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Sea Lion Lodge, Falkland Islands

Travellers searching for a first-class wildlife and wilderness experience should look no further than the newly upgraded Sea Lion Lodge, located on the most southerly inhabited island in the Falklands archipelago. Home to over 47 species of birds, including three species of penguins, and an estimated 70 species of flowering plants, it’s perhaps  no wonder that Sea Lion Island is a prime destination for wildlife enthusiasts and those with a love of the great outdoors. In response to a growing demand by consumers for unspoilt, exclusive, off-the-beaten-track destinations, the owners of Sea Lion Lodge have recently completed a series of renovations and refurbishments to provide visitors with comfortable accommodation, as well as work on a wind turbine that provides electricity for the Lodge. Affording spectacular views of the South Atlantic with nothing but water between guests and Antarctica, the Lodge is the only tourist accommodation on this tiny island (five miles long and just over a mile wide). Originally opened by Lord Shackleton in 1988,  it provides a superb facility for 23 guests to admire the flora, fauna, sealife and birdlife of the island.

Paul Johnson

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