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Dioriviera takeover at One & Only Resort Desaru Coast

Get away from it all. Escape to the beach. Luxuriate in the sunshine. Or how about combining all of these wishes and more on the mesmerising Desaru Coast in Malaysia? This is exactly where Dior have created a haven of whimsical escapism with their unique Dioriviera takeover of Ember Beach Club, located at the luxury One & Only Desaru Coast.

The Dioriviera pop-up showcases a selection of ready to wear garments, handbags, shoes and accessories, utilising a palette of soft shades that are perfectly paired with summertime next to the ocean. To further enhance this marriage of styles, colours and location, you will find surfboards, parasols, table tennis rackets and sets of boules in the same iconic toile du Jouy styling. Wander amongst the sand sculptures, pose for selfies next to the beach huts and relax on the luxurious bespoke Dior furnishings that are all part of the remarkable transformation of this oceanside retreat.

But as much as the exclusive collection of garments and accessories is impressively presented at this unique Dioriviera pop-up, what we were really excited about is the Dior Cafe takeover of Ember Beach Club. With a set menu and à la carte dishes thoughtfully created by Chef Raymond Tham, we were suitably impressed to find vegan options available. Considered to be one of the leading chefs in Malaysia, his award winning restaurants in Kuala Lumpur include Skillet and Beta. The culinary success of these restaurants brought him to the attention of Dior, who in turn appointed him to curate and run their imaginative and groundbreaking pop-up event on the east coast of Malaysia at the stunning One & Only Desaru Coast.

One & Only Desaru Coast is one of the finest resorts in Malaysia. The strategic location makes it perfect for Singapore residents looking for a weekend escape, luxury staycations for expats and locals living in either Kuala Lumpur or Johor Bahru, and of course international luxury travel lovers looking to enjoy the finer things in life. From the moment you arrive at this exclusive enclave, all of your troubles can be left behind as the attentive staff team will ensure that your stay is truly memorable.

The idyllic Desaru Coast boasts azure waters and lush landscapes that provide the perfect escape, and One & Only Desaru Coast is the sparkling jewel in the crown of this remarkable corner of Malaysia. The combination of this unique location and the highest level of luxury is exactly what makes this sensational resort the perfect location for the Dioriviera and Dior Cafe takeover.

White sand, a sparkling pool and a lush jungle view provided the perfect backdrop to the Dior infused Ember Beach Club. Local ingredients and traditional dishes and cooking styles are heroed with a fine dining twist. Watch the chefs carefully at work as they present food that is good looking enough to strut on its own culinary catwalk. Before your meal enjoy from a selection of carefully curated drinks which included delightfully delicious mocktails. Or why not fully embrace the Dioriviera takeover and choose a local coconut that has been literally branded with the famed Dior star of destiny, served with a metal straw of course.


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Our vegan dishes from Chef Raymond Tham and his team at Dior Cafe certainly stood up to their exemplary surroundings. Our starter was carefully arranged like a beautiful edible necklace on the plate. A subtle pepper kick from the Sarawak pepper crust on the tiny medallions of firm, fresh local tempeh combined perfectly with charred grilled asparagus, a sweet, rich balsamic emulsion and salty black olives. Tiny mounds of finely diced shallot, sweet jewels of fresh baby tomatoes and a scattering fresh green salad leaves grown locally in the Cameron Highlands. It was the kind of dish you never want to end.

The next course was again firmly routed in Malaysian culinary tradition with a twist on the country’s famous ‘masak lemak’. Jicama was cooked to perfection, retaining a crisp fresh texture and forming a brilliant contrast to the velvety masak lemak sauce. Soft aubergine rich with a soy glaze and dark green leaves of cooked kale provided the next layer of texture and taste, and a nest of fresh alfalfa sprouts crowned the stack to finish this exceptional dish. The star of the plate was most definitely the vibrant yellow sauce created by combining a fresh spice paste of shallots, garlic, ginger and turmeric with rich coconut milk to produce a slightly sweet, deeply flavoured sauce full of the flavours of the region.

Dessert was an elevated ‘badak berendam’ which was prepared especially for us by the efficient and friendly Ember Beach Club team. A light salted Sarawak sago pudding with marshmallowesque, chewy sweet potato dumplings, drenched in rich sweet gula Melaka syrup, finished with an airy coconut foam. This was a dessert every bit as delightful as the setting. But to fully coordinate your food with your surroundings, a sweet and creamy ice cream served straight from the Dior ice cream cart was an absolute must.

After a long, lazy and luxurious lunch it was only right that we relaxed next to the glistening pool which was also fully wrapped with the Dioriviera logo and the iconic toile de Jouy in shades of pink and grey, another reminder that this is no ordinary beach club. This is Dioriviera Beach Club, full of unique styles, creative designs and delicious food that just has to be seen to be believed.

Paul Eyers is Founder of Vegan Food Quest. Vegan Food Quest have become luxury vegan travel specialists as they continue to find, eat and write about the best vegan food in the world.

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Paul Eyers

Paul Eyers is co-founder of Vegan Food Quest who write about luxury hotels and resorts in Southeast Asia with a focus on sustainable travel, eco travel and vegan travel. Currently based in Malaysia, Paul also writes about sporting events and some of the finest golf courses throughout the region.

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  1. I’ve never heard of the Desaru Coast but I have heard of One & Only. We may get to Malaysia next year so this could be ideal for us.

    1. we have just re located to Johor Bahru and Desaru Coast is less than an hour away. this was our first visit and we were certainly impressed with the beach, hotels and golf courses. we will be returning for sure!

  2. Dioriviera have big plans. If it all goes to plan it should be an incredible resort. From what I can see from the pictures they’ve got off to a great start.

    1. One&Only Desaru Coast is ALREADY incredible resort, one of the finest in Malaysia for sure, and also one of the best in the region. The Dior x One&Only colab was a very exciting event that continues for another couple of weeks…we are looking forward to the next one already!

    1. thank you for your comment Leo. time spent next to the ocean is always enjoyable and allows you to recharge and rejuvenate. Ember Beach Club is truly stunning and offered this possibility and much more. well worth checking out for anyone in the area, Desaru Coast is already a favourite of ours!

  3. Ocean vibes, plant based food and high fashion eh? A combination that doesn’t come together very often but from reading this it looks like it certainly works!

  4. I’ve just looked at Ember Beach Club and One&Only Desaru Coast and they both look incredible. Would love to visit at some stage in the future…

    1. thanks John, you’re correct that both Ember Beach Club and One&Only Desaru Coast are incredible! we can’t wait to return…

  5. Oh my goodness, like something out of a fairytale. The resort itself looks absolutely amazing but the Dioriviera pop-up seems like stepping into a fantasy world. Everything you describe – the food, the decor, the location – all look wonderful. I found myself smiling as I read your descriptions and looked at your pictures. Who could not be happy there?

    1. there were certainly fairytale vibes going on at and One&Only Desaru Coast during this Dioriviera event, it was like something from another world.

  6. Amazed that the One & Only on the Desaru Coast isn’t on my list. I’ve always thought of myself as a global resort pro. That beach club must have been the cherry on the cocktail. It’s on my list now.

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