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Randi I. has been in touch with a query on LA:

Hi Paul,

I am looking for a hotel in Los Angeles that has good musical entertainment. I am just overnighting there and I will be by myself, but I’d like to hear some good jazz, folk, or classical music if possible. I’m not really into traveling around a lot or even renting a car, but if there were some place that had entertainment in the hotel itself that would work very well for me. An airport shuttle would help immensely too. I have lived in remote Alaska for quite some time so this may well be culture shock for me but if I am in the hotel already it will be simple enough to just go up to my room if I am overwhelmed with it all.

I will have the entire next morning to goof off as my flight leaves at 5:30 p.m. for Hawaii. Do you have any suggestions of something low key to do for a morning in L.A.?

Thanks for helping and for having this site.

Randi I.

Hi Randi

Thank you for getting in touch!

It depends largely on when you’ll be there.   The Beverley Hills Hotel, owned by The Dorchester Group, welcomed the Geoff Aymar trio today (an LA jazz pianist of more than 20 years), and no doubt has similar events at other times during the year. The  Westin Hotel  LAX  entertains the Roger Neumann sextet this Wednesday.   And, on Thursday, the Crowne Plaza Los Angeles Airport Hotel will welcome the Jim DeJulio quartet with the jazz trombonist Bill Watrous as special guest.  To get an idea of what events might be available for your visit, try out sites such as calendarlive.com,  la.com/events, thelamusicscene.com  and  lajazz.com.

Another place that you might like to consider is the independent boutique hotel, The Graciela Burbank, who – on their homepage – claim: “We talk about music. Music is part of our underlying welcome. Our music has no attitude, no pretensions. We are an independent hotel in Burbank – we play what we like. Jazz flows into New Age, flows into popular tunes and, then, old standards of the decades keep coming back. We care about the detail of the music, the detail of the orchid sprays in the living room, the glasses at the martini bar.”   It’s clearly something they  are passionate  about so they might be worth a look also.

With regards to what to do with your morning, you might like to head for the Natural History Museum if you’re going to be there before 3rd May 2007. Their ‘Music for Collections’ offering gives you an iPod-accompanied insight into the museum, thanks to ten specially commissioned composers and rock bands.   It could be a way of combining your love of music with a means of whiling away the morning.   Other places you might like to consider viewing include The Getty, TAG the Artists Gallery or a theatre run by the  Center Theater Group  for a wide range of events.

Finally, with regards to shuttle services, I would be inclined to ask the hotel you book with.   They might offer a free service, or at the very least would be able to make a recommendation.


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