One of the world's best travel blogs, according to The Telegraph

What a pleasant surprise landed in my inbox today.   A reader has kindly taken the trouble to draw my attention to this article that ran in The Telegraph yesterday, where A Luxury Travel Blog has been shortlisted as one of the top 25 travel blogs in the world. Wow – what a wonderful surprise. Selected as ‘best for luxury’ here’s what journalist Suzy Bennett has to say:

This exhaustive guide to all things sybaritic can provide hours of escapist fun. Learn how to carry home vintage wine, where to rub shoulders with the rich and famous and what you can expect to pay for the world’s most expensive dessert ( £7,160, if you’re asking). Paul Johnson updates his site daily with entries covering destinations, tours, hotels, restaurants, bars, travel gadgets, accessories, guidebooks and clothes.

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  1. Adi says:

    That’s awesome, congratulations Paul :)

  2. Lois says:

    That’s great news, Paul. I visit your blog from time to time as I know you have covered such a lot and provide so much useful travel information. I must look for a post that would be of interest to my own blog readers (home exchangers and those interested in the concept of home exchange) so I can include a link to your blog.

  3. Congratulations Paul!

  4. David says:

    That’s an impressive result. Shows that hard work does have its rewards!

  5. Paul Johnson says:

    Thank you!

    The article has appeared in today’s printed version of The Telegraph.

  6. Nice job, Paul! Keep up the good work.

  7. Paul,

    What an honor! Congrats, you are an inspiration, it lets me know if I keep working at it my site will grow to the point of getting an honor like this!

    Way to go!

  8. Andrea Wren says:

    An excellent achievement Paul! The Telegraph is a great place to be featured :-)

  9. Donna Hull says:

    Congratulations, Paul. I read your blog. My Google alert for “luxury travel,” always picks up your new posts.

  10. Hi Paul,

    wow great! Congrats! Your blog is one of my “must-read” blogs that I check and always an interesting source of ideas that I like sometimes to translate a story for my german blog readers – as I concentrate on the same topics as you do on my blog.

    I hope to meet you in the future – perhaps at the PhocusWright Blogger [email protected] next year in Berlin?

  11. Paul Johnson says:

    Thank you, everyone, for your kind words.


  12. This is the first time here. Looks neat! I will come back and read on…
    Christina Erickson-Hoffman
    Concierge + Travel Biz Owner

  13. susan says:


  14. Paul!

    That is absolutely fabulous! Congratulations! You work at and you reap what you sow! Kudos to you!

    Warm regards,

  15. Mircea says:

    The feeling that your work is appreciated is extraordinary ^_^ Congrats, you deserve it!

  16. Richard says:

    Hi Paul

    What a really informative travel site/blog
    very envious having just started


  17. Hashim Madani says:

    Congratulations Paul. Well-deserved. It’s about time they recognized your wonderful blog. I’ve been following it for ages. ;-) All the best

  18. Villa Taman Indah says:

    Just added you to follow but will read some of your earlier posts.

  19. Congrats Paul, keep up the good work! :)

  20. Chris Jones says:

    Well done Paul, and well deserved

  21. Brandon says:

    This news may be 3 years old, but congrats nonetheless! Well deserved.

  22. Congratulations with this news! What an honor! Well done Paul, and well deserved.


  23. reisen buchen says:

    Congratulations, Paul. Your blog is very nice & informative. I always appreciate your work.

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