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An insider's guide to Africa's top 10 best-kept secrets

An insider’s guide to Africa’s top 10 best-kept secrets

The truth is, anyone who has been on safari will tell you to go exactly where they went - because here is a fun little secret; everyone has an amazing time on safari. A lot of people therefore flock to the famous names to check them off a list, whilst casually glossing over some of the lesser-known […]

6 hot destinations on the trend-o-meter

6 hot destinations on the trend-o-meter

‘Darling, didn’t you know, fuchsia is the new black.’ And so someone in the fashion industry might deliver the ultimate put down – that you are…. wait for it…. off-trend. Well fear not, when talking travel it’s possible to avoid the same fate because here are some oh-so hot destinations that are most definitely the […]