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Some of you might be wondering why the blog entries haven’t been flowing as freely as normal recently. There’s two reasons for that.   Firstly, I’ve been on a wonderful trip around Lake Geneva, staying at Evian (yes, the place of mineral water fame) on the French side of the lake, and at Lausanne on the Swiss side.   Some write-ups  from the trip will be following soon.

Google MapAnd since returning, I’ve been pretty busy working on the marketing of our latest project, Aardvark Map. This  has been devloped by us (The Dedicated Partnership Ltd.) in conjunction with Google Maps and  is a tool that enables webmasters to add free, custom maps to their websites in minutes.   Previously, adding  a map was  rather more cumbersome and required a certain degree of technical knowledge.   With this facility, the whole process has been made much, much simpler.

Google MapWe’ve been getting some great feedback from the tool which is particularly encouraging, and it’s already been used to create all manner of maps from different corners of the globe, with around 100 new maps a day currently being added.   One of the aspects of the tool that’s been particularly welcomed is the ability to add optional data overlays for certain parts of the world.   For instance, there’s hotel data for the whole of Europe and the US  that can be superimposed on any map.

With the usage of the tool now growing quite nicely virally, my time should soon be freed up to return to blogging a little more… so watch this space!

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