Suite of the week: L'Ile aux Oiseaux at Les Sources de Caudalie, France

Suite name: L’Ile aux Oiseaux
Hotel: Les Sources de Caudalie, Bordeaux, France
Size of accommodation: 645 sq ft for the room and 322 sq ft for the terrace
Cost per night: 550-600 euros
What makes it special? This superb suite is reserved for nature lovers. Located on the “Bird Island”, this charming “hut” is built on piles, and has its own pontoon – and an inimitable atmosphere.

L'Ile aux Oiseaux at Les Sources de Caudalie











Les Sources de Caudalie located among vineyards and forests on the ancient estate of Château Smith Haut Lafitte, offer you a warm welcome. Here,  they feature not only their winegrowing tradition and the wonderful French lifestyle, but also innovative cosmetic treatments. At the first Vinotherapy Spa in the world,  they combine spring water, drawn from 540 metres under their vineyards, with pure vine and grape extracts. Exclusive essential oils developed by Caudalie contribute to the benefits of our relaxing and anti-aging treatments.

L'Ile aux Oiseaux at Les Sources de Caudalie











When you stay here, you leave time and the modern age behind. The Table du Lavoir restaurant specializes in traditional local cuisine, while the Grand’Vigne restaurant offers a choice of gourmet and low-cal dishes, so that guests can select and combine flavors to suit their palates.

L'Ile aux Oiseaux at Les Sources de Caudalie











L'Ile aux Oiseaux at Les Sources de Caudalie











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