharing that with us.

    1. Thank you John, it is always a pleasure to share about our life in the Amazon. We just want to share a little bit of what our little paradise means to us.

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