Top #10 on Google for 'luxury travel'...!

GoogleWow… I just got a pleasant surprise.   For some time now,  A Luxury Travel Blog  has occupied the top postition for a search for ‘luxury travel blog’.   Indeed, you’d expect it to rank fairly highly within the search results for that term given the name and URL of the site.   What I’ve always struggled with until now, though, is getting good rankings for searches for just ‘luxury travel’.   Of course, this is much more difficult and I’m up against specialist operators with budgets infinitely larger than my own, not to mention large hotel brands, cruise operators, etc.   But it’s nice to see the ‘little guy’ can get seen on the Web.   I’ve just run a search for this term on Google and was pleasantly surprised to find this blog at #7 out of over 6 million results, ahead of the likes of Expedia, Orient Express and countless others.   I’m not getting too carried away, but  allowing myself a little pat on the back.   My problem is that I’m a determined sort and, whenever there’s still room for improvement, I’ll  keep  beavering away.   Afterall, I’m not at #1 yet.

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  1. Claude says:


    You deserve

    Best regards


  2. Paul Johnson says:

    Thank you, Claude. That’s very kind of you. Hope all is going well with your blog and business, too.


  3. Fabie says:

    Good on you! first page of Google, wouah, for such a term! I will have to check your backlinks.

    Keep up the good work, and I will keep dreaming about all these luxurious places…


  4. Paul Johnson says:

    Thanks, Fabie… good of you to drop by and offer some words of encouragement!

    All the best,


  5. Nick Page says:

    Well done to you and the team.

    I am starting a small travel business and as you say it’s good to see the little fish can really achieve this status. Any tips?

    Keep up the good work


  6. Paul Johnson says:

    Thank you, Nick… and good luck with your venture.

    As for tips… wow, there’s lots:

    – find a niche
    – provide lots of useful, unique content
    – make sure you are aware of SEO basics (link building, anchor text, etc.)
    – particpate in forums
    – comment on blog posts (you’ve already mastered that one!)
    – etc. etc.

    In fact, your question is rather timely. Fellow bloggers Jens, Claude (who commented above) and co. are producing a book of marketing tips -submitted by other bloggers – that you might find useful. There’s more information here:

  7. Claude says:


    For your blog next step, could be good to change your WordPress template.

    They are some premium tremplate like magazine

    exemple :


    some are free, some charge 45 to 95 Usd

    I am confident it will boost your business and attract new partnership in the luxury market.

    Best regards from France


  8. […] Further to my post earlier today about how this blog is now ranked in the top #10 on Google for a search for ‘luxury travel’, I thought I’d delve further and see how it was doing on the other two contenders of any significance, namely MSN and Yahoo!  Again, I was in for a nice surprise.  Here’s the top ten results on each of those search engines at the time of writing: […]

  9. Karen Bryan says:

    Yes Paul it is hard work getting your small business noticed in competition with the big boys in travel. As you say it is possible if find your niche and plug away at it. By a strange coincidence my blog is rated no 7 for the term “europe travel blog”.

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