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Interview with Michael Winfield of Cambridge Beaches

Michael WinfieldMichael Winfield, President and CEO of Cambridge Beaches and the Frascati Hotel Company, the organization that owns Cambridge Beaches and other assets, which makes  him responsible for the overall success of both companies. What is it that  you do exactly?
My daily objective is to position Cambridge Beaches as an inimitable resort getaway to upscale and aspiring vacationers who can appreciate old-world style, romance and privacy. To successfully deliver these objectives, I must ensure that the elements of service, physical amenities and infrastructure meet and exceed the expectations of incoming guests. I am Chairman of the Bermuda Hotel Association, Co-Chairman of the Bermuda Alliance for Tourism and Chairman of the BAT Airline Committee, all of which assists me in my daily objectives.
What do you enjoy most about what you do?
I like variety. I like to push the envelope, challenge my team and provoke imagination, quality, consistence and delivery. I am creative and like to develop new ideas or conceive new ways to improve Cambridge Beaches on a daily basis. I relish guest feedback and enjoy trying to get Bermuda and Cambridge Beaches front of mind. I also enjoy counseling and pushing for better performance, better results and superior guest satisfaction.
What would you say are the 3 best places you’ve ever stayed?
The Safari Lodges run by CC Africa are magical as nature provides the very best and worst on the same page. The magnificent continent, animals and staff, who just want to please, and the physical amenities make you feel comfortable, safe and exclusive. My favorite business hotel is the Four Seasons in London, UK. They make a full-on effort to please and their observatory rooms are amazing. The hotel is one of the best managed and the people fall over themselves making you feel at home. One of my favorite leisure destinations is Eden Rock in St. Barts. The island offers a European-sophisticated style, is a lot of fun and the food is excellent.   For me, it encompasses all the necessities with a laid-back atmosphere that really works.
What’s been your most memorable dining experience to date?
It doesn’t get any better than the private island dining experience here at Cambridge Beaches.   My wife and I thoroughly enjoy the entire evening, from the gentle lapping of the waves to the golden moon-beams, the swishing of the palm trees and just being in the atmosphere with that special person is so romantic. The butler is discreet, popping and pouring champagne and then takes his exit only to return for the next course.   Everything is surreal, your sense of taste is heightened, the colors look brighter and the night is so very quiet.   We usually end the evening with coffee and liqueur and then a private shuttle in and around the beaches at Cambridge. There is nothing quite like this out there and yet, it’s a simple, elegant pleasure that lasts forever.
Have you rubbed shoulders with the rich and famous, either through your work or your travels?
As a past Minister in the Government of Bermuda, I had the opportunity to meet many world leaders. Cambridge Beaches is fortunate in welcoming many famous people from both the political and Hollywood side to even those from royalty. My career has afforded me the pleasure of meeting prime ministers, presidents, princes and film stars. What is most interesting is that the Hollywood-types, royals and politicians all covet the same things: privacy, comfort, pampering and the ability to do nothing. Isn’t that what we all want?
What currently ranks highest on your travel wishlist?
I yearn to visit India, for an incredible opportunity to witness a tiger safari, and/or to chase leopards in Africa. My wife and I are hoping to visit French Polynesia in the near future. Of course, China is on my list and I want to spend more time enjoying the spas of the world, specifically the spas of Austria, Germany and the Far East.
Thanks, Michael. Having honeymooned with CC Africa a few years ago, I can heartily endorse your recommendation of the company.

Paul Johnson

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